Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, October 13, 2006

I am saying "but enough about me"

Okay here is the thing, today here at the library I was kind of reading over all the stuff I have put here on my blog web site, there is a lot of stuff on here (I am talking about all the stuff I have put on here about girl friend situations and situations also which some people think are girl friend situations but I am telling you it is not "the case"). Okay anyway I have told all about my self (I guess now that I think about it I did not tell "all" about my self because for example there is probably a lot of stuff you do not know yet, for example, what color is my eyes? also my hair? also what is my middle name, that is what I am talking about, but I have told a lot of information, you have to admit it is true). But the blog web site is not just for a guy in Findlay to talk about his life (although yes that is kind of the whole "purpose" of the blog web site here, you know to talk about my adventures in Findlay), anyway it is also for people to put comments about their own life. Like I have said before the comments should be like a party where every one is talking at the same time, they are walking around and eating chips, some people are watching a guy play video games in another room. I am not saying I have chips because obviously you can not do food on the computer, too many crumbs, also it is impossible. But there are video games on the internet I think. Anyway here is what I am saying, instead of me talking about my self all the time maybe if you come to my blog web site you could leave a comment here, it would just tell a little bit about your self, like for example where you are from, what
you like for a TV show maybe or something like that? I don't know what you could say, I really did not go to a lot of parties when I was in school, also I do not go to them now.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

You know what is good for a snack, this stuff right here

Okay first before I get started talking about what I wrote in the title for my blog web site post for today, you probably are wanting to say, “hey Brian, what is going on over there in Findlay Ohio, you did not write anything on your blog web site yesterday, what is your problem, what are we paying you for stupid head?” (okay maybe you would not call me a stupid head, you are probably not so mean, it is not like you are a little kid who always is picking on other little kids when it is “junior high school”, what I mean is that is the kind of thing a person like that would say, except now that I think about it you know they would say swears or something like that that you do not put on a blog web site, like for example sometimes there was this guy who would pick on me, his name was Blake, I remember one time I was waiting in line at lunch to get my food and I think it was fish sticks or something that day and he “cut” in front of me to get through the line, he already had his food, and I bumped in to him and “tartar” sauce fell off his tray on to his shoe, you can guess he was pretty mad but really it was his fault, anyway later he punched me and used a swear) Okay also I know you do not pay me anything, it is “free” blog web site, also I am getting off the subject. As you know yesterday was Wednesday and everybody knows what is Wednesday, that is right it is LAUNDRY DAY, even with the bike to help me carry the stuff to the laundry place it is pretty hard to have time to get over to the library before work so usually if I am going to write something on my blog web site maybe I will go over at “lunch” (it is called lunch except really it is like at dinner time mostly) to the library and write a little thing very quick on my blog web site. So anyway you know what the problem was yesterday if you live in Findlay (if you do not live in Findlay you probably do not know what I am talking about because you were not here unless you were just visiting, so maybe you do know what I am talking about) anyway it was raining. It was not raining when I got to work but it did start raining later, also it was a little cool, so man you can guess what happened, yes I had to go out into the parking lot and get carts even though that is not really my job mostly but still somebody had to go out there and get them, of course it is Brian (me). So yes, I was all soaked and so that was bad enough to be all wet at work, but no way I am going to the library all wet, you do not do that! For example the computer is electric, if you are wet it will “electrocute”. Plus people will say “get that wet guy out of here,” going to a library all wet is like if you went to a church and you are wearing a shirt that says “I do not like Jesus”, it is not “appropriate”. Okay so that is why I did not write anything yesterday on my blog web site.

Okay so what I am talking about on the title is this stuff I got from the snack machine at the laundry place yesterday, it is in a blue bag called “cheddar snack mix”, it is like a kind of cheese. Also it has the picture on it of the old man from the oatmeal can (remember the can is kind of like a box but it is round, that is the way oatmeal comes for some reason, anyway I am not talking about the oatmeal but the snack mix bag, what I am saying is the oatmeal man is on the bag of snack mix, no it is not oatmeal snack mix so that is kind of a mystery I guess). Okay anyway man this stuff is pretty good. I only had enough quarters for one little bag of it but I think next time I go to the Great Scot I will see if there is a big bag of it you can buy, so I can eat it at home, maybe I will take a bag to Samantha’s house this weekend when we watch movies or something, sometimes it is nice to bring a little something when you go there, it is “courtesy”.

Last thing, I need a little help here for “girl translate”, it is where a lady says something and I do not understand what she is talking about because I am not “familiar” with ladies talk. Okay so Kristen yesterday was all happy giggly because her husband (she is married) sent her a thing of flowers for some reason, maybe anniversary or something, anyway a guy brought the flowers to her while she was here at work, of course all the ladies were saying “oh that is so sweet” and so on. Anyway I was just being nice, I do not really care about flowers, I said to Kristen they were nice or whatever, and she said “when are you going to send some flowers to Samantha, I hear you guys are pretty serious?” I just said I did not know, which is true because it is full of lady-code-talk. Is she saying that something is serious with Samantha so she needs flowers, I do not get it, she is not sick any more! Help please?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Here is a tip: a picnic is not fun when it is cold

Okay I know it is already late in the week, I mean it is already Tuesday, remember I could not go to the library to do my blog web site yesterday because it was “Columbus Days” here in Findlay so the library was shut down I guess for some reason. I still had to work though, why is it always a fact that there is a holiday so people do not have to work but for every single time the store has to have a special “sale” (it is where you make the low prices on a few things, like for example you will get a paper at your house, it comes in the news paper, it will say, “this leaf blowing machine is very low cost”, I guess because people do not go to work on that day they will come and buy a rake?). Okay anyway so yeah, when the library is closed obviously I can not go up there and do my blog web site on that day, I guess I could ask Samantha if I could come over to her house and use her computer (they have a computer at her house) but there are 2 problems: 1, I would have to go all the way over there, it is not super far especially now that I have the bike to ride, but still it is kind of across the town, but the #2 reason is kind of the more important reason: Samantha does not know that I write about her on the blog web site, in fact here is the thing, no body at work or whatever knows about my blog web site. I think it might be kind of weird now that I think about it if some body at work (I am talking about Samantha I guess but maybe especially Valerie probably) found this blog and saw that I was writing about them. I guess now that I think about it if I could use a time machine (like for example that one from the movie where it is a future looking car and that guy kisses his mom, you know what I am talking about?) anyway I could go back in time and do it all over again different this time, maybe I would use different names, like for example I would call Valerie something else, maybe “Penelope” (that always was a cool name I thought, like for example if one day I am a “dad” and my wife has a little girl birth, I would say “can we name her Penelope”, I think it is a cool name) (okay so I guess now maybe it would be kind of weird for that to be Valerie’s name, instead I would use “Molly” I guess?). Also maybe Zach would be “Mark” and Mark would be “Zach”, see it would be so confusing you would never guess. I think I would call Samantha something, maybe “Kim”? So here is a question, I guess it is asking just “for fun” because it is too late now, but what is a good name for me if I was using different names for every body? Like instead of “Brian’s Adventures in Findlay, Ohio” it was somebody else’s name. I think maybe “Steve”? I think I would be a good Steve maybe? Anyway maybe you could leave a “comment” and tell me what would be a good “pretend” name for me (not Brian I mean).

Oh yeah, here is what I was talking about with the “title”, remember I was talking about how we were going to go to “Van Buren” state park for a “hike” and a picnic (I mean me and Samantha, I do not have to remind you it is not a date situation). Okay so all of the time there were problems, for example rain and throwup (the first time it was too wet, the 2nd time Samantha was too sick, you know all about that from earlier times here on the blog web site, you can click a thing there on the right side and it will take you to where you can read about it I think?). Okay so anyway we finally went on Saturday, it was a pretty nice day (I mean not rainy) but here is the thing: too cold! Not snowing I mean, but I had to wear a coat except I forgot my gloves (it is OK, I used my pockets although it was not too helpful, you will see why). So anyway me and Samantha did a little “hike” there at the state park and I guess it was fine if you like to walk around in the woods and it is kind of cold. Samantha was kind of cold too, she had gloves for her hands but I guess it was still too cold because she grabbed my hand and held on to it the whole time, I think maybe also she was afraid to slip on the “trail”? That is probably true also (also maybe because I did not have gloves, she was keeping that one hand warm? Pretty sweet I guess). So you can believe we did not do a picnic, you do not want to eat a cold sandwich out side when it is a 40 degrees day! So we just got back in her car (no we did not bring our bikes to this area) and we went back to Findlay and ate at that hamburger place, you know what I am talking about, it is black and white and red and they have the little tiny french fries? Anyway that night I went to “hang out” with Samantha at her house and we watched TV with her parents, it was a show about small people and their children, I do not remember what it is called, anyway it was pretty good, kind of interesting, I did not know that small people could have large children (I am not a child expert you see).

Okay so anyway that is all that happened that was interesting, I guess maybe that is not so interesting but it is better than doing nothing probably?