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Monday, January 22, 2007

It is “blogging hints” day

Well you know I have been doing this blog web site (I mean writing “posts” for the blog web site) for a long time, I am pretty sure it is a couple of years I think (not really). Anyway here is some stuff that I have learned about what to put on your blog web site, okay basically really it is about what you do not put on your blog web site, and really it is just one thing.

Do not write this on your blog web site about a time when you saw your girl friend wearing a dress and you thought she looked nice (I put this in a special way you can do it on the blog web site where it goes in a little bit, also you can read the whole thing if you click here, it has the whole thing I mean and not just this little part under it):

I can tell you she did look really good, she is my girl friend you know so you
can bet that made me feel a lot better because she looked really good when she
got all dressed up, not like usual when she just wears like a sweating shirt or

That was just a “copy” part of it, it was not the whole thing like I said but I think that Samantha could not read the whole “post”, like for example she did not read the part where it says “she looks so good”, instead she just reads the part that says “not like usual”. So you can guess probably that there was a long conversation this weekend (I mean last weekend because now it is over, I think I have “mentioned” a couple of times that it is kind of hard sometimes to know what weekend people are talking about when they are talking about “weekends”, like for example they will say “this weekend” and “next weekend” and you never know what they are talking about, anyway sorry I am getting off the subject), anyway yes it was not the kind of conversation that you “enjoy”, it is more like the kind where you just say whatever will make the conversation stop or most of the time you just do not say anything at all (that is usually my “approach” when I am having a conversation like that). So I did not think I would be seeing Samantha at all this weekend because like you could see from everything I wrote on my blog web site last week (“last week” is easy to understand, that one should not be too much of problem like the “weekend phrase” situation), anyway yes we “got together” on Saturday for a long time of talking, also there was a lot of not talking too, basically I mean silence.

Oh and also it is “apparent” that when a girl friend says “I love you and I hope we have a wedding event” there is just 1 way to answer that question to be “correct”, and you can guess that the right answer is not “wow how about that”. So can you guess what it is, yes you are supposed to say “oh yes I love you too and also I will get a tuxedo right now but I guess I have to get another job also so I can buy a marriage jewelry ring”. Of course I did not say that, can you imagine me getting married in a church, also with a tuxedo, I would like a “ridiculous”. Anyway I am not supposed to say that to Samantha I guess, this girl friend situation is a mystery some times but of course it is not like the “murder” type.

So there you go, it is a lesson about blog web sites I guess.


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