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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Finally it is the end (I mean it is part 4 which is the last part of the story but who knows, maybe it is the end of something else too)

Okay you are all sick of this story about how the entire world hates me (Brian) probably, so you are lucky now, this is the last part, it is part 4. I am going to talk about what happened at the “receptions” which comes after the wedding where you eat and dance. You can look at the other “posts” here on my blog web site, I would put a “link” on here where you could click it and you could go right there to read what I am talking about for the other 3 parts but it just takes too long to do those links (although now that I think about it I spent so much time typing “sentences” about the “links” that I could have put the links in probably). Okay anyway you just go down on this page and you can read the other parts, sorry no links.

Anyway after the wedding where I made the “groom and bride” mad (also every one else) (also remember this was after I scratched Samantha’s parents car van and made them mad, and also this was after the night before when I made us all late to leave which made every body mad also), okay anyway we went to the “receptions”, it was at the hotel where we were staying, it was not at the church where the wedding was, I do not remember much about weddings because I only went to a “couple” when I was a kid but I remember we went down to the “basement” of the church and ate cake and drank a red drink, also we ate some peanuts I think. But this wedding “reception” thing is more like the kind of party I never got invited to when I was in school. Okay so anyway we got over there, yes you can guess that it was kind of a quiet ride over there to the “receptions” hotel because of what happened at the wedding church where I basically ruined everything but not really. Okay so anyway we got over there and there was a long time while we had to wait for the wedding people to get there, I guess they got lost because it took them forever, you would think they would know where it was, it is their “reception”! But anyway they got there and the “receptions” started, basically like I said it was a party. But this is getting kind of long and I have not even said anything yet really. Okay so I will just make a list of what I messed up at the “reception”:

  • I dropped meatballs on Samantha’s dress and the stain would not come out I think
  • Also I spilled my pop on her dress a little, it was not a “greased” stain like the meatballs though but anyway after that she asked me to stop eating and also drinking
  • There was a weird thing where the “groom” takes a circle thing of the “bride” leg for some reason (I think it is called a “guarder” because it guards your underwear probably?) anyway then he throws it and if you are a guy who is not married you go out and you try to catch it and basically I caught it, then I had to get my picture “taken” with the girl who caught the flowers that the “bride” threw around at people, and for the picture they made the girl give me a little kiss on the cheek (just for fun I think) but it was not fun because Samantha was kind of mad because it was one of her cousins who she does not “get a long with” because one time this girl went out with a boy she liked or something, I do not understand the whole thing to be honest but anyway Samantha was mad
  • Finally (and this is the last one) me and Samantha were “dancing”, basically we were just kind of hugging and moving back and forth, it was a “slow love” song about a lady who wears a red dress or something, anyway Samantha told me she hoped that our wedding would be nice like this some day and also she told me that she loves me and I did not know what to say to that, so I said “wow that is a big plan you are making for the future there” and now that I think about it that was probably not the right thing to say, maybe that “explains” why Samantha has not wanted to get together much this week, also why she left crying and went back to her room for the rest of the night, I assumed it was “joy tears”

So that is the end, basically the next day we just went home. Every body tried to talk about things like the weather which was about the same as always, of course there was the “flooding” events in Findlay but we did not know about that because we were not there. So I am thinking maybe it would have been kind of fun to be here where there was a flood, maybe that would be more fun than making every body in Samantha’s family (even people that did not really know me, they basically just met me anyway) to hate me, so yes I am a big screwup. So I think this weekend (it starts tomorrow or maybe tonight if you think about it) I will just try to stay at home and maybe not think about any thing (except TV maybe?).

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Part 3 of my big story about the wedding thing in Cincinnati is right here

Okay so now we are on to part 3, 1st I will talk about to remind you what happened in the different parts so far, basically every part will be about what I did to make everybody mad at me but each time it will be a different reason, like this list:

  • In part 1 (see it is a “link”, not too shabby, you click it and you can read about it) the “mad reason” was because I forgot to ask off work so we had to leave very late and eat hamburgers in the car (also I dropped ketchup on the floor, it is kind of hard to work with ketchup in a car riding situation)
  • Okay then in part 2 (a link also)it was because I was driving Samantha’s parents car van and I hit a “no parking” sign

Okay so there are plenty of reasons for “Brian anger”, but of course the day is not over yet (I mean yes it is over now but I mean it was not over yet at the time I am talking about, I mean Saturday). Okay so anyway after the “wreck” incident we went back to the hotel so the ladies (Samantha and her mom Linda, that is her name) could get ready for the wedding which was in the afternoon time, it was like 3 or something. Basically I just got ready, it only took like 5 minutes, and I sat in my room watching TV until it was time to go because I did not want to make any more mistakes, of course Samantha came over to “show off” her “out fit” and I can tell you she did look really good, she is my girl friend you know so you can bet that made me feel a lot better because she looked really good when she got all dressed up, not like usual when she just wears like a sweating shirt or whatever. Okay so anyway I told her she look so good so I got a good “point score” for that one. Okay so anyway Samantha’s dad (Doug) was not as mad any more probably, at least he was pretty quiet anyway. So we went to the church and all that, of course everything was all pretty and so on, and Samantha was introducing me to everyone in her family, I do not remember all those cousins and aunts and so on, I did not now there could be so many people in a family! They were just everywhere.

Anyway on to the wedding, it was very slow at first, there were all kinds of people coming in and going back out, all these ladies dressed exactly the same walking very slow into the area and so on (yes you can guess I do not go to a lot of wedding events, I guess people do not get married much in Findlay like they do in Cincinnati?). Okay then I realized I had not gone to the “toilet” in like a very long time, since we were at breakfast probably (why did I not go at the hotel, I was sitting there in the room for like 2 hours). So I really had to go, I told Samantha and she said just wait a little bit and I could sneak out. So there was this one time everybody stood up and the music got all loud so I thought “a ha, this is the perfect time, nobody will notice” so I “sneaked” out but right there was the bride and some guy, I guess maybe her “groom” but he was kind of old (actually I found out later it was her dad) and I bumped into her (“accident”) but of course I said “excuse me” (you have to use “courtesy” at a wedding). So I went out and did my “business” and yes you can bet I felt a whole lot better. But when I got back in there Samantha and her parents were whispering really mad, Samantha said “Brian you can not just jump out in front of the bride, they are taking pictures, it is her special day” and things like that. And so it was not just them that were mad at me, people were turning around and looking at me kind of mad and when it was all over Brad (the “groom”) and the bride lady, I can not remember her name, walked past us and they gave me kind of a nasty look, and then they were saying hi to every body when we were walking out and I tried to give her a “hug” and say “congratulations” but she just said “hi” real fast and went to the next person, also Brad (Samantha’s cousin) just looked at me and said “dude what is wrong with you”? So yes not a great day again for Brian.

Okay so that is one reason for every body to be mad at me, and I mean every body because I guess you are not supposed to “interfere” with a lady getting married or whatever. Okay so that was “part 3”, tomorrow we will talk about “reception” event and then I guess the time coming home to Findlay and you can see how I made every body mad there too.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Okay today it is “part 2” of the stuff I am talking about last weekend

Okay I have to make this quick because as you know it is Laundry Day like it is every Wednesday so like I said this has to be quick. So I will only talk about basically what happened on Saturday during the day for example and then I will talk about what happened at night at the “part 3” section and that will be tomorrow (Thursday).

Well here is the story so far: we were in Cincinnati for this wedding thing of Samantha’s cousin Brad and we were staying at a big hotel place, it was the same place where they were going to have the “receptions” after the wedding (this is the part of the wedding where you eat cake and also they had meatballs, I do not know if it is “usual” to have meatballs at a wedding “receptions”, anyway I am getting ahead of myself, that is for “part 3” which is tomorrow, wait or maybe “part 4” which is the next day, I haven’t decided). Okay anyway first of all I have to say it was pretty cool staying at a hotel, I have not stayed at a hotel for a long long time, since I was a little kid probably, like for example that time me and dad went to Indianapolis (yes that was the time I was messing around with one of those hotel machines where you get ice and there was a button on there and it “jammed” and like a 100 pounds of ice kept coming out all over the floor, it was outside and it was a mess, you can guess that dad was pretty mad about it, yes there were “swear” incidents). Anyway we got up Saturday morning and we went to eat at the “hop pancake” restaurant, man it was pretty good, I had a thing with a pancake but it did not have “syrup”, instead it had a “fruity”? Anyway everybody I think was in an “ok” mood, I think they were not as mad as the last night where I made everybody late to leave. Okay well after breakfast Samantha’s mom said she needed to get a new pair of “panties hose” (it is a lady thing you can bet) so we went over to a mall place that was kind of close to there and she said she was just going to “run in and run out” because we needed to get back to the hotel to start getting ready or whatever because I do not know why but they were thinking that she and Samantha were going to take forever to get ready for this wedding thing. Anyway so Samantha’s dad “backed” in to a parking space right by the door, he did not pull in where the engine is in the front, instead he did it backwards, that is just the way he likes to park for some reason, so then him and her mom went into that store real quick because it was raining a little bit (you know I have never told you what is their “real” names, they are “Doug and Linda” so now you know) okay so while they were in there, we were just sitting in the car van, it was still running even because they were going to be not gone for long and I asked Samantha when I might could drive the car van a little bit, so she said “why not right now when they are in the store” and so I was all pretty excited about that. I was just going to drive around the parking lot a little bit, I am not crazy to think I was going to drive on the “enter state road”. Okay so I climbed up there and Samantha got in the front seat with me and I put it “in gear” and touched the “gas peddle” but instead of going outways we went backwards and we went up on the sidewalk (just a little bit) and banged into a sign that was on the sidewalk, actually I think it said “no parking” on it so maybe we were not supposed to be there anyway. Okay so yes, I knocked the sign right over and also I put a kind of big scratch on the back part of the car van (it is a “bumper trunk” I think?). Well you can guess that Samantha’s parents (remember they are Doug and Linda), they were not so happy. Samantha said she was sorry too, she was the one who said I could do it, I said I was sorry too but only a couple of times because he looked pretty mad and I did not want to make him more mad.

Okay so yes, that was part 2 of the story, I wrecked Samantha’s parents car van thing (that is even what it says on the back of it, “grand car van”), well I did not really wreck it but it is scratched and so on. So yes I am a stinky driver. Now I have to get back to work, I am running late as it is, so part 3 will be tomorrow, I will talk about the wedding and the “receptions” probably.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I have a lot to talk about so this is just part 1 of the whole thing really

That is right, see I am back now from the wedding “celebrating” down in Cincinnati from the weekend where we went down there (I mean me and my girl friend Samantha, also her parents) for when her cousin Brad (I mean Samantha’s cousin) was getting married to some lady. Okay but I have to say, there was a lot that happened this weekend, there is way too much for me to talk about it all in just one “post” here on my blog web site, I just do not have time to type all of it, it would take too long so I will do like a bunch of “parts” like for example when you see a TV show and they can not put it all in one show they will say “part 1” and “part 2” on the next time or something. So basically this time is part 1, where I will talk about how we got down there.

First of all of course you remember that every body was kind of mad at me on Friday (last Friday I mean, that was when we went) because I was supposed to ask off, they told me I needed to ask off for the afternoon like a 100 years ago (exaggerate) but I just kept “putting it off” so it ended up that I had to work the same time, every body wanted to leave at like 2:00 but instead we could not leave until 7:00, yes they were not very happy about that because they wanted to get down there and get checked in to the hotel and whatever and just relax or go get a thing to eat or something, instead we basically had to drive at night and eat hamburgers in the car (it was Samantha’s parent’s car, not Samantha’s car, also it was kind of a “van” not really a car_, I thought it was kind of fun in a way but anyway you can guess nobody else was too happy about it. But there was nothing I could do about it I guess so anyway I felt pretty bad, I kept telling them “I am so sorry” about a 100 times and they would say “oh do not worry about it Brian” but then finally Samantha’s dad said “okay Brian we get it, you are sorry”. So I did not say anything else the rest of the night, basically I just looked out the window and thought about TV shows that I like, like for example the one about space.

Okay well one time we had to stop at a gas station so we could take a “bath room stop break” and when we were getting back in the van I asked if maybe I could drive a little while as a “practice learning”, but they said maybe it was not a good idea to do a “practice driving” session at night. But Samantha’s mom said maybe I could drive a little bit tomorrow (I mean the next day which was Saturday but at the time it was “tomorrow”) so I was kind of excited about that.

Okay so anyway we got to the hotel and we “checked in”, I got a room all to my self, also Samantha got a room to her self but of course we could “visit” each other in the rooms, remember we can not stay in the same hotel room because we are only a “date couple”, not a “marry couple”.

Okay that is pretty exciting stuff I know, just wait until tomorrow for part 2 where I will talk about the next day which was pretty good but also a little problem, here is a “preview”, I need to figure out what all the “shift letters” mean when you are driving a car (or a van), like for example I need to know which is the difference between “R” and “D”.