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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am not saying “bah hum bug” anymore, here is why: A Christmas Miracle

You are not going to believe it, you know how all the time at Christmas “holidays” there are these movies on TV about how like an angel comes from heaven to show a lady that it is okay to fall in love with some guy, or like an angel comes from heaven to help a little boy find a person who will be his mom or dad or whatever (basically they are all about angels that come from heaven for a reason), anyway they always talk about a Christmas miracle (they mean the angel probably) I guess when something happens that is all great or whatever. Well like I said, you are not going to believe it, there was a Christmas miracle right here (not at the library, I mean at my place), anyway here is what happened: last night I was watching some show about “history” and I was eating some “peta chips” (these are a new thing I have tried lately, I had some over at Samantha’s house one time and oh man, they were so good, I mean I still like the “potato” kind and the other kind too, but these “peta” kind are really good too and I have heard they are “healthy”, I guess I could stand to be more healthy, I mean it is not like I am sick or anything but maybe I eat too much junk?) but I dropped some on the floor right in front of the couch and when I got down on the floor to get them I saw something “familiar” under the couch: it was my green shirt (it is my favorite one of course) that I lost back whenever that was! It was under my couch this whole time! I am not sure how it got there, unless it was because I was “sorting” my laundry in here on the floor in front of the couch maybe, that is “usually” what I do, and it got kicked under there or something, who knows? But it is a miracle anyway, my favorite shirt is back and I am so happy you can guess. I think I will take Samantha (remember she is my girl friend) somewhere this weekend, a Christmas date like you guys were saying maybe I could go look at Christmas lights or whatever, and I guess she would have to drive because remember I do not have a driver license, but anyway I will wear that shirt.

So anyway I have got to get back to work, I am on break remember because it is Laundry Day (Wednesday) so I could not come before work, but here is what was kind of weird, Samantha came with me to the laundry place today to help me do my laundry. Normally she does not do that because she had a “schedule” at the community college on Wednesdays but of course she is out for Christmas. So it was fine, do not “miss understand” me, but I am just really used to doing my laundry by my self and I guess I felt a little “self conscience” when Samantha is beside me at the table and my underwear is right there. But I guess it was kind of nice to have someone to listen to instead of just the TV or that one lady who is always crying. Plus it is all good because I washed my green shirt with the stripes and I am going to wear it tomorrow, I am just so glad to have it back, I guess I mentioned that already probably?


  • At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Maybe Hollywood could do a Christmas movie about the "Miracle of the Green Shirt" and it could feature an angel showing you where the shirt was (under the couch).

  • At 10:25 PM, Anonymous jonathan said…


    Congratulations on finding your old friend! May you and your shirt have many more good years together.


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