Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Yes everybody you do not need to worry, it is because I am not "drown"

Hey everybody, did you see how long a time it was since I did a "post" on my blog web site last time (the answer, it is a very long time, I mean the last time I put a thing on my blog web site it was about Samantha, do you remember her? (I am asking this question about do you remember her, because it was a long time ago, is what I mean.) Basically I think I can talk about Samantha now, the whole reason I could not talk about "relation ship events" is because Samantha said there would be a "break up" situation if I talked about her on my blog web site. Well that is not a problem because she does not even live in Findlay any more so a "break up" is not a problem. Also she is married to some guy.

But anyway you probably saw there was a "news" situation here in Findlay, Ohio. It is a big news situation because even it was on cable. It is a FLOOD situation, you can believe that there is water everywhere, even right near work (do not worry, there was not a big brown river mud coming into the store or anything, we are okay where we are at work, we are pretty lucky that way, like for example there was this one time it was raining really hard in one part of Ohio, except it was not raining in Findlay at all! So I guess it is not just the store where I work, it is all of Findlay that is lucky, except now that I think about it Findlay is not so lucky because of all the flooding problems, which is the whole reason I am putting this "post" on my blog web site, also because it was definitely raining this time, it was the "reason" for the flooding, because it = "too much river water at the same time"). Anyway, I am fine, the "flooded water" is not really by my house, it is an other part of the town. But it is a big mess any way, Anita at work (she works at the registers) had to move out of her house because it was full of water so she is staying somewhere else, her mom or something like that, I don't really know where she is staying, I do not know Anita all that well really, I mean she has worked at the store for a long time but that does not mean she is my best friend! Anyway so here is the thing, I am fine.

Anyway I have to finish this up so I will not be late for class. Yes, I probably did not tell you about that, it is true, I am going to the "community" college, so yes it is school times again now probably.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Okay now I have a problem a little bit now with my blog web site

First of all I guess I should say that I am very happy that all of a “sudden” people are putting comments on my blog web site again, for a long time nobody was putting any comments on my blog web site “posts” and I did not know why, I guess I thought maybe everybody went on vacation but then I thought about it a little bit and I guess people do not really go on vacation during the January month, it is just too cold to swim (that is what you do on vacation is swim for example). Also maybe people just do not like me any more, who knows what the situation is. So anyway what I am saying is it is so good again to see more people are reading my blog web site and putting comments on here, that is a good thing, do not get me wrong you know.

But here is little “situation” I have, Samantha told me yesterday at work that she read my blog web site yesterday and she was all “up set” at me, she said why did I talk about her and so on on my blog web site, why didn’t I just talk to her “to her face” if I had such a problem and so on and so on, there was a lot more and you can believe me when I am telling you that you do not want to read all about it. Okay basically I will give you the “jest” of it: Samantha does not want me to talk about her on the blog web site any more (I know I am talking about her today but I think this is probably “ok” to do this today, it is a “special” case), anyway so no more talk about Samantha (remember she is my girl friend) or if she finds out I am talking about her on my blog web site we are definitely going to have a “break up” situation. So there you have it, I can not talk about her.

Except here is the problem, I do stuff with Samantha all the time, it is “usual” that we have weekend date events (weekends are pretty much the best time for date events, that is a true fact), so basically I can not talk about weekends any more. But also I work with Samantha at work (remember that is where I met her) so basically I can not talk about work any more either (even if the work story is not about Samantha I am sure she will be around and I would have to say, like for example “and then I was doing a crazy thing and then there was a person there who said something but I can not tell you about that situation for a various reason”). So basically that is all I ever talk about, nothing else ever happens to me. I can not write a big blog web site thing just about “hey how about that weird lady by the newspaper machine, what is the deal there” or also to talk about Laundry Day (remember it is Wednesday), except I can tell you right now nobody wants to know anything about Laundry Day, it is not a topic of “interest” when you say “I used two bouncing sheets in the dryer and so now my underwear smells so good”. Too boring (fact).

So I do not want to give up on the Samantha situation, she is my girl friend and there is no way I am going to go back to being just plain old Brian anymore, I am just too lonely just sitting there in my stupid apartment, it is one room, eating “peta” chips and watching the TV show about the thing where Superman is just a kid but really he still looks older than me or whatever. So I guess I just will not do my blog web site any more, also I will not do anything else anymore to make Samantha mad. So sorry to everybody who wants to read about my laundry and also about Findlay Ohio adventures, I can not do the blog web site anymore, but it is not too bad because it is for a girl so I am kind of a hero probably?

Anyway bye.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I do not feel like writing a thing today for my blog web site

So I am not going to type anything for my blog web site today, except of course the thing that I am typing right now (it is the thing you are reading right now). I know that there are all kinds of people who want to read something on my blog web site every day, like for example “me and Samantha went to a kind of event thing” or “at work today I messed something up”, well today you are not going to read it because I just am in a “mood” (that is what Samantha always says, “you are in a mood” when she is talking to me and I am acting like this, yes I act like this sometimes, like for example on a day I will wake up and I will think “what am I going to do today” and I am trying to think about what I am going to do that day but then I realize that it does not matter what I decide to do because basically I have to go to work and then after work I will do whatever someone else wants to do, I will not say a “name” for example but it does not matter probably I guess?). So anyway yes it is true, I am a little “depress”, but it will go away probably, like sometimes I will get “depress” when it is winter times anyway (it is cold and a “cloudy” situation, also like I said I just have to do whatever some one else says to me to do, it is her “decision”). So I am sorry if I am giving you a “depress” feeling too, it is just another thing that I am ruining for everybody, I guess sometimes I just want everybody to be happy and I would think that everybody should be happy anyway because what is so bad in the world that you can not be happy, I mean yes everything is not perfect (for example there is a war and sometimes a tornado wrecks houses and so on) but what I am saying is life is pretty good I guess for most people here in Findlay (like for example lost of good places to eat, also you can go to the iceskating “cube” area) so why do people get mad and so on? There is no reason, that is why, or maybe they have a girl friend that is like the king of everybody’s life and you just do what they say all the time, I guess that is a reason to be mad (I am not saying that is why I am mad, actually I am not saying that I am mad at all, I am just giving a “sample” of a reason why a person could be mad at a “situation” or whatever). Okay so anyway sorry I am not writing anything today for my blog web site, maybe tomorrow I will be able to tell a story about how I dropped a paint on the floor and it hit an old lady in the “rear” or something so Randy (remember he is like the main manager at the store) would get all mad and make me scrub the floor with a paper towel and it would not even work so I would get kicked out of my job and I am going to be a “hobo” on trains instead. (not a real story of course)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

“Blast on the Past” on Laundry Day (yes it is a great title)

So today at the laundry place where I do my laundry on Wednesdays (you know for example that Wednesday is Laundry Day) there was a new person there that I do not remember seeing before (there are all the regular people there, like for example the lady who is always crying, also the man who reads the news paper with a “magnify” tool), except when the person comes in and I look at him a little bit (do not worry I was not staring like a “crazy”), anyway I am looking at the guy and I remembered where I have seen him before! Can you guess, you are right, it is the guy who I saw walking down the street wearing a lady dress that one time (I do not really have time to show you where it was, you can look over there on the right and click a thing, it will take you there probably, anyway it was a long time ago and basically it is this, I saw a guy (it was this guy) and he had a beard and he was wearing a lady dress with flowers even so you could not even say it was a “man dress” or something, of course there is not such a thing as that), okay anyway I am pretty sure it was that guy, here at the laundry place. But here is the weird thing, he did not bring laundry clothes to wash there, he just came in and sat down and man he stank. Finally he left when “Price is Right” show went off.

So there you go, that is my Laundry Day story, yes I know it was no good.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I guess I did not finish the story from yesterday, sorry about that so here it is

So yes you probably are wondering why I did not really tell more about the story about the “conversation” I had with Samantha, I just kind of stopped writing because I was tired of writing about the situation, I was just about as tired as when I was having the conversation with Samantha in the 1st place (like I said she really had the conversation more than me). But I hope you do not “criticize”, you have to “walk my shoe” for a minute, do you have good times when you are talking to your girl friend (or if you are a girl it would be your boy friend, I guess also it could be your husband if you are married unless you are a guy and then it would be your wife if you are married, anyway the point is you are talking to them) anyway so you are having the conversation with them and they are saying “I do not think you are serious about a relation ship”, also “I pore my heart to do every thing for you and you spit in my face” (which I told her it is not true, I did not spit, that is “rude” but I guess that is not what she meant really, I think it was a “saying” but anyway there was not a spit incident, you can believe it), anyway so if you were listening to that person say all that stuff I know you would get tired too. Okay so basically it was all about a situation where she said “I love you” and I did not say “I love you too” (I have learned that is the only right thing to say when your girl friend Samantha says that to you. So I had to “think fast”, there was no way I was going to lose the girl friend situation, it was not going to be a situation again where I am all alone watching a TV video movie DVD on a Saturday night and I am thinking “wow that was funny, I wish my girl friend would laugh also at the same time as me, also and would not get up and leave me by my self again” (you see if I have a girl friend I would not be thinking that), also if I do not have a girl friend, it is a true fact that I would just be that guy at the store who does not have a girl friend (I guess that is what people called me before I had a girl friend, I do not know because I am too busy doing my work to listen to what people are saying that I do not know or I guess even that I do know, I mean I guess now that I think about it it would be kind of weird if that is what people are saying about me, I guess there are things you could say about me that are worse than the “no girl friend phrase”, like for example “he is a murder criminal!” which is not true of course but like I said if I did not have a girl friend the “no girl friend” part would be true). Anyway the point is I told her that I was sorry about not saying “I love you” because I was all mixed up about dropping meat balls on the dress and also the “guarder” situation so I just was too mixed up or whatever, maybe it was a bad day probably also because I wrecked the grand car van (not really but a scratch is kind of bad anyway), so anyway I told her “yes Samantha I love you of course” so I think everything is back to normal (no I did not bring up the wedding talk situation, please do not bring it up either) but anyway Samantha said she is “so happy” and so forth, and yes there were a few “kissing” but I think her parents are still mad at me a little maybe.

So anyway yes I guess I love Samantha now probably? That is cool I guess because I have not said that to a girl before (no DeDe does not count), but it is true, if you say to a girl that “I love you” they will not breakup with you probably, so that is a solution for you if you are looking for a “love advice”.

Monday, January 22, 2007

It is “blogging hints” day

Well you know I have been doing this blog web site (I mean writing “posts” for the blog web site) for a long time, I am pretty sure it is a couple of years I think (not really). Anyway here is some stuff that I have learned about what to put on your blog web site, okay basically really it is about what you do not put on your blog web site, and really it is just one thing.

Do not write this on your blog web site about a time when you saw your girl friend wearing a dress and you thought she looked nice (I put this in a special way you can do it on the blog web site where it goes in a little bit, also you can read the whole thing if you click here, it has the whole thing I mean and not just this little part under it):

I can tell you she did look really good, she is my girl friend you know so you
can bet that made me feel a lot better because she looked really good when she
got all dressed up, not like usual when she just wears like a sweating shirt or

That was just a “copy” part of it, it was not the whole thing like I said but I think that Samantha could not read the whole “post”, like for example she did not read the part where it says “she looks so good”, instead she just reads the part that says “not like usual”. So you can guess probably that there was a long conversation this weekend (I mean last weekend because now it is over, I think I have “mentioned” a couple of times that it is kind of hard sometimes to know what weekend people are talking about when they are talking about “weekends”, like for example they will say “this weekend” and “next weekend” and you never know what they are talking about, anyway sorry I am getting off the subject), anyway yes it was not the kind of conversation that you “enjoy”, it is more like the kind where you just say whatever will make the conversation stop or most of the time you just do not say anything at all (that is usually my “approach” when I am having a conversation like that). So I did not think I would be seeing Samantha at all this weekend because like you could see from everything I wrote on my blog web site last week (“last week” is easy to understand, that one should not be too much of problem like the “weekend phrase” situation), anyway yes we “got together” on Saturday for a long time of talking, also there was a lot of not talking too, basically I mean silence.

Oh and also it is “apparent” that when a girl friend says “I love you and I hope we have a wedding event” there is just 1 way to answer that question to be “correct”, and you can guess that the right answer is not “wow how about that”. So can you guess what it is, yes you are supposed to say “oh yes I love you too and also I will get a tuxedo right now but I guess I have to get another job also so I can buy a marriage jewelry ring”. Of course I did not say that, can you imagine me getting married in a church, also with a tuxedo, I would like a “ridiculous”. Anyway I am not supposed to say that to Samantha I guess, this girl friend situation is a mystery some times but of course it is not like the “murder” type.

So there you go, it is a lesson about blog web sites I guess.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Finally it is the end (I mean it is part 4 which is the last part of the story but who knows, maybe it is the end of something else too)

Okay you are all sick of this story about how the entire world hates me (Brian) probably, so you are lucky now, this is the last part, it is part 4. I am going to talk about what happened at the “receptions” which comes after the wedding where you eat and dance. You can look at the other “posts” here on my blog web site, I would put a “link” on here where you could click it and you could go right there to read what I am talking about for the other 3 parts but it just takes too long to do those links (although now that I think about it I spent so much time typing “sentences” about the “links” that I could have put the links in probably). Okay anyway you just go down on this page and you can read the other parts, sorry no links.

Anyway after the wedding where I made the “groom and bride” mad (also every one else) (also remember this was after I scratched Samantha’s parents car van and made them mad, and also this was after the night before when I made us all late to leave which made every body mad also), okay anyway we went to the “receptions”, it was at the hotel where we were staying, it was not at the church where the wedding was, I do not remember much about weddings because I only went to a “couple” when I was a kid but I remember we went down to the “basement” of the church and ate cake and drank a red drink, also we ate some peanuts I think. But this wedding “reception” thing is more like the kind of party I never got invited to when I was in school. Okay so anyway we got over there, yes you can guess that it was kind of a quiet ride over there to the “receptions” hotel because of what happened at the wedding church where I basically ruined everything but not really. Okay so anyway we got over there and there was a long time while we had to wait for the wedding people to get there, I guess they got lost because it took them forever, you would think they would know where it was, it is their “reception”! But anyway they got there and the “receptions” started, basically like I said it was a party. But this is getting kind of long and I have not even said anything yet really. Okay so I will just make a list of what I messed up at the “reception”:

  • I dropped meatballs on Samantha’s dress and the stain would not come out I think
  • Also I spilled my pop on her dress a little, it was not a “greased” stain like the meatballs though but anyway after that she asked me to stop eating and also drinking
  • There was a weird thing where the “groom” takes a circle thing of the “bride” leg for some reason (I think it is called a “guarder” because it guards your underwear probably?) anyway then he throws it and if you are a guy who is not married you go out and you try to catch it and basically I caught it, then I had to get my picture “taken” with the girl who caught the flowers that the “bride” threw around at people, and for the picture they made the girl give me a little kiss on the cheek (just for fun I think) but it was not fun because Samantha was kind of mad because it was one of her cousins who she does not “get a long with” because one time this girl went out with a boy she liked or something, I do not understand the whole thing to be honest but anyway Samantha was mad
  • Finally (and this is the last one) me and Samantha were “dancing”, basically we were just kind of hugging and moving back and forth, it was a “slow love” song about a lady who wears a red dress or something, anyway Samantha told me she hoped that our wedding would be nice like this some day and also she told me that she loves me and I did not know what to say to that, so I said “wow that is a big plan you are making for the future there” and now that I think about it that was probably not the right thing to say, maybe that “explains” why Samantha has not wanted to get together much this week, also why she left crying and went back to her room for the rest of the night, I assumed it was “joy tears”

So that is the end, basically the next day we just went home. Every body tried to talk about things like the weather which was about the same as always, of course there was the “flooding” events in Findlay but we did not know about that because we were not there. So I am thinking maybe it would have been kind of fun to be here where there was a flood, maybe that would be more fun than making every body in Samantha’s family (even people that did not really know me, they basically just met me anyway) to hate me, so yes I am a big screwup. So I think this weekend (it starts tomorrow or maybe tonight if you think about it) I will just try to stay at home and maybe not think about any thing (except TV maybe?).