Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sometimes you have to “kick back” and basically do nothing, what I mean is I do not have plans for the weekend

All the time I am so worried about “oh my friends you have to help me figure out what to do this weekend, I do not want me and my girl friend (Samantha) to be bored and so on”. Yes I know you have heard all of the complaining I have been doing here on Fridays every week (that was a “sample”, just made up though). (Yes I know I always am making up things, but it is just examples of things, you know it is not like I am a big fat liar about all my life, for example I am not fat and also I am not big, ha ha a joke.) Anyway here is the point, every weekend it is date situations all weekend pretty much, I mean it is like we are always trying to figure out what can we do, where can we eat, what movie is at the movie theater or maybe at the video store or maybe where can we drive. Well I had a good idea for this weekend, here it is: NOTHING! I do not mean nothing at all, I mean we will still have to eat and breathe, we are not robots (also robots are basically not real, I mean I know they can build cars but you know what I am talking about, I mean like robots from the Star War or whatever, where they can talk and walk around like a human being and makes jokes and so on, what I am saying is they are not like that really), also anyway what else I am saying is maybe me and Samantha should take it “easy” this weekend and maybe not run around so much to do all these things. Like for example we are always having to go to a different store for this thing and another different store for another thing and she is saying “oh Brian do you think I look good in this color” (usually it is red), and then we have to see a movie (we watch a lot of movies, maybe you have noticed that?) or go to the mall for no reason or whatever. So maybe we will just “hang out” and do a “baking” occasion (for cookies), maybe also I will try to cook a “special” type dinner for her and we will just talk, how does that sound, I mean if you are a lady just pretend you are Samantha, would you think it was a good idea or maybe you would just want to go buy a candle at a store or whatever. But I think I am going to try it anyway. I do not know any “food cooking recipes” for special type dinners, so I think I will watch some of that one channel where they are always talking about food cooking, you know what I am talking about, where the fat man always says bam and that one lady, she is kind of cute and she makes the food really fast (wait do not tell Samantha that I said that one lady was cute, I will not “live that down” right?). Anyway maybe I will watch that channel a little bit and get a good idea for a good dinner for a night (or day) of just doing anything except not running around so much.

Also maybe I will take a nap sometime, I haven’t decided yet.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hey I have not talked about work in a while, that is what I will talk about today

Yes it seems like all the time now always I talk about Samantha this and that, or a Christmas present or whatever, but where do I spend all of my time at every day? I can tell you it is not at Samantha’s house (yes I am there a lot, it is just a lot more “interesting” and “comfortable” and all that, also bigger), here is the place I am talking about: work! That is just a fact, it is like 8 or 9 hours or whatever, it seems like that is what my whole life is about, you know what I mean, I have to rush around to be at work, I can not do anything with out the $$$ I get from work, work is where I know a bunch of my friends (well I guess they are not really my friends, it is not like I hang around with Zach and Mark and Randy and Anita and Kristen and Valerie, oh yeah, you know I would not be hanging around with Valerie now that I am in a date couple “relationship” situation with Samantha, oh man, Samantha would not like that at all, you can believe that) (anyway what I am saying is that I know all these but it is not like we are best friends or whatever, I do not have pictures of them on my wall basically is what I mean), anyway I was talking about how my life is basically a “revolver” around work (oh yes one other thing, also I met Samantha there). So I don’t know why I have not talked about work too much lately, maybe it is because it has not been very interesting to talk about, there is just not a lot of adventures to talk about lately. Okay yes, there was the little incident with the big “blowup” Christmas decoration out in front of the store but you can bet that I am a little embarrassed about that, that is why you have not seen a story about that situation on my blog web site! I am not going to tell something on here that makes me look stupid, that is a true fact probably.

Oh yeah, I need to talk about another thing, there is a comment on here that I was wrong about the “manger word” situation, a lady (I guess it is a lady, if you are not a lady please accept “apologize”), she is named “Zoe”, she says that a manger is definitely a place where animals eat, which is so weird to me especially when you think that they put the baby in there, but of course now that I think about it maybe it is not that big a deal because from what I remember from school about learning about “baby birthing experiences” (remember that “video” we watched in class, I have to say it was kind of strange to see all that, I mean, it is not like I did not know how the whole thing worked where the baby comes out of that “area”, I am not stupid, but man I did not know it would be so gross, I guess maybe I would not be a good “dad” if I would be saying to my wife when the baby is coming out of the area, “oh honey the baby is born, also it is just so gross”), anyway the baby comes out of the area so slimy and so on, I guess it would not be a big deal if the baby gets a little dirty from cow spit or whatever because it is already pretty nasty anyway. Also they say there is a special clothes they put on the baby Jesus, it is a “swaddle” clothes. I do not know what that is, it is probably a special “Bible” clothes like you see when there is a Bible movie. The men wear like long brown dresses (I guess you would say they are a “robe”, also usually they are brown), and the ladies wear a thing on their heads usually, I guess the “swaddle” is what a baby wears in Bible movies probably (no diaper of course because that was an invention of “science” which was not invented until after George Washington I think?).

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How is this for an adventure, last night I got a new shirt?

Oh yes you better believe that is an adventure, and it gets even better, also I got a tie! You are probably wondering why I am getting all these new clothes, remember that one time I told you I got some new “slack pants”, also a new shirt and a new tie (I say a “new” tie but it is not like I have an “old” one, I do not really need a tie too much in my “line of work” you know). Anyway so here is why: me and Samantha are going to a wedding! Ha ha but it is not what you think, no of course we are not getting married, I am pretty sure you can not get married until you have been a date couple for I think about 1 year or something like that, so it is “obvious” that it is not the case is what I am saying. Anyway here is who is getting married: Samantha’s cousin Brad is getting married to some lady some weekend in January, they are getting married in Cincinnati (that is where they live) so we will be going down there for a whole weekend with her family down there, we even will be staying in a hotel down there! My cousin Trish still lives down there except I have not seen her in a long time, maybe when we are down there I can visit her or whatever.

So that is all I have to say about that new shirt situation, basically it is for a wedding. If you are “curious” I still have not found my green shirt, I have pretty much given up on that whole thing. Maybe I should have bought a new shirt like that instead of the nice one, oh well what are you going to do.

Also, there is a person from Dayton who says a “manger” is a place where animals eat, I am pretty sure that is not the case, because I know they put baby Jesus in that so I am pretty sure you do not put a baby in a filthy thing where animals eat, you know it would be all wet with like for example, cow spit. Gross, not for babies!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What is the deal with that one Christmas song I am hearing all the time, it is kind of weird

Okay I know what you are thinking, you are saying (thinking inside I mean) “okay Brian what the heck are you talking about, there are only about a 1000 Christmas songs that are on the radio or whatever, which one are you talking about that it is weird?” Well that is a good question, here is the one I am talking about, I am not talking about the “regular” Christmas songs where they are talking about a baby Jesus and a “manger” (which I do not really know what is a “manger”, I know it is basically a thing that you only use for the Christmas “occasions” probably, and it is a thing for baby Jesus, I have that part down), also I am not also talking about like the Christmas songs that are not really “church Christmas”, do you know what I am saying? You know how there are songs basically which are “Santa songs” and that kind of thing, basically also there the ones where they are talking about “roasted chest nuts and they opened fire” and things like that, also you Winter Wonder Land kind of songs (also here is the thing, that song does not even talk about Christmas, also Jingle Bell does not talk about Christmas or even a reindeer, also there is that other one, something about “jingle tingling sleighs” or whatever, it does not talk about Christmas either so really there is not a good reason for them to play that song at Christmas times only, you could play it all the time, except I guess they are about snow and so on so really only in Winter times). Okay I am going “on and on” about this, here is what I am trying to talk about: that other Christmas song that is kind of weird (no, I am not talking about the one where the singers have the very high voices like “balloon” voices, you know how you can suck on a balloon and it will make your voice all crazy high, they must have used a lot of balloons on that songs, which does talk about Christmas but anyway I am not talking about that one), it is the one where it is a lady and she kind of singing but also she is kind of talking (I do not mean it is like a “rapping” song), but it just sounds kind of weird, there are like trumpets or something (I do not know about all the band music instrument so I could be wrong, maybe instead it is a “oboe” or something) anyway there are trumpets kind of playing a weird tune. And she is just saying “merry Christmas, merry Christmas” over and over then she says something like “something something this year”. Okay also she is talking about buying cranberries at a store and also she says a swear. In a Christmas song! I did not know you could say a swear in a Christmas song, I am pretty sure that is not right, instead of saying swears probably you should say “manger” or something like that (though I guess it would sound kind of strange if you did that, like if you were going to say a swear and instead you said “MANGER!” maybe I will try it at work and see what happens, like I will drop a thing on my foot and I will yell “MANGER!”). Okay anyway back to the weird song, the sing-talking lady says a bunch of other stuff, I remember one time she says something about a Halloween party! Hey wrong time of holidays, lady! So I guess what I am saying is it is a kind of weird song, but also even though it is weird I kind of hum it all the time except I do not know the words, but I hum the “trumpet tune” part anyway. Does anybody know what I am talking about with this weird song that I do not know the words (except some) but I hum it all the time anyway?

Monday, December 11, 2006

I hope I am not like the old “hum bugger” guy when I say Christmas kind of stinks some times

Okay do not “miss understand” what I am saying, I do not hate Christmas, it is not like I am some guy who wants to burn down the Christmas tree or steal a Jesus baby from one of those things that are like at the churches or whatever, Christmas is just fine because there are presents usually, although I have to say that it is “usual” that I do not really get presents on Christmas, I mean who would give them to me (I mean before this year, this year I am pretty sure that my girl friend Samantha will give me a present, I do not know what she will get me though, it is pretty exciting now that I think about it). But basically in the past years I really did not have “family” to give me presents and so on, sometimes at work they would give all of us a little something, like a ham or whatever, and every year, yes it is true that Marla will give me a little something. Usually it is like a little “set” of something like you can get at Walmart at Christmas times, like for example one time she gave me a “set” of coffee cup things and they had snow flake pictures on them and also some envelopes of “hot chocolate mix”, also one year she gave me a “set” of man perfume and deodorant, do you know what I am talking about? There is usually like a big section at the Walmart that has stuff like that, lots of boxes of “sets” of different things, like the stuff I am talking about, anyway that is the kind of stuff that Marla gives me every year. I do not want to sound like I am not “thankful” for those things, but it is not like me and Marla are best friends, it is a “usual” thing that she does not even wrap the thing, she will just come up the back steps and knock on my door and then when I come to the door she will just say “here this is for you” and then she’ll just go on back down the stairs. It is obvious that she is not Santa in her heart. Anyway what I am saying is Christmas is pretty good times, also that this Christmas will be very good times probably because I will be spending a lot of it with my girl friend, also with her family. So yes Christmas is good, I do not want to eat a reindeer hamburger is what I am saying.

But here is the thing (a new “paragraph”): I probably did kind of a “mistake” when I went to the mall on Saturday. I thought it would not be so crazy because it was the weekend. I thought people went on dates for the weekend, also they took naps or went to see a grand parent or something like that. Instead everyone in the whole world was at the mall in Findlay on Saturday, of course I am “exaggerated”, but it was so crowded! It was so crowded, I am telling you. So I guess I was not the only one who had a great idea to go shopping at the mall for Christmas, I guess it is a tradition? Every body was buying things, carrying bags and so forth, also there was some yelling when people would be all mad at the people who were working at the stores, hey people you have to know that some times the people that work at the store can not help it if they do not have the certain thing that you are needing or whatever! Anyway there were lots of ladies, also lots of men, it is not like it was “lady day at the mall”. Maybe there were more ladies than guys, it is hard to say because I did not count but boy there were a lot of ladies at the stores I went to. But that is good! Because here was my “system”: if there are a lot of ladies at a store, it is a good place for “lady items” (see, my girl friend is a lady, do you see what I am getting at?). So generally these places smelled a lot like flowers or maybe cinnamon or something I do not even know what it was, I guess it was probably a flower I have not heard of (also not smelled). So yes, you can bet I did some good shopping that day. I think I got Samantha some good stuff, you can bet that when you get a thing that smells so good that you are going to get a lot of points (I mean like if Christmas is a game, you can get points for good presents, of course that is not really how it works as far as I know probably).