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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Now it is resolution list time, sorry I made you wait so long

Oh yeah okay before I get started here is a thing, remember I was complaining yesterday or maybe it was the other day, I can not remember, anyway it was about the sweaters I got for Christmas from my girl friend Samantha. Remember it was about how they were all itchy and hot, well there is a comment here on my blog web site from a lady named Shannon and she says I can wear something UNDER the sweater, like for example a “t” shirt (I just realized the other day it is called a “T” shirt because it kind of looks like a “T”, of course the big “T” not the small “t” because then the shirt would kind of stick up a little bit at the top and also it would curve a little bit down at the bottom so it would not fit right probably). I did not even realize that I could wear something under a sweater, but of course why would I do that when it would make it more hot! Except it would not be itchy I guess. Maybe it would not be too hot, I don’t know.

Okay anyway here it is, a list. I came up with all of these by my self because no body gave me any “suggestions” for resolutions, I think every body forgot about my blog web site probably, or maybe also they had a resolution to not read my blog web site any more, instead they are going to make a sandwich or whatever. Okay anyway here it is.

  • Okay the first thing is, I am going to get my driver license (I know I have been “flapping gum” about this for along time, but I have decided it is time for real now to “do this thing”, that is what they always say, they say let’s “do this thing” so that is what I am going to do) (the thing is to get the driver license I mean, basically it is so I can drive my girl friend around instead of when she is driving me around)
  • The next (2nd) thing is this: I will try to eat better food, maybe not so much of frozen pizza and so forth, like for example Samantha got kind of all weird when she found out that sometimes I like to have a good snack like this, it is a big loaf of “French” bread like you get at the store, and I will melt a big thing of that big rectangle cheese, it is in a box, you know what I am talking about, it is called “cheese food”. Anyway I will “dip” the bread into the cheese melt bowl, oh it is so good, also I would drink a lot of Mountain Dew. Okay so I should eat better stuff, like for example corn I guess.
  • I guess the last resolution is I will get some new socks probably.
  • Oh yeah also I will floss.


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