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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hey I have a question, help me out here please

Here is the question, why do people who drive cars hate so much the people who ride on bicycles? I guess it is not a thing that I ever noticed before, there are 2 main reasons why: 1 is that I did not ride a bike, 2 is that I did not drive a car (and I still do not drive a car, we have gone “around and around” about this car situation, for the longest time I thought I wanted a car to drive but now it is not really necessary, I have the bike now and also my girl friend Samantha can drive me around sometimes) (yes I know it still feels a little weird to call her my girl friend, but Samantha if you are reading this you know that I do not mean a bad kind of weird, I hope you know what I am talking about, I should probably talk about something else now), okay anyway what I am saying is why do car drivers had bicycle riders so much (and also you do not just “ride” a bike, you have to “drive” it too, it does not drive itself and turn corners by itself like that car on that show where it had the red lights on the front of it and the guy with the big hair was always talking to it, also the car could talk, what I am saying is that a bicycle does not do that, you do not just ride it you also have to drive it but instead everybody says “bike rider”, it is not a big deal, I guess I do it too).

Anyway I bring all of this bicycle car stuff up because it happened again today, a guy rolled down his window and yelled at me, it is not like it happens every single day but it has happened a bunch of time, people will yell at me to get out of the way or they will use the “improper finger” at me. Do they do that to all the bicycle drivers (see I am trying to say it the right way)? I do not really know, because there just are not a lot of bike riders around here maybe, I mean drivers? Or I don’t know, maybe there are a bunch of them and they just drive their bikes in a different part of town than I go in, mostly it is just back and forth to work and the library and the Great Scot. It seems like some body was telling me on time that there are special “paths” some where here in town where you can take your bicycle. I guess that would be the place you are supposed to take your bike, like maybe you are not supposed to ride on the street, it is just for cars? That doesn’t seem right to me that people who ride I mean drive bikes have to take special paths, it is “discriminate”? A bike has wheels just like a car or I guess a truck or maybe a wagon (I do not really see wagons around here, it is probably a bad example since it is not cowboy times), anyway I think I am starting to get all “rile up” about this, I deserve to be on the street as much as any body else, if you do not like a bike on the street then maybe you need to watch more TV shows where they teach you lessons about not to “discriminate”, there are a bunch of them probably, except I guess they are not really about bicycles. Anyway the message is that bikes are good.

Okay anyway I guess I am glad I got that “off my chest”, I did not mean to get so angry about the bad bike situation in Findlay, Ohio, really I do not know what I am talking about. I have just had this bike for a little while, maybe I am just not used to going to the special paths for the bikes. I really do not know anything about them, maybe I will try to find them and go on them instead of the street, it is kind of the “holidays” time and I do not really need to make so many people mad. Maybe they have a point, I guess I am not the best bicycle driver in the world. I just hope the special paths go by the library and work, also the Great Scot. If they don’t, maybe I can just start walking again? Then again, maybe I am just “over” reacting, what I will try to do instead is just try to not listen when people yell swears at me or point with the “improper finger” like I said before. That way they can feel better about yelling at a bike and I do not have to worry about why the people hate me and my bike, also you will not have to read about my bike problems. Every body wins?


  • At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I think you should not ride your bike in the middle of the road! You should ride on the side of the road and then people would not get so mad with you.

  • At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Bye the way, I think it is a "LAW" that you do that!


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