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Monday, December 11, 2006

I hope I am not like the old “hum bugger” guy when I say Christmas kind of stinks some times

Okay do not “miss understand” what I am saying, I do not hate Christmas, it is not like I am some guy who wants to burn down the Christmas tree or steal a Jesus baby from one of those things that are like at the churches or whatever, Christmas is just fine because there are presents usually, although I have to say that it is “usual” that I do not really get presents on Christmas, I mean who would give them to me (I mean before this year, this year I am pretty sure that my girl friend Samantha will give me a present, I do not know what she will get me though, it is pretty exciting now that I think about it). But basically in the past years I really did not have “family” to give me presents and so on, sometimes at work they would give all of us a little something, like a ham or whatever, and every year, yes it is true that Marla will give me a little something. Usually it is like a little “set” of something like you can get at Walmart at Christmas times, like for example one time she gave me a “set” of coffee cup things and they had snow flake pictures on them and also some envelopes of “hot chocolate mix”, also one year she gave me a “set” of man perfume and deodorant, do you know what I am talking about? There is usually like a big section at the Walmart that has stuff like that, lots of boxes of “sets” of different things, like the stuff I am talking about, anyway that is the kind of stuff that Marla gives me every year. I do not want to sound like I am not “thankful” for those things, but it is not like me and Marla are best friends, it is a “usual” thing that she does not even wrap the thing, she will just come up the back steps and knock on my door and then when I come to the door she will just say “here this is for you” and then she’ll just go on back down the stairs. It is obvious that she is not Santa in her heart. Anyway what I am saying is Christmas is pretty good times, also that this Christmas will be very good times probably because I will be spending a lot of it with my girl friend, also with her family. So yes Christmas is good, I do not want to eat a reindeer hamburger is what I am saying.

But here is the thing (a new “paragraph”): I probably did kind of a “mistake” when I went to the mall on Saturday. I thought it would not be so crazy because it was the weekend. I thought people went on dates for the weekend, also they took naps or went to see a grand parent or something like that. Instead everyone in the whole world was at the mall in Findlay on Saturday, of course I am “exaggerated”, but it was so crowded! It was so crowded, I am telling you. So I guess I was not the only one who had a great idea to go shopping at the mall for Christmas, I guess it is a tradition? Every body was buying things, carrying bags and so forth, also there was some yelling when people would be all mad at the people who were working at the stores, hey people you have to know that some times the people that work at the store can not help it if they do not have the certain thing that you are needing or whatever! Anyway there were lots of ladies, also lots of men, it is not like it was “lady day at the mall”. Maybe there were more ladies than guys, it is hard to say because I did not count but boy there were a lot of ladies at the stores I went to. But that is good! Because here was my “system”: if there are a lot of ladies at a store, it is a good place for “lady items” (see, my girl friend is a lady, do you see what I am getting at?). So generally these places smelled a lot like flowers or maybe cinnamon or something I do not even know what it was, I guess it was probably a flower I have not heard of (also not smelled). So yes, you can bet I did some good shopping that day. I think I got Samantha some good stuff, you can bet that when you get a thing that smells so good that you are going to get a lot of points (I mean like if Christmas is a game, you can get points for good presents, of course that is not really how it works as far as I know probably).


  • At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian you did not tell me what you want for Christmas as a present! I NEED TO KNOW BECASE ME AND MY MOM ARE GOING SHOPPING TONIGHT! so tell me soon ok?

    And what is the big deal about not telling us what you got for Samantha. She told you she would not read the blog and I do not know Samantha so I won't tell her.

    Gosh Brian. Get with the program, will you?

  • At 11:26 AM, Blogger Brian said…

    Oops sorry Mary Ann, I did not read your "comment" here on my blog web site until today so it is too late, but anyway it is not really a problem because you do not have to get me anything, I do not really need anything except like for example soap and deodorant and I am pretty sure Marla will give me that for Christmas (remember she is my landlady sort of). But anyway thanks for thinking about a Christmas present for me except you do not even know me really!

  • At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I was going to get you something else. I wanted to get you maybe a shirt to take the place of the one that got stolen. Would that be OK?

  • At 5:10 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I was going to get you maybe a shirt to take the place of the one that got stolen. Would that be an ok thing, or would you like something else?


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