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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here is my super hero name, it is Captain Failure

Okay you can probably guess what I am talking about here, yes it is true, I FAILED THE DRIVER LICENSE TEST AGAIN (okay I am not going to type like that again, you have to hold down a button that says “shift” on it, I guess because you are “shifting” to the “capitol” letters instead, but anyway what I am saying it is kind of hard to type like that, but I did it that way so it would look like I am yelling or maybe just kind of talking loud and mad because yes I am mad about the situation). Okay here is the story about the 2nd time I took the driver license test (remember it is not really the driver license like I keep talking about, instead it is the “learning permits” test because it is just written down). Okay so here is the deal, remember yesterday I could not have time to get over there to the place because it was Laundry Day, 1st of all because of laundry Day there was no time because it is kind of far away, I mean it is not like it is in some other city, like for example Lima, but still it is a “ways” (it is not so bad when Samantha (she is my girl friend) could drive me over there but she has a “schedule” at the community college today for classes so she could not drive me over there today), 2nd of all I can not remember what the 2nd thing was. Okay anyway I tried to study a little bit yesterday because I already failed it one time so I tried to study the stuff I forgot but maybe I should have studied the other stuff too because this morning I rode my bicycle over there, you can bet it was kind of cold (of course it is January anyway). Anyway so I got over there and took my test, I wish Samantha had been there with me because I was no nervous, I think maybe she could have made me “calm” down, because the test took me forever, I wanted to be sure I got every thing right so I kept going back and changing all my answers just in case I got them wrong the first time. Is that maybe not a good “strategy” to take a test? I just figured I probably got the questions wrong so I wanted to make sure I would get them right so I changed them, but there are like 4 different answers so maybe I chose the wrong ones. Anyway so I missed stuff this time that I got right last time. Yes that is right, I got a worst score this time than last time I took it! There is only one more day this week that I can take it again (I am talking about tomorrow, tomorrow is Friday by the way if you are reading this at a later time or something, that means I am doing this on a Thursday of course). So you know what I am going to do, I am not going to study any more, I am just going to go in there tomorrow (again) and I am going to just write the test answers down whatever I think the answer is and we will just see what happens, I just do not care any more, I will probably just have to ride a bike the rest of my life.

I have not seen Samantha yet today, I am so embarrassed about failing the test again after she spent the whole weekend studying with me (well not the whole weekend, of course you have to eat, sleep, and so on). So I was really hoping I could get this “learner permit” so I could help to drive a little bit this weekend on our trip to Cincinnati for her cousin Brad’s wedding. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon to drive down there so I will probably just have a very short “post” tomorrow on the blog web site (this one I mean). Of course me and Samantha had to take the afternoon off tomorrow so we can do this thing for the wedding, which yes by the way there will be dancing probably so I am kind of nervous about that, I do not remember a wedding where you have to dance before. But anyway, oh shoot, I just remembered that I did not "ask off" work for tomorrow afternoon! Oh no, it is probably too late to get off for tomorrow afternoon! I was supposed to do that like 3 weeks ago or something. Well you will probably not see me tomorrow because I will be murdered by my girl friend probably.


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