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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hey just a little "hi" note... from Samantha's house!

Hey everybody you can probably guess from the title of this post of my blog web site that every thing is pretty cool now, I can tell more about the "details" of what all we talked about last night at the restaurant later, like maybe on Monday or whatever, but anyway like I was saying yes, I am here at Samantha's house so that should tell you a "Clue" about how it all turned out. So a happy ending right? So okay anyway we were watching movies tonight at her house (like for example the one where the guy has to talk on the phone to the other for some reason he will kill him, I wasn't really paying attention). Anyway I am talking too much, I will let a "certain someone" say hi to you, I will make her words black so you can tell the "difference" (obviously because you cannot hear us talking, also we are not talking anyway. Okay anyway, Samantha will "take it away":

Hey, everybody. Thanks to all you folks leaving comments for my guy here to help him through all this, I know he is kind of a goof sometimes but that's why I like him so much ;) ... Anyway, maybe I'll talk to you more later.

Thank you Samantha! Yes it is true I am kind of "goof" like she said but I guess as long as she does not care it is okay with me.

Oh also there is another thing, there was a "kiss" situation. WOO-HOO!

Yes, woo-hoo indeed. :)

(that was Samantha again).

Friday, November 03, 2006

Keep your fingers across, I think it might be a good week end after all

Okay hey every body thanks for your comments, as you can see from the title it is looking pretty good. I have to make this quick, I just ran over here for my break time, well you know how that whole things works. Here is the “up shot” of what I am talking about, I saw Samantha at work today, today is her last day (or that is what I thought when I got in to work today, you will see that I learned a different fact later, anyway I am getting ahead of my self), and I have a bunch of good news:

  • Samantha is not quitting her job after all, she talked to Randy and he said he wanted her to stay on so she is staying, she is not leaving
  • It turns out that Samantha just forgot that I did not have a computer, she forgot that I do every thing at the library, it was just a “missed understanding”, she was not mad at all, I mean she was a little bit at first but then when I told he the situation she realized it was a “missed understanding” (she is “decent” that way)
  • Here is the best thing probably, we are getting together tonight after work, I think we are going to a restaurant or something to have a “bite to eat” and we are going to talk about it and maybe then I will not be so nervous, I will be more “relax” and I can explain things better, also she told me she read through my blog web site some and she knows I know that I messed up and I am sorry even if I have had trouble saying it
  • also she told me that she missed me too (remember I told her I missed her), that has to be good
  • also (this is the best part I think) she said she forgives me but we still need to talk about it (this is a girl thing, always they want to talk about it, it does not matter what it is, still I do not mind because me and Samantha are going out to a restaurant together again, I am not going to screw this up this time)

SO every thing is all worked out I guess probably, I mean we still need to talk tonight at the restaurant, we will get it all worked out I hope, I mean at least she is talking to me, right? So I am hoping that when we get together and talk at the restaurant (I do not know which one, probably it will have chicken I hope, possibly nachos would be good too). I know what I am going to do, I am going to sit on the same side of the table as her, it will be a sign that I want it to be “special” (except sometimes what if the table has only like one chair on each side, you really can not move them to the same side, I mean if it is like one of those tables where it is like a bench on one side and also on the other, not really chairs).

Oh no oh no oh no! (good news bad news thing)

Look down on the post under this one, here is the thing, Samantha left a “comment” on here late last night, it say “hey Brian call me” basically because she will be up late. I guess that is good news, right? At least she will talk to me right? Here is the problem, I do not have a computer at home! I did not see her “comment” until today when I got to the library! I guess she forgot that I do not have a computer at home or maybe I never told her, I can not remember, anyway it is too late to call her now because she is already at the community college for her classes this morning, there is no way for me to go back in time with a time machine and somehow get a computer last night and check the comments and then call her!

Let me go back a little, remember I had a big old plan for things I was going to say to Samantha yesterday when I got back to work, remember I was going to get down on my knee and say a bunch of stuff, kind of like a “romance” guy like in the play we saw in high school about the guy and the girl that talked all weird like “fancy” talk, then they died (my plan did not have dying in it though) (obvious). So anyway that is basically what I did, I say “basically” because you know how I get all nervous all the time, I never know what to say, and I did not print out what to say this time (I kind of got in trouble for that last time, so I had to try to just remember my “lines”, not really a play though, that is a good thing because I think I would get a bad “review”). Okay anyway I am getting “off the topic”, here is how it happened: I saw her go back into the break room, just like before, and I ran back there, I just put down the stuff I was stocking (light switches if you are interested) and I ran back there, thank goodness it was just her back there, I do not need the “pressure” of some body else in there making me all nervous (more nervous I mean). So yes, I got in there and Samantha said “what do you want Brian” and I kind of “froze up’ again (you know how I do, all of a sudden it is like I am in a comic book and there is a little bubble over my head that tells what I am thinking, except it is empty). But somehow, I do not know how, I “snapped out” of it, and I said “please sit down Samantha” and she did, and I did the knee thing! I really did it! I got on my knee and (here is the part that is just so crazy, it is so crazy because who would ever think that I would do a thing like getting down a knee to talk to a girl, I just kind of thought that basically I would just watch TV my whole life all by my self) okay anyway I got on my knee and I grabbed her hand (not kidding), but here I kind of messed up, basically all I could remember was “I miss you Samantha, I am sorry” and then I kind of went “blank” again. I could not tell her all the “reasons” or all the other stuff about how I like to eat at restaurants and watch movies and go to places with her, all I said was about the missing and the sorry. So here is what she does, she is just quiet for a little bit, and she said, “I miss you too Brian but you really hurt me, every day I am here it reminds me how stupid I felt that time” so I said (this was not a thing I planned) “I am the stupid one Samantha not you, you are so great and so on” (I can’t remember every thing I said, basically it was “I am stupid and you are great”). So she said “I have to think about this alone for a while Brian” and so I said “OK” and went back to work. I did not get a chance to talk to her before she left to go home and so on, I guess she was ready to talk to me about it or whatever but I did not get the message until today, I feel like I am so close to it but it is just moving farther and farther away, it is like I was at a hamburger place and I ordered some French fries and they bring me instead some potato chips and I said “no I want French fries” and then they bring me a salad, I am just getting “farther away” from French fries but I guess at least they are still bringing me a kind of food so it could be worse (okay I guess that does not really make sense, never mind).

Okay so anyway to day is her last day, now she is probably even more mad at me because I did not call her last night like she wanted. I do not know what to do, make another big “scene” and say I am sorry for not calling her on the phone or whatever. Wait, she has one of those “cell phones” (it is like a little phone you can carry with you), maybe I can call her on the “cell phone” except there are 2 problems, first is she might be in “class” and it would mess up the teacher, and the 2nd is that I do not know the number. Okay I will just “play by ears” today (it means make it up as you go along, I guess I should have just said that) and try my best, I think if I can not get it all worked out today I might as well just quit and Samantha can get a boy friend who is not so stupid as me (a lot).

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Okay Samantha is at work! Now what do I do?!

Okay I saw that Mary Ann put a comment on here, maybe I should do a big poster or something she says. I do not have time to make a poster, here is why: I do not have the big paper, also I do not have the writing markers to write the message on the poster! But she is there at work RIGHT NOW, I am on “break” over here at the library and she is over there at the store, I have to do something quick but I am not the greatest guy in the world when it comes to talking all “elegant” like we would read poems in English class, I can not say things all “beautiful” like that. Also I do not have time to buy flowers or a candy, anyway that has not worked very well in the past for me, but also nothing else has really worked out for me in the past mainly because I am not very good at every thing.

So I guess I will just have to make it up as I go along, what do I say? I will try to find her when she is by her self some place, maybe on break or whatever, and maybe I will just “keep it simple”, I guess maybe I will just get on my knee (but I am not going to ask her to marry me, come on it is not that serious yet people) and I will just say “I miss you Samantha, I am sorry, please do not run away because I like to hang out with you and so forth and your folks are cool, remember that time we went to Toledo, it was the greatest day pretty much ever for me, a lot better than just being by my self, so yes you can hold my hand and put your head on my shoulder, whatever you want, I just do not want to hurt your feelings because you are my best friend”.

Anyway it will be something like that. I do not know what she will say, maybe she will just walk away. I guess I will just try my best and I guess by tomorrow you will know what happened because I will put something on here tomorrow about what happened. If you hear about a guy getting beat up in Findlay Ohio maybe it will be me (that will be if it does not go very well, I guess if it goes well it is not like it will be in the news paper, sorry I am not big news, I think because this is voting times again). So basically wish me luck, I hope I do not make everything a 1000 times worse like always?

Okay now what do I do, it is a “race against time”

Okay so yes you probably read the thing I wrote on my blog web site yesterday (sorry it was so short but remember Wednesday is Laundry Day and so I do not really have time to go to the library before work and so I have to go on my break, so yes that it was I did yesterday but I did not feel like writing too much for obvious reasons). Anyway basically here is what is going on: Samantha quit her job yesterday, and yes it is exactly why probably you think she did it, it is because I hurt her feeling so bad maybe! Here is the thing, I do not really know why she did it because she will not talk to me but Zach told me yesterday “good job Speedy you lost me a good employee at holiday rush” so I guess I know at least other people think it is my fault she is leaving the store. So I had all these plans, I was going to be all nice to her, I was going to make every thing right again, it would be like I was “Superman” and she was that lady that Superman is always saving, remember, she is the news paper lady, what is her name? Something with an “R” I think? Anyway you know what I am talking about, I was going to save the day (except I am the one who ruined the day in the first place, so I am like that bald guy too, the one who is always making villain plans for evil, I guess it is not possible for me to be Superman and also that other bald bad guy, this does not really make any sense). Okay anyway here is the point, I wanted Samantha and me to be an “item” again, everybody is treating me all bad at work because every body really likes Samantha, what a mess I have made, Zach is probably right, it is going to get all busy soon because of Christmas, which reminds me of another thing, every Christmas I have to spend by my self, you know I don’t talk about this much but basically it is just me any more, I was kind of hoping maybe I could buy something for Samantha for Christmas, maybe I am not “clear”, it is that I do not have anyone to buy a present for Christmas, I am not saying I want some one to buy me a present for Christmas, it is just the opposite! Do you know what it feels like to get up on Christmas day morning and just to watch a parade on TV and eat some toast or something? See here is the thing, Samantha’s folks are really nice, it seems like they like me pretty good I guess (I mean they used to like me, they probably hate me now), anyway I kind of thought it would be nice to maybe have a “Christmas dinner” with some body besides just me (no, Marla, she is my landlady sort of, never invites me to Christmas dinner, I guess this year at least she will have Gary since yes, he got out of jail, I don’t know what the deal is with that yet), okay anyway what I am saying is it would be kind of cool to have like a turkey piece or some ham and potatoes or whatever instead of frozen pizza (cooked) which is what I have every day anyway.

Okay so I guess I am kind of going on and on, but here is the point: Samantha is working today, also she is working tomorrow, and that is it. I don’t know yet where she is going to go to work, maybe I can find out, but here is a “challenge”: I only have today and tomorrow to work the magic of “making Samantha forgive me for being a big idiot guy”, I want to buy her a Christmas present, I think it would be okay to hold her hand even and know what it means this time! (I do not think Samantha is reading this blog web site, maybe if she is she is not leaving comments, but she knows about it now, but I did not give her the “code” to get here, you know what I am talking about, it is the “address” with the “:” and “/” and all that, anyway if you are reading this Samantha, you have to see that I am really sorry, if you do not believe me just read everything I have put on here, also you might want to forget about the part about the Christmas present so it will be a surprise). Okay so anyway I need your help, I only have two day (I mean today and tomorrow, which is Friday I mean) to “accomplish” the mission. I did not get a chance yesterday to do anything because she is “avoiding” me so much, but I do not have a lot of time. Please leave a comment for me to give me an idea for what to do, I only have 2 days and I will never see Samantha again probably and Christmas day will be just me falling asleep on the couch in my pajama pants instead of a warm turkey thing on a plate for Christmas (also a tree)! Please help!

(I will try to run back over here at my break time to see if there is a “hint” for a suggestion.)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I do not think the plan is going to work, here is the reason

Samantha quit today (I mean she quit her job, which is the same place where I work, that is what I mean when I say she "quit"). Anyway so the plan will never work now.

I give up.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hey you all have a new plan for the Samantha situation, only there is a problem

Here is the thing, all of you guys on the comments have a great idea, basically what you are saying is I should just keep going with the Samantha plan, maybe not with the flowers and the card and all that (because as we all know I did not do it right, what I mean is that I ruined every thing and made it all worse), but instead try to be nice and do little things for her that is to pretend she is a queen or something? (I guess when you say I should act like she is a queen, I should act like she is all better than me I guess? I guess it is true anyway, I screw every thing up so yes she is better than me.) So you probably read all about my adventures from last weekend which was so exciting I could not handle it, I was all alone and the “high light” of the weekend was that I got new nail clippers and ate a burrito (actually 2 “high lights”, it was a pretty good burrito). It would not be that way if me and Samantha were hanging out! And I had to go and put it in the garbage like an old pop can (I mean the recycle bin not trash). It is not like I have a 100 friends sitting around my house to hang out with me, I am not Mister Popular Man in Findlay, I am not going to all the parties on a Friday night, so I guess in a way it is just like when I was in school, nothing ever changes. But I guess my point is maybe I can make it change by working hard, I know I messed up the first plan to make Samantha happy, but you are right, I can not give up! It is not enough to just quit now! I will not give up! I can do this! I am all “fire up” about this now, the more I am typing here on my blog web site, the more I am excited about how I am going to make this work. I remember when I was in high school I was in the “Spanish” class to learn how to speak Spanish or whatever (I did not learn it very well I have to say but these day I can still remember a little bit, like for example I can say “I am cold”, it is “tengo frio”, basically that is all I remember so if I ever go to Mexico I hope it is cold because I will not be able to talk about anything else) okay anyway what I am trying to say is in the Spanish class we watched a movie about a guy, he was old and skinny and he was pretending to be like it was knights time, also he had a little fat friend that would ride around with him, also they would sing songs about stuff, do you know what I am talking about? I think it was something about a donkey? Anyway he sang a song about “in possible dreams” like he had a dream and he was going to make it come true, I think that’s what it was about, to be honest I was not really paying attention (I remember there was something about a wind mill too). Okay anyway what I am saying is I am going to make a dream come true for Samantha I guess, if she wants me to be nice I am going to be the nicest guy in the whole world to her, I am going to open the door for her and I will definitely not buy her a “mound” candy because I do not want her to throwup. I think also here are some things I can do, maybe pay for her pop at break time, I will talk to other people at work about how cool she is (you see maybe they will tell Samantha I am saying good things about her, see it is a little complicated but anyway). Hmmm, I will avoid a card though. Maybe I will do a thing like in that one movie where I will hold a radio over my head at her house?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Will some body please help me understand lady brains?

Well it is a new week. Yes it is Monday. So the weekend is over you see. It was a boring weekend. Why was it a boring weekend? If you read my blog web site last week at all you probably know the answer. Basically this is the story. I made my best friend Samantha mad by saying a stupid thing. Then I made it a lot worse when I tried to say “I am sorry”. So yes I guess I ruined every thing. A lot of times on the weekends me and Samantha would do a thing (for example see a movie or eat at a restaurant such as that place with the hamburgers). But that did not happen this weekend because Samantha does not want “anything to do” with me I guess. So it is basically just like it used to be before me and Samantha started doing stuff together (I guess it was a date situation except I did not know it at the time?). So I guess it was pretty boring. Anyway I will make a “list” of things I did this weekend.
  • Got some new nail clippers (I lost my old ones some how but I do not know where I can lose nail clippers in my apartment which is really too small)
  • Watched that space show with the beautiful robot ladies
  • Went to the Great Scot for just groceries this time and not lady presents such as candy and a flower (I was going to get special candy for the “Halloween” for kids that come to the door but I decided not to do that because kids never come to my door because it is in the back and also I will be at work when the kids are “trick and treating” so what is the point?) (I wish I bought some of that “pretend corn” though because that is pretty good)
  • Watched some movies from the video store (like for example the cartoon about the animals and the one about the kidnap police) (they were pretty good)
  • Rode my bike to that book store on Tiffin and I bought some comic books (like for example Batman)
  • Did the thing with the clock where you have to change the time (it is a law for some reason)
  • Had a Mexican burrito (not too bad)
  • Did not talk to Samantha about anything or see her either (also I tried not to think about it but not so easy)

I think I need to try understand how a lady brain works. If you know for example a good movie about ladies that will help me to understand lady brains please leave a “comment” (I am talking about like “romance” movies I guess? It is not “usual” that I watch movies like that because basically I watch movies about “comedy” or also sometimes I like the movies where it is a “marshall art”).

(I am trying not to use too many “commas”, it is hard, I am not going to bother with it any more, commas are just fine probably.)