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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Okay it is time to “shop til the drops”

Wait now that I am thinking about it I think that maybe that is not exactly how it goes, but I definitely remember that it was something about a drop or something, the way I said it does not really make any sense I guess but since I can’t remember how it really goes I might as well just shut up (that is what dad used to always tell and I guess that is something that is a true fact, if you don’t know what you are talking about you might as well just shut up, in fact he said that all the time). Okay now that I have been wasting a bunch of time to talk about a stupid thing that nobody cares about, I guess I will go on to what everybody is waiting for, what I am going to get my girl friend for Christmas this year. Thank you to all the people that put weird code comments on here to say like for example to get a lkdfgngnoifg (that is not a real thing, it is obvious, but it is just an example of the “backwards” writing you used to give me clues, but of course it turns out you did not really need to do that because all I had to do was tell Samantha not to come out here to my blog web site all the time until I am done getting her Christmas present then I guess she can come out here as much as she wants or whatever.). Okay so she promised not to come out here but she did say that she does not want me to be all talking to other girls about the “relation ship” and all that, of course I told her she does not need to worry about that (when I am talking about “that” here is what I am talking about: she is worried that I will say a “rough” thing, like for example I will say “well me and Samantha had a little fight or whatever” and then she thinks that all of a sudden the girls that are leaving comments on my blog web site will be saying “oh Brian you need to breakup with your girl friend and then I will be your girl friend because I am so much better than Samantha, oh baby”). Of course that is crazy, yes I know that there are girls that leave comments out here on my blog web site, but I can tell you it is not like old Brian is fighting the girls off with “sticks”, my whole life it has been like that, I mean the girls have not exactly been chasing me (except when they are chasing me AWAY! See, I am getting better at “comedy” actually I saw that on a show probably). Anyway I know all the “ladies” on the internet are not trying to be my girl friend, for example they do not even know what I look like. But anyway even if they were it is not a problem because I am not going to “internet cheat” on Samantha with somebody I do not even know what they look like! Even if I did know what they look like, it does not matter, Samantha is my girl friend and that is just the way it is, I am not some guy who will not treat his lady right (Samantha is who I am talking about). Of course she says she does not trust all those girls, of course I say also that she does not have to trust them, instead only she has to trust me. But anyway we go back and forth on this for a while and then we eat a sandwich or something and we stop talking about it, still she says she won’t come out here so I am “safe” to talk about Christmas presents.

Okay so I am going to go to the mall or something on Saturday afternoon all alone, of course Samantha can not come with me, what is the point of that if I don’t tell what she is getting but she is right there in line with me at the “lady soap” store? You can guess that it would not make any sense. So I am hoping that the weather is okay, not too cold or snow and so on, because of course I have to go over there on my bike (bicycle), also it means I can not buy like a huge thing, like for example a couch. But still I think I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to get her but I have not made up my mind yet, there are a bunch of good ideas like books of coupons and little mirrors and teddy bear buildings (I am not sure what that means exactly, but I think I will look a little more on the internet). Anyway wish me luck, tomorrow is “Big Day of Christmas Shopping”, I figure if I go on a Saturday, because people are not working and they just want to stay home and take a nap, it will not be as busy so I think it will be a “decent” time probably.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Okay on this secret code thing maybe I did not “think it through”

Because here is the thing, I did not realize that it would be like impossible to figure out what all of you people are talking about to use the secret code to give me ideas about what to give my girl friend Samantha for Christmas. I am going to have to write the things down on a piece of paper, wait maybe I will “print” them on a piece of paper with the printer and take them home, there is not enough time probably in the whole day for me to try to figure out this code here at the library, I will be late to work, I am not a “code genius” like that man in the wheelchair who can not talk but anyway he is still a genius I guess, what I am saying is I am not that smart, it will take me some time to figure these things out. Anyway though thanks for your ideas (I do not know if they are good ideas yet because I have no idea what they are).

Wait a minute, there is another problem! Samantha can still read the code that you are using, all she has to do is come to the web site, she is not a big fat dummy like me (I am not really fat), she will see your ideas and know what she is getting! I know she comes out here all the time to read my blog web site because she always is telling me when I have said a wrong thing about our “relation ship”. So I guess maybe I will just tell her she needs to not look out here until Christmas, kind of like you have a thing you put on a present that say “do not open this paper until Christmas” or sometimes it says “xmas” for some reason, anyway basically she should just plain not look out here, of course she could come out here and look at my blog web site and I don’t know how I would even know. Anyway I will ask her, maybe I will be all “sweet” about it, maybe I will even say “baby”, it is even better than “please” sometimes.

Okay that is all for today, wait here is another thing, I guess it is kind of interesting for my blog web site, last night Samantha took me to the mall to get “slack pants” (for me). (Okay maybe that is not so interesting, anyway you should give me “breaks” because I can not write a great thing every day you know, every day can not be like a day where a great excitement happens, like for example a super car wreck and I pull the car off a little baby (I am not saying that has ever happened, but if it did you have to admit it would be a good thing to put on my blog web site that day, that is a fact, I would not be writing about “slack pants” on that day) but anyway that will never happen, I mean the car wreck thing where I pull the car off a baby, you know I am not “Super man”.)) I can not remember how many “parentheses” I am using, I hope I got enough in there for it all to work out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I just thought of a little problem with the thing where I am asking you to give me suggestions for a Christmas gift for Samantha

Okay remember I have been trying to get help my friendly blog web site fans to help me figure out what to get my girl friend Samantha for Christmas. And a lot of people have put comments on here to “suggest” gifts, yes there have been a lot of good things you have put on there, for example a lotion or maybe a “precious” statue of a little kid or whatever (the big $$$ ones are not so great, for example a jewelry necklace, you are crazy if you think I make so much money working at my job, I am not a super champion business man). Okay but anyway here is the problem: Samantha reads my blog web site! She is probably reading this right now! (Hi Samantha! You are a great girl friend for any guy in the world, I am so lucky you are my girl friend. True fact for sure! But I need you to not read this for a little while please, I will talk to you later, I promise I will be serious about our “relationship”.) Okay I hope she is gone now, but here is the thing, what if she comes back? She will see the gift items you are putting in the “comment” area, it will be no surprise you can probably guess, and every body knows a Christmas where your gift is not a surprise is like eating ice cream that is double chocolate except it has bugs in it, I mean it is still pretty good but there is still something kind of wrong with it. So what can I do, I think here is the plan: we will use a code. Okay here is the code, a "list":

  • For a “clothe” type, instead say “space ship”, like for example “You should buy Samantha a space ship that says University of Findlay Oiler logo on it”. (she does not like space movies so she will think it is a joke)
  • For a movie, use just the initials of the movie (like for example you would say instead of “Star War” you would say “you should buy her the SW movie” except of course she does not like the space movie, it is just a “sample”)
  • For a “perfume” instead call it a “man perfume”, the kind not for ladies is what I mean, that will throw her way off I think
  • For anything else, spell it backwards and say “don’t get this” in front of it, like for example, for a watch or something say “don’t get a hctaw” (man it is kind of hard to type a thing backwards, so be careful, that took me like a minute).
  • If you want to say a kind of jewelry, just do not say anything because I can not buy that stuff.

So that is the special code, yes I am a genius.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I have no good ideas for “date occasions”

Okay you remember it was last week and I was asking for you to put “idea” comments here on my blog web site, here was the idea I was looking for: an idea of something pretty cool to do with girl friend Samantha on the weekend because she was always the one who has the good ideas about date events (like for example iceskating or a trip to the air plane area in Dayton, I can never think of things like that to do). Well here is the problem, no body gave me any ideas, well that is not exactly true, there was a comment here: (yes I am getting pretty good at the “link” action), here was basically what it said: pretend there are people at the airport. Okay I am sorry “jonathan crow” (I am pretty sure that is not a real name), I do not want to “hurt your feeling” but that is just not a good idea. How would I even explain it to Samantha, “We are going to pretend some one is at the airport to park a car or something”, see, she would probably just run away screaming, it is not a good date idea probably. So that is all I saw on the blog web site! No other comments from any body! (of course there was 1 this morning, too late people!) Okay you people are good about telling my to buy nice jewels, oh that is fine because here is the thing, I do not have lots of jewel-type money (too much!), but if I need a date idea you are all gone for a vacation to some where, probably a “famous” area like Hollywood or Maryland or whatever. So I had to come up with a “brilliant” idea on my own, yes you have probably guessed, Brian (me) is not a great “idea man”, so it was time to just make it up as I go along (that was the idea). So I told Samantha (Friday night we were watching a video movie at her house), I said to pick me up in the afternoon at like noon or something, I had a surprise day in the “planning” for her. She was all excited, but here is the thing, it was a surprise for me too because I did not know what I was going to do (so “pressure”). I thought I would have a lot of the day to think of something, so of course I slept late and I did not wake up until like 11:30 or something like that, so basically it was a “wasted time”. No special thoughts or whatever.

Okay it was Saturday afternoon and I got in Samantha’s car, and it was “ show time” and of course I still had no idea what I was going to do, not even a little “clue” what I was going to do. So I told her, “okay let’s just go this way” (I pointed a way) and I hoped an idea would come to my head (no luck there) so basically I just pointed different ways until we ended up at the mall, oh boy what an adventure, it is a place we go all the time, it is like you said “hey I have a special dinner for you tonight” and instead you pull a sandwich out of the garbage and you already ate half of it and you say “surprise!” But I tried to make the “best” of it, I thought real fast and then I said, “hey I want to take you here to eat” and then I pointed to a place: it was the “Japan steak house” place where they make crazy cooking and so on, I had never been there but Samantha was like “oh this is so sweet” so we ate there. Yes it was crazy with a guy throwing food all over the place but yes it was pretty good (of course it was a little more than I thought it would be, but some times you have to “splurge” they say). Okay so dinner was over and all that, and Samantha said “I can not wait to see what you have next for me”! Oh man, I thought that would be all of it, just the Japan restaurant! But of course I said, “oh yes I can not wait” and then I had to try to think of another thing. So again I said “okay let’s go this way and I pointed a random way, so we drove around in a bunch of directions and we got over by the University of Findlay and I saw a bunch of cars in the parking lot by the gym where they play basket ball, and “a-ha!” it was the idea. So I said, “We are here to see the basket ball game of course” which we have not done before. So she was all happy about that. I was in luck, the “oiler” game was starting in just a little while so I got the tickets (also more than I planned on spending), but hey we watched the game and we cheered and all that and even they won! So after the game was over I was quick this time to say “so I hope you had a good surprise day” very fast before Samantha had a chance to ask what was coming next on the surprise day. So Samantha was very “please” that I planned a fun day even though I made the whole thing up and it cost me a lot of $$$, but I guess it was not so bad (yes I am the “romantic” king). I am just glad we did not play the “airport parking game”, it would have been a “disaster”.