Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, November 10, 2006

There is a reason I am not a “security guard”, here it is

Okay I now that I have not talked a whole lot about real adventures lately, mostly it is “girl friend” this and “driver license” that, and I am not talking too much about my adventures in Findlay Ohio which is kind of bad I know, especially since that is the title of my blog web site. So yes I am sorry about that, to all of the people who come here for “tails” of adventure and so on and instead it is all the other stuff. Well you are in luck today my friends because a kind of crazy thing happened today at work.

Okay so Zach (he is one of my managers at work) sent me out to the lot (parking lot I mean) to bring in the carts that were out there (yes before you ask you can probably guess that it is not one of my favorite things in the world, working in the store is much better for “obvious” reasons, it is an “obvious” reason because you do not have to be out in the rain for example), okay anyway so I went out there to get the carts and there are these kids out there (okay I guess they are not kids, instead they were teen-agers or whatever, I guess school was already out for the day, it has been a long time since I did the school thing so I do not remember exactly what time the school lets out, probably before that time when I was out there to get the carts). So these teen-agers were riding around in the carts like they were cars or whatever (like a cart but no T) and crashing into each other and laughing like crazy people, it was like that one show where the guys always hurt each other by kicking each other in the privates and then they eat a snake or something, do you know what I am talking about? Anyway these teen-agers were messing around with the carts, you are not really supposed to do that, so I said “hey you are not supposed to do that” and I went to get those two carts they were using and they got out of the carts and started running away. And they were pushing the carts with them, basically they were stealing our carts! So what am I supposed to do, call the police? It is not a “murder” case! So I just chased after them, I do not know why I did it, it is not like they were scared of me, I am not a very “threatening” man, it is not like I am that big bald guy from the Indiana Jones movie, the one who walked into the airplane thing and blood went everywhere, do you know what I am talking about? He is a “threatening” man like you would be scared of, I am not! But they ran off anyway, except they did not go very far, just up to the street, and they pushed the carts out into the street and ran off, they were too fast for me to catch them probably. So I basically just gave up, also you can guess I did not have a gun to shoot at them, they do not give us guns where I work (it is not that kind of job). So I was going out into the street to get the carts and of course a car was coming and it had to hit the brakes and honk the horn at me. So drivers hate me even when I am walking, I do not have to be on my bike for people to honk at me. Okay so that was the adventure, kind of exciting right?

Okay last thing, it is the weekend and here is the plan I have for me and Samantha (my girl friend): not sure really. Probably we will watch a movie or something, but also I talked to Samantha yesterday about how I want to get a driver license, or the “learner permit” (thank you star buck for the “comment” about that), so Samantha says she will help me study the “manual” this weekend so maybe I can take the test thing next week or something. I am on my way to Driver Land! (it is a pretend place where people drive all the time or something, I guess, anyway it is just a “saying”, I mean I am going to learn to drive finally so I can honk at bicycles and people running to get carts in the street.) Have a good weekend people!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What is the deal with this Island show, also I think I still want a driver license

Okay I do not know if you know what I am talking about, there was this show on last night, I have tried to watch it before but I just do not know what is going on. Here is what I can tell from what I have seen (like I said I can not figure out what is the deal on this show but I have not watched it a lot of times, anyway I am getting off the subject) okay so this is what I “get” so far:
  • There are people on some island
  • I guess they have food or something, no body is too skinny (wait, maybe that one lady)
  • I guess there was a plane they fell out of?
  • A pretty lady falls in love with every man probably (I mean it is the same lady and she loves a bunch of different guys, maybe it is a different one every show, I don’t know)
  • There is a bald guy, he carries a knife or whatever because there is a smoke monster (no I am not making that part up)
  • They have old TVs somehow, where do you get old TVs on an island, also why is there an S in island
  • No boats, wait, there is one I think but it’s probably too small to carry all of the people off the island, except now that I think about it they only show like 5 or 6 people all the time, there are other people but they are just walking around behind the main people, maybe they never say anything because they are “deaf” or maybe they just do not want to run around yelling all the time

So it is kind of hard to follow I guess if you do not see every show they put on there, but I guess it is kind of interesting anyway, like you are in “suspense”, you think “which man will the lady fall in love with this show?” I think on the next one it will be the fat guy with the big hair. So that is my “thoughts” on the Island show.

Also today there is kind of another thing on my mind, I know I talked for a very long time on my blog web site about getting a driver license and then Samantha helped me pick out a bike, yes it was a lot cheaper than a car but still some times I think I would like to get a driver license anyway, just so I could drive a car sometimes if I wanted to, like for example when me and Samantha go out on a date (yes because as you know we are a “date couple” now, it is official if you have been reading on here for a while), anyway what I am saying is maybe we could still go in Samantha’s car but I could drive instead, you see it would kind of be a little “treat” for her, also I would be a “gentle man” to do that. I do not mind when she drives us around, it is not like it bothers me, I just would like to drive sometimes too and I do not have a car, but maybe Samantha would let me use her car for practice. Still I think I am pretty sure that you have to get a special kind of license to do that, it is for “permitted learning”. So I am going to talk to Samantha about that, it has been a very long time since I have driven a car, yes, dad let me drive the car a few times now and them, no it was not really “law full” but I did not kill anybody or anything probably (I am just kidding with the “probably”, I know I did not kill any body or things like that), anyway I am going on and on. The thing is, I can not believe I still do not have a driver license, I guess I just never needed one. I rode the bus to school and I just walked to work, why do you need a driver license if you do not need to drive? But anyway I want one now, it is crazy that I do not have a driver license. Some times you have to have a driver license even if you do not use it to drive, like for example the other day when I went to “voting” they ask for I D like for example a driver license, and I do not have that! But I have some other cards and so on with my name on them, that is fine I guess if you just want to mark a vote for a senate congress man or whatever, which to be honest I really did not know much about the senate congress men (plus there is a thing about judges “amendment” and all that), I do not really know all these people, I just make a good guess, like for example you see a man’s name and you can kind of tell if that is a good man from the sound of his name, so that is pretty much how I did my “voting”, or sometimes I can remember a name from TV or whatever, so if I can remember a name from TV I figure it is probably from a news thing where they were being important, so I would vote for them. It is a pretty good system, I guess the senate congress men I voted for won, I don’t know, I didn’t really follow all of that. Anyway so yeah, maybe I will get a driver license.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did you ever have a dream that is so weird? (I did)

And I am going to tell you about it. I know what you are saying, you are saying (really thinking, you do not say this out loud probably) “hey Brian a dream is not really an adventure, you say your blog web site is about adventures, hey what is the deal?” Well I guess maybe you are right but remember today is Laundry Day and I did not really have time to have an adventure, too busy folding underwear and so on to really have an adventure (I mean sometimes there is a weird situation when I do laundry, like for example that one time when I found a bra in my laundry and I guess you could say it was pretty much a huge “ashame” situation, basically I had to find a different laundry place) (you can read about it somewhere on here, I do not remember when it happened, a while back I guess). Okay anyway because I am a little “short” on time (ha it is a joke! I am kind of short you see, wait, now that I think about it I guess you did not really know I was kind of short, oh well now you do), anyway because I am just over here at the library on my break I have to make this quick, I will tell you about my dream:

Okay it started off pretty normal, I was at home, except it was not my apartment like I am talking about all the time, instead it was the house where me and my dad lived back when I was a kid, and me and my cousin Trish were in there running around or whatever (we were looking for a book about the moon but we could not find it, no I do not know why we were looking for a book about the moon, it was daytime and everyone knows the moon is not important in the day time), anyway we were looking for this book and we were going to go out in to the back yard to see if it was back there, we were in the kitchen to go out. But I looked out the window and there was not a grass yard out there, instead it was the ocean! (There is no ocean in Findlay.) And here is the worst thing, the water was getting higher and higher, it was like a flood ocean, and here is the really worst thing I mean, I could see the triangle points from sharks swimming in the water (I mean the little things that poke up out of the water when they are swimming around, you know what I am talking about right?). So yes you can believe we were “fricking out” about it and I locked all the doors, sharks do not have hands you know. But I really wanted that moon book for some reason, yes we know that dreams do not make sense. So I was going to crawl out the window and I opened the window and all the ocean water came through the window into the kitchen so we started running to go up the stairs. But it was too late! A shark was coming in the window! Trish started to scream, I was running to get to the stairs (also no feet on a shark) and then I woke up. That was it, that was the dream. Sometimes people say that a dream means a certain thing, like you will dream about a pizza and it means you have a round head. So I do not know what the moon book hunt with the sharks means, maybe I am scared of sharks in space, I don’t know. If you think you know what it means maybe you can leave a comment?

Also one other thing: yes Mary Ann, you left a comment, you said maybe I should not drive down the middle of the street and maybe that is why everyone gets so mad at me. Well I guess I did not think about that, I guess I just thought a bike is just like a car (2 wheels instead, also no windows) and you could just go down the street just like anybody, I guess now that I think about it it makes more sense if I just go down the side of the street, also the sidewalk sometimes if there is one. Good “comment” Mary Ann! Maybe you will win a “best comment” prize, except I do not really have anything to give you for a prize, probably next time you are having a good candy or something pretend I gave it to you and shook your hand.

Shoot, I am late. I will write more tomorrow, good bye to you for now or whatever.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hey I have a question, help me out here please

Here is the question, why do people who drive cars hate so much the people who ride on bicycles? I guess it is not a thing that I ever noticed before, there are 2 main reasons why: 1 is that I did not ride a bike, 2 is that I did not drive a car (and I still do not drive a car, we have gone “around and around” about this car situation, for the longest time I thought I wanted a car to drive but now it is not really necessary, I have the bike now and also my girl friend Samantha can drive me around sometimes) (yes I know it still feels a little weird to call her my girl friend, but Samantha if you are reading this you know that I do not mean a bad kind of weird, I hope you know what I am talking about, I should probably talk about something else now), okay anyway what I am saying is why do car drivers had bicycle riders so much (and also you do not just “ride” a bike, you have to “drive” it too, it does not drive itself and turn corners by itself like that car on that show where it had the red lights on the front of it and the guy with the big hair was always talking to it, also the car could talk, what I am saying is that a bicycle does not do that, you do not just ride it you also have to drive it but instead everybody says “bike rider”, it is not a big deal, I guess I do it too).

Anyway I bring all of this bicycle car stuff up because it happened again today, a guy rolled down his window and yelled at me, it is not like it happens every single day but it has happened a bunch of time, people will yell at me to get out of the way or they will use the “improper finger” at me. Do they do that to all the bicycle drivers (see I am trying to say it the right way)? I do not really know, because there just are not a lot of bike riders around here maybe, I mean drivers? Or I don’t know, maybe there are a bunch of them and they just drive their bikes in a different part of town than I go in, mostly it is just back and forth to work and the library and the Great Scot. It seems like some body was telling me on time that there are special “paths” some where here in town where you can take your bicycle. I guess that would be the place you are supposed to take your bike, like maybe you are not supposed to ride on the street, it is just for cars? That doesn’t seem right to me that people who ride I mean drive bikes have to take special paths, it is “discriminate”? A bike has wheels just like a car or I guess a truck or maybe a wagon (I do not really see wagons around here, it is probably a bad example since it is not cowboy times), anyway I think I am starting to get all “rile up” about this, I deserve to be on the street as much as any body else, if you do not like a bike on the street then maybe you need to watch more TV shows where they teach you lessons about not to “discriminate”, there are a bunch of them probably, except I guess they are not really about bicycles. Anyway the message is that bikes are good.

Okay anyway I guess I am glad I got that “off my chest”, I did not mean to get so angry about the bad bike situation in Findlay, Ohio, really I do not know what I am talking about. I have just had this bike for a little while, maybe I am just not used to going to the special paths for the bikes. I really do not know anything about them, maybe I will try to find them and go on them instead of the street, it is kind of the “holidays” time and I do not really need to make so many people mad. Maybe they have a point, I guess I am not the best bicycle driver in the world. I just hope the special paths go by the library and work, also the Great Scot. If they don’t, maybe I can just start walking again? Then again, maybe I am just “over” reacting, what I will try to do instead is just try to not listen when people yell swears at me or point with the “improper finger” like I said before. That way they can feel better about yelling at a bike and I do not have to worry about why the people hate me and my bike, also you will not have to read about my bike problems. Every body wins?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh man the weekend was not too “shabby” if you ask me

So yeah you probably already read the thing I put up here on my blog web site on Saturday night really late right? And I guess I have to say it was a little weird typing on a computer that was not the computer at the library, like for example the “enter” key on the key board on the computer at Samantha’s house was in a little bit of a different place so I kept hitting this “\” key all the time so I had to keep hitting the “delete” key all the time, except also it was in a little bit of a different place than I was “used to” so I would try to hit “delete” but instead I would hit the button that would make it go to the beginning of the line I was typing, so I would mess that up too. But I managed “somehow” anyway to get it all typed out, Samantha would kind of help me out a little bit there so I guess it did not turn out so bad, but I think that maybe if you did not read my blog web site before and you saw that you would be thinking “why is this guy talking about kissing a girl and it is so late on a Saturday, it does not make any sense at all crazy man” and I guess I can see how you would think that probably. But anyway the thing is you have to read all the stuff I have written here on my blog web site before to make sense of the story, basically all you need to know I guess is that me and Samantha have all “made up” and worked it all out (basically there was a problem, not any more).

So after work Friday night Samantha waited for me until I was done (you see basically I have to stay after we close for a while and help get stuff stocked and the floors cleaned and all that stuff so I can not just leave right after they close the place, it does take a little while), then I got out in the parking lot and Samantha was out there waiting for me, I was going to get on my bike and just follow her to wherever it was we were going to go or whatever, but of course it was very very cold, man why did it have to get so cold, I have to say that having a bike is nice I guess but it does not help much when it is so cold you know (no heater on a bike, I have mentioned this before) okay anyway I am getting off the subject, so she drove up to that Tuesdays restaurant and we went in (yes I did say thank you for driving me, I am not the “rude”) and we had a little dinner thing there, it was a little busy I guess because it is Friday night and I guess people go to restaurants a lot on Friday nights or whatever, but it was not to bad anyway. So I was going to try to sit on the same side of the table, but to that person that left the comment on here the other day to not sit on the same side of the table, yes I am way ahead of you on this one, I did not do it because you are right, it is just too hard to talk to some one when you are sitting like that, also people kind of look at you weird like you are doing a strange thing, also it gives me more room to move my arms during the eating activities. Okay anyway so we ate and we talked. I am not going to tell every single thing that we talked about Friday night, but basically I had to explain that I was so sorry and that I missed her so much and also because Samantha had read my blog web site some, we basically had to discuss these things:
  • Valerie
  • DeDe (and yes, Samantha agreed with me that DeDe does not count)
  • What exactly is a “date couple”

Yes it was a long talk and sometimes it was little “difficult” to explain some things (especially the Valerie part you can guess?) but it basically came down to where she said “I forgive you Brian” and that was all that mattered I guess.

So anyway on the way home, I mean on the way back to my bike, when we got to the parking lot, she stopped to drop me off at my bike, she said “just put your bike in the back and I will drive you home” and I did that, and here is the best part, before I got out of the car she leaned over to me, and I will go into “details” but like I said on Saturday there was a kiss situation. (that is basically the reason the weekend was “not too shabby”, actually it was GREAT!)

And so the rest of the weekend was just “hanging out” and so on, watching movies and stuff, just spending time with my GIRL FRIEND, yes me and Samantha ARE A DATE COUPLE. So anyway to show her dad “no hard feelings” about the bad situation there for a couple of weeks or whatever (I knew that they probably were a little “upset” that I had hurt the feelings of their “little girl”), I went over to Samantha’s house and raked the leaves in their yard, they were pretty cool with that except I have to say that it has been a while since I raked leaves (yes I know we sell them at the store, that does not mean I am the rake expert, also we sell paint, but that does not mean I am like the famous guy who painted art, you know the one I am talking about, his paintings were kind of weird, a bunch of eyes and so on?), anyway I did okay.