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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some answers (not good ones)

Finally I am starting to get some answers to the mysteries, but it is a problem anyway because they are not good answers (I mean that they are answering they don't know, like for example if you ask your dad for a video game and he says no, it is an answer but it is not a good answer, maybe I am saying something too complicated?) Here is the E-mail I got from the people at the news paper:

Well I need a address please. I don't know who Kenny is.

Circulation Dept.

So that is bad news, I guess, because I do not know what is the address where Marla is! She is not here, if I knew her address I would not have to wonder where she is. So anyway I guess the news paper is not a help in the mystery of where is Marla at (I did not even bother to ask them about the orange juice thing, I am not stupid, I know that the suspicious orange juice will not be in the news paper). (Also they do not even know who Kenny is, so it is not going to help me to go to the news paper to find out what happened to Kenny, they do not even know what I am talking about! Remember Anita at work told me to look at the newspaper to find out why Kenny doesn't work there anymore, well I guess I will have to tell Anita that she does not know what she is talking about, but that kind of sounds rude now that I think about, I don't want to hurt her feelings so I guess I will just not say anything.) So here is the e-mail I wrote to the news paper:

Okay I do not know the address where Marla is, all I know is she is not
here. I hope I did not bother you, I will see if I can "track down" Marla and
Kenny (that is what they say on the TV when a person is gone, "we will track him
down"). Anyway they are probably just on vacation, like for example camping (so
the address is woods). I will ask the maintenance man, I think his name is
Harley (maybe Harlan), he will probably know what is "the deal".

Thank you for your help (I like the web site for your news paper, it is
pretty good),

Okay so I know I did not review the TV shows like I said, I will get to it soon, maybe the weekend?

Also someone left a comment (here is how you get to that comment, it is the special code: I know there is a way to make it so you can click it and it will go there, I will try to figure out how to do that), anyway he says he does not understand my jokes, I think? (I will say "he" because it says "son" so I guess it is a man, I don't know if his name is Shannon too?) Well I guess I do not make big jokes all the time, I will try to make better jokes, like for example there is this one I heard the other day (I think it Zach at work told me this joke, he is a manager), there are three ladies (they have different colors of hair) and they want to go to space planets like Mars (each one with the certain color of hair wants to go to a different place), and one of them says she wants to go to the sun (it is not a planet) but anyway it is so hot, but she says she will go at night (but really the sun is not out at night!). So it is a pretty funny joke?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

TV requests time

Well okay I did watch some TV last night but then today when I got to the library to do my blog web site I see there are 2 comments about what I should review for my TV Review thing I am doing. There was "Anonymous" and then a person named "Shannon" (I think this person has "left a comment" before on my blog web site, or maybe it is another Shannon, like I have said before there are Shannons everywhere, like for example the other day on the way to work it was kind of hot so I stopped off into that Marathon gas station, I was not buying gas, I was just going to get a pop, but anyway the lady at the cash register had a name tag that said Shannon so I said, "hey, did you put a comment on my blog web site?" and she just looked at me like I was crazy so I guess it was not her, but I guess what I am saying is there are a lot of Shannons everywhere). Anyway okay so "anonymous" said to please review a show, it is called "The Officer" (I think it is about a police?), I have not heard of it, maybe I will look on that one channel that is like a TV Guide (it is on cable, it tells the shows that are on different channels). Okay, then Shannon (probably not the girl from Marathon, I have talked about that already) said I should probably just watch a commercial give a TV review of the commercial (but she says not orange juice, ha ha!) Speaking of the orange juice, I have not heard anything from the Great Scot web site contact people at all about some advice! I do not understand why they are not answering my question, I think maybe I will just call them or something, maybe they do not check the E-mail or maybe it is a lot of E-mail, they are "behind" maybe? And also Marla is not back still either, the news papers are just piling up by the street, maybe I should get them and hold them until she gets back? But she might get mad and think I am stealing the paper (which I would not do, I do not like the news paper anyway, I think I said this one time) so I guess I will just leave them there. But I was looking on the web site for the news paper (it is called "Findlay Courier"), and there is a "contact" place on their web site, and so I decided to ask the news paper people about the "situation".

So anyway here is the E-mail I sent the news paper on their "contact" web site:

Okay I don't know if this is the place to ask this question but my
landlady, she always gets the paper every morning (pretty early, mostly she does
not even put on regular clothes, only a robe), anyway she is gone for some
reason and the news papers are just piling up, did she maybe tell you where she
was going (I think vacation maybe, or it is suspicious?) Because I think
sometimes she does not want the papers to pile up probably. (Also I am curious
about Kenny, which is maybe not his real name?)

Thank you,

So I hope they will answer me, I hope they are not too busy like the Great Scot. (And did you notice I also asked about Kenny, I figured it could not hurt to ask, they are the source of answer I guess.)

Anyway I guess until next time maybe I will try to watch something about the police and maybe there will be a commercial there (probably cars).

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I am starting to get worried about Marla a little bit

Where is Marla? It has been a bunch of days since I saw her, she came last week to get my rent (I have to pay her rent on the first day of the month, it is a tradition?) and now that I think about it I have not seen her at all since then, I mean I saw her van outside but I did not see her walking around outside like to cut the grass or sometimes she is smoking a cigarette when she goes to get the news paper (it is always the morning when she does this, and I just realized that is maybe why there is a pile of news papers at the end of the driveway? because she is not getting them?) Anyway she is not around, I don't know who I can talk to about it, I have known Marla for a long time but I don’t know if she has any friends except the maintenance man, he is over there a lot but he has not been around lately either now that I think about it. I should call him but I don't know his name, I think Harlan or Harley maybe, something like that. If you know his name, please leave a "comment" on my blog web site, I have tried looking for people on the Internet but I do not have a lot of luck if I do not know their names I have figured out.

Also I have not heard anything yet from the Great Scot web site contact people about if they know anything about who bought the orange juice, it is a puzzle. Every time I go over to the refrigerator that big jug of orange juice is just sitting in there and it is like it reminds me that a mysterious thing happened, sometimes it is a little creepy (what if there is another thing in the house that I did not buy? like for example a magazine about ladies?) (I do not buy lady magazines). But if there was something like that it would be a little weird kind of! I guess the person who bought the orange juice put the jug in the refrigerator when I was at work (I hope it is not while I was asleep right here, that means they came in so quiet they would not wake me up, that is hard because it is pretty small here), I am trying to think when that would be, I am looking at my blog web site and I wrote about the orange juice mystery on Friday, so I guess it was Thursday when I was at work. I don't remember if it was in there when I came home from work, I guess it was, maybe I did not notice it? I had a lot "on my mind" that night, I guess I was thinking about a lot of stuff and not worried about noticing orange juice. I will not go into it too much, you people who are reading my blog web site do not want to hear all about my problems (though I guess it is not really a problem, it is just a thing I am thinking about at work, it is about a person that I work with a lot, not Kenny who is not there any more, they hired a new guy to take his job, I don't remember if I told you about that), but anyway I just noticed she was crying in the break room today and I did not know what to say to her (okay it is Valerie, I don't think she ever reads my blog web site, maybe she does but probably there is another Brian on the internet so she probably thinks it is him). Anyway what do you do when a lady is crying? You can not just say, "why are you crying" probably. That does not work! But I got worried a little bit, I hope nobody died. Now that I am talking about it I am getting a little worried about it again, except that was last week and I have not seen her crying again this week, I guess maybe it is no big deal (I am just saying that is why I maybe did not notice the orange juice jug).

So all these mysteries are not making things any better! I think maybe tonight I will watch a TV show and then tomorrow I will be a TV critic, it will be "Brian's TV Review". It will help me not think about these things for a while, if you want me to watch a certain TV show please leave a "comment" on my blog web site. I will try to watch it maybe? But probably I will just watch something else, what if I don't have that channel? So only say channels that I have.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Too many mysteries!

Okay now the weekend is over and I still don't know these two things:
  • Where is Kenny
  • Why there is orange juice in my refrigerator
Those are two mysteries I can't solve (Kenny is gone "without a trace", it is a saying) and the orange juice And now there is another mystery:
  • Where is Marla
(Marla is my landlady.) I went to ask her if she saw a person coming into my apartment with a thing of orange juice, but she is not coming to the door (I rang the door bell a bunch of times, maybe 7). Also her car is gone (really it is a van, she has trouble getting it to start in the mornings sometimes, winter especially). Anyway I am going on and on, the point is she is not there I guess? So it is just another mystery, she was not there the whole weekend or even this morning (it is Monday). Things are I guess kind of crazy all of a sudden here in Findlay. There are too many mysteries now (that is why I called this one "Too many mysteries!", it is the title).

So I thought maybe the Kenny mystery can wait for a while ("he is not getting any more found," that is something like my dad would say), so I was looking on the internet to find out how I can talk to the Great Scot people but I don't want to walk all the way over there, I should have though of that on Saturday because I was over there to get some groceries and I did not even think about asking the people there about the orange juice mystery until I was almost home, I could not turn around because I had ice cream, it was melting (mint chip). Anyway so I found out the Great Scot is kind of part of some other thing, it is called "Fresh Encounter" (I do not understand what it means) but anyway it is like a bunch of grocery stores all together, the Great Scot is just one of them, but anyway there is a place you can send a question! Now is my chance to solve the mystery because probably the orange juice is from the Great Scot. So here is the E-mail I wrote to them on their "contact" web site for questions (here is the special code to see it, it is at the top of the computer screen almost) (I did not write the whole thing again, I found out you can "copy" a thing and put it somewhere else on the computer, don't worry it is not cheating like at school):

Okay I hope I am doing the "contact" right, I was looking on the internet for the Great Scot web site, I guess this is it (it has pictures of food, so it looks like it is the right web site for the grocery store)? Anyway I have a mystery, maybe you can help me solve it like on the TV (I am the detective). Anyway there is orange juice in my refrigerator, I did not put it there! I can't even drink "oj" because it makes me sick. I don't know how it got there, but I guess someone got into my apartment and put it there (a strange robbery, I do not have a room mate, it is just me) (my landlady lives downstairs, it is her place). So anyway it is a mystery, since you are the grocery story company maybe you could tell me who bought the orange juice? Then I would know who is the "culprit" (that is a word they use when mean the person who broke the crime), so can you please help me out. (Yes I tried to ask my landlady, her name is Marla, but she is not home, I guess a vacation? or hospital maybe.)


(I made the e-mail look a little different here on the blog web site, I hope it is not confusing.)

So I guess now I have to just wait here, maybe the Great Scot people will "look into it" and find out who bought the jug of orange juice. Everything at the grocery store has computers, like at the cash register it even has a computer screen, so they probably have the name of the orange juice criminal on their computer cash register screens, it is no secret probably.