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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Everyone is mad at me because of the bike situation

Hey everybody, it is a little different you are probably noticing, you see it is not Monday, instead it is Saturday (here is why it is different, it is because I do not usually do a thing on Saturday, usually it is a day for doing something else, like for example maybe going to a fair) (there is no fair today, maybe next week probably?). Okay so anyway I thought I would be a little "crazy" and come up to the library today and write a little bit on my blog web site, what the "heck", why not. So anyway I look and there are all kinds of "comments", I guess everyone is mad because I want to get a car?

Okay here is the thing, maybe these people are right, maybe a bicycle is a better thing than a car, I know for example it is not so "expensive," also you do not need a bicycle license, also I know how to ride a bicycle (Actually I have not gone on a bicycle for a long time, probably since I was a little kid, but I am pretty sure I can still do it, for example people will say "it is like riding bicycles", it is a saying, it is like once you can do it one time, it is not hard to do it again). So maybe it is a thing I will "check out", I am not sure where to get a bicycle around here, but I am sure there are places. Still I will be honest, I am a little worried about the cold situation (no bicycle heater) but I guess it is okay, I have a coat, also gloves. So anyway what I am saying is maybe I will get a bike, but still I think I want to get a car too (I guess it really does not matter, I do not have the $$$) (it means money).

Also there is another thing, Samantha is going to drive me to the movie tonight, she asked me at work yesterday what I was doing all weekend and I said I am going to a movie, also she said she wanted to go to a movie too so she could drive me in her car, that is a nice thing because I will not have to walk all the way there, so it is convenient she is going to go there too, it is a coincidence. So I am going to the movies not walking, instead in a car with Samantha, so yes it is a little different than usually. Probably we will get food after the movie (popcorn is not enough for a "healthy" meal!), so anyway she will get me later here at my place. (Wait I know what you are thinking, no it is like what I said last time, we are not a "date couple"!)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Very stupid driver license book

There is no way in a million years (that is what my dad used to day, he would say something would not happen in a million years, it is basically to say it will not happen because you will not be alive in a million years, it is just too long) anyway basically there is no way in a million years that I can ever pass the driver license test, it is the most hard thing in the whole world. How will I ever remember all of the laws about “railroad grade crossing” and “divided highway”? It is not just about how to get gas for example or how to open the trunk, these are things you have to do when you drive a car, it is about “you can not go backwards on the highway” (I guess that is a thing that is not so hard to realize). Okay for example here is a thing, I am typing it out of the driver license manual, you can not “copy” when it is on a paper, you can only “copy” when it is on the computer screen, anyway here is what I am talking about:

Pedestrians are prohibited from drawbridges after the bridge operation signal
has been given. Similarly, people afoot are banned from crossing a railroad
track when a barrier is down and/or lights are flashing.

There are a lot of problems here in this thing from the driver license manual. And it is just one little piece of the driver license manual, it is 74 pages plus a little bit more pages with no numbers on the pages, so it is kind of long is what I am saying. Anyway here is a problem: it has been a long time since I was in school, but I am pretty sure that “afoot” is not a real word, also this one thing is about “drawbridges”, okay that is crazy, it is not Knights times with castles (it is the thing that goes down from the castle door). Why is this a driver law? It is just stupid, there is no way I can remember all about “drawbridges” and also what is the shape of a kind of sign you see on the road, what does the shape mean? But I can not give up probably.

Also I think I want to go to see a movie this weekend, not a video renting, but actually at a movie building (it is a not too bad walk, there is even another one I can walk to but is a little farther to walk, still not too bad, what I am saying is that there is “variety”). Suggest a movie maybe? Maybe the one about the “college” comedy?

Okay one last thing before it is the weekend (almost): there is a comment from the anonymous person (I guess they read my thing yesterday where I was complaining about no comments for a long time, so maybe the anonymous is a fan and wants me to not feel so bad), okay anyway they want to know if I am “single”, which is what you say if it is just you, it is a “fancy” way to say “it is just one thing”, like for example you can go to the hamburger place (it is the one with the frostys), you can say you want a “single with cheese”, it is just one hamburger, it is not “double” (2 hamburgers on a bun). So okay, so the anonymous wants to know if is it just me on the blog web site, or does some body help me out, no, it is just me, I am the “single” person who does the blog web site here.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I am not alone in the “throwup” situation!

Okay today I was coming in to the library to work on my blog web site and I was looking at the web site for the “Findlay Courier” news paper, it turns out there is another person who had a throwup situation at a Findlay fair thing, it was not the balloon thing like me, instead it was the Fair (county fair). Anyway she wrote in the news paper about it, she calls it “harf” instead of “throwup”, anyway I did not know you could write stuff like that in the paper, usually it is like what they talk about on the “news”, like for example it will say “There is a war, says a president” or “The team is won 2 games!” (not real, I made them up), what I am saying is throwup is not usually a news paper subject. Okay so anyway it is kind of a good story, it is about food probably. Here is the “address” for how you get there on the internet: (go there and you can read it, it has her picture too, also someone please help me figure out how to do it where you can click it and make it go there! comments).

Here is an e-mail I wrote to her (she is "Joy Brown"), that way she knows people like the story, that way she will have fans around the world (I guess people read my blog web site around the world, I think it would be pretty cool is a person in Asia read my blog web site, I guess they know English?). Anyway here is the E-mail.
Miss Brown,

I was reading your thing on the news paper web site, it is pretty funny I guess with the situation where you are throwing up in the trash can (I guess that is what you are talking about when you are saying "harf" I guess that is throwing up, that is what it sounds like anyway, if that is not what you are talking about I guess maybe I am confused). Okay anyway I know what you are talking about, I had a "throwup" situation at the fair, okay I mean it was not the County Fair, no instead it was the thing with the balloons at "Adam's Park", it was a while back. Anyway I can tell you , do not eat "gyro". Anyway I hope it is okay, you had a good story, I will tell about it on my blog web site, also I will tell people how to look at your story on the throwup situation so they will no I am not joking that Findlay Ohio is a place where you can throw up at the fair.

Anyway it is a good story, thanks.

So tell all your friends about the “throwup” story in the news paper.

Okay so a couple of more things to talk about, here is one: I think maybe I am starting to get a little worried about the driver license test, I am looking at this book that Zach let me borrow, it is complicated. Somehow I have to know about the school bus for some reason (I guess sometimes you have to stop also, but not always?). Also there is a thing about “alcohol”, I do not even drink it. What does that have to do with a driver license? I do not have to tell you, it is a difficult situation, too much to remember, Samantha told me maybe she could help me study, maybe I will let her, although also Valerie drives a car, maybe she could help me too, anyway what I am saying is there is too much to know about “turn signal” (I do not even know what that is).

Also the last thing (I said a couple, it is 2, the driver license thing is 1, this is 2), all of a sudden there are not comments any more? I used to get about 2 comments every day, some times it was more comments. But no comments for a long time, what is the situation? I have to say, I kind of like to see “comments”, if I do not get comments, it is like a lonely party, where you have chips and a pop but you are in the basement watching TV, every one else is upstairs listening to the radio (true life story). I guess I mean it is good to have chips and pop but also I want to listen to the radio?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I think I need to find a new laundry place?

This "post" on my blog web site today has to be a very small one, it has to be fast because I have to get back to work in just a few minutes (I am on my lunch hour, it is actually just 30 minutes, I don't know why they call it the hour, what I am saying is it is not really an hour), it is okay because it is pretty close anyway. Okay but anyway here is the "subject" of the blog web site today, it is the situation with the lady clothes that were in my laundry last week on Laundry Day (it is Wednesday almost all the time, there is a lot of reasons, you will just have to go read that one time, I do not really have time to write all about it again), anyway it is a "bra". Okay so today I walked up to the laundromat to do my laundry really fast before I went to work, so I had this idea, I wanted to get the "bra" back to the lady, I figured it was just a mix-up, maybe she accidentally left it in the washer or dryer or whatever, so anyway here is the idea: there is a bulletin board there in the laundromat, people put signs up there, like for example a person is selling a car and there is a bunch of little bits of paper on there you can tear off, it has the number on it you want to call so you can find out about the car. Anyway I am not trying to find out about to buy a car, what I am saying is I made a little note, it says, "Is this your bra? Sorry I accidentally took your bra last week, it was a mix-up, Brian" (I did not put my last name). Okay so I put the note on the bulletin board, I brought some thumb tacs from home, I used one to put up the note and the other one to put up the bra on the bulletin board right beside the note so the lady could get her bra, you see it is right there. Okay so everything was fine for most of the time, I was folding my laundry, almost done even, when I hear the guy who is working at the laundromat (I do not know his name), he is saying 'Is Brian here?" (“yes”, it is me of course). He is kind of mad, he is saying (it is something like this) “dude you can not be hanging a bra in here, you are freaking me out, get out of here”. It is basically this, he threw me out for hanging the “bra” on the bulletin board, I tried to tell the guy that the lady underwear did not belong to me, I am not a thief, and so on. It was no good, I just had to put my clothes in the bag and go home (folding later). I guess there are “bright sides”, at least I was almost done anyway, what if my clothes were still wet? (disaster).

So if you can suggest a new laundromat in findlay, Ohio maybe it would be a good idea, also I hope you learn a lesson: if you find a "bra" in your laundry and you are not a lady and also you do not have a wife, do not put it on a bulletin board (that is the lesson).

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My bad luck is not "fair"

It is a "joke title"!

Well it was a long weekend, that is true, I did not write on the blog web site yesterday because it was "labor" day and the library was not open, it is a kind of holiday but I still had to go to work, we had a special sale like every year, anyway it is not like Christmas where you stay home. Anyway so that is why I did not write on my blog web site yesterday, if you came here and saw it was not new, that is why.

So anyway I guess it is probably a true fact that you want to know what happened at the big County Fair, it was last weekend, remember I was talking about it the last time, it is always exciting times. So here is what happened: not too bad, I was sure to eat a little something before I walked over there although except it is not too far, anyway it is because you do not want to have an empty stomach when you get there and eat a big fried thing and walk around, you will get sick. (I know this because of that one time.) Okay well at least this time I did not eat "gyro" and have the throwup again, but it was not too great either, here is what I am saying: RAIN. Yes, it was a wet time at the County Fair this year, so not only was I by myself, also I was wet (also there was mud). Okay so you are walking around at the fair and there is not a lot to do if it is rainy (you see it is outside), it is not like you can get on the "ferris" wheel and go above the clouds, it is not that high. So you have to go inside, and the problem is this: there is not a lot of inside areas at the fair, it is mostly an outside event, but there is a little inside areas, they are for animals and pies (here is what I mean, people bring chickens and pies, and they get awards, it is a yearly contest, these are not outside except in real life when animals live they are outside, I do not know why this yearly contest means the animals have to go inside, also pies are always inside anyway except for picnics) (you can not eat the pies, they are for the contest). Okay so I was able to ride a few things, it did not rain all the time, but it would start raining a little, then it would stop raining some. Anyway I got to ride "octopus" (very dizzy), also the other one I like, it is called "alibab" or something like that, it is fun. Okay then it was raining again, so I went to the place of chickens and goats (boring, but at least it is not raining). Of course who is in there but that new girl from work, her name is Samantha, she is walking around I said hi to her (she was also not too interested in the animals, the pies were in another building, you do not want a goat to be near the pies, he will eat it). Anyway it stopped raining finally, so Samantha said she had some extra tickets (you have to have them to ride, sometimes it is 3, sometimes it is 4 tickets, for little kids it is like 1 ticket or something), she said she wanted to "get rid" of the tickets, she had just enough tickets so we could ride the "ferris" wheel since it was not raining anymore, I said, "okay I guess" so we rode the ferris wheel (of course I said thank to her for the "free" tickets, I am not rude, also the seats were a little wet but the guy wiped them off with a towel but still like I said they were a little wet, I am just saying) and I guess it was pretty nice, sometimes like I said it is good to ride it with some body else. So anyway after that I was kind of tired of the whole thing because it was starting to rain again, so I was going to walk home, but Samantha said she was probably tired of it too, she could drive me to my apartment so I would not have to walk in the rain! Okay, that was a nice thing. So Samantha drove me to my apartment, it was not too far in the car, I was asking all kinds of questions about driving because I am studying for the driver license test, Samantha said she could help me study (she always is offering to help me with stuff, I guess it is because she is new?). She also said she was maybe going to go back to the fair tomorrow (it was Sunday, was what she meant, because that day was Saturday), she could come and get me if I wanted to go to, of course I was just tired of the fair so I said I would just watch a video (it was the one about the vampires, it was pretty good).

So anyway at work yesterday I was "stocking" (it means you put more on there) a display of batteries by the cashiers, I was right by Valerie's register, and Samantha came by and I asked if she went back to the fair on Sunday, she said "no it is not so fun when you are by yourself, but it was good time on Saturday there with you even if it was raining" so I said "yeah it was fun except the goats were boring" and she was laughing. So Samantha went back to the garden section (that is where she works) and Valerie said "so Brian you went to the fair with Samantha" and I said "yeah basically we met up there and she drove me home so that was nice" (it was basically a conversation). So anyway I did not think much about it but then last night I was thinking about how I was talking to Valerie and I realized that maybe Valerie thinks that me and Samantha were a date couple? I am just saying, it is not true that we are a date couple, we just rode the "ferris" wheel and in her car to my place. It is not the same as a date, for example we did not see a movie. Anyway I guess it is not a big deal, I am just saying it is not true that Samantha and me are a date couple.

Also by the way at the fair I ate a "funnels cake" (very good), also popcorn.

Also remember I am taking the "bra" back to the laundry place tomorrow, I have mud on my jeans from the fair, also other clothes are dirty, anyway it is Laundry Day tomorrow, I will try to maybe write a little bit on my bog web site about it if I can, normally I do not do that on Wednesday but it is an important thing because of the "bra" situation (it is not mine) and so I will tell about the situation tomorrow.