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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hey you all have a new plan for the Samantha situation, only there is a problem

Here is the thing, all of you guys on the comments have a great idea, basically what you are saying is I should just keep going with the Samantha plan, maybe not with the flowers and the card and all that (because as we all know I did not do it right, what I mean is that I ruined every thing and made it all worse), but instead try to be nice and do little things for her that is to pretend she is a queen or something? (I guess when you say I should act like she is a queen, I should act like she is all better than me I guess? I guess it is true anyway, I screw every thing up so yes she is better than me.) So you probably read all about my adventures from last weekend which was so exciting I could not handle it, I was all alone and the “high light” of the weekend was that I got new nail clippers and ate a burrito (actually 2 “high lights”, it was a pretty good burrito). It would not be that way if me and Samantha were hanging out! And I had to go and put it in the garbage like an old pop can (I mean the recycle bin not trash). It is not like I have a 100 friends sitting around my house to hang out with me, I am not Mister Popular Man in Findlay, I am not going to all the parties on a Friday night, so I guess in a way it is just like when I was in school, nothing ever changes. But I guess my point is maybe I can make it change by working hard, I know I messed up the first plan to make Samantha happy, but you are right, I can not give up! It is not enough to just quit now! I will not give up! I can do this! I am all “fire up” about this now, the more I am typing here on my blog web site, the more I am excited about how I am going to make this work. I remember when I was in high school I was in the “Spanish” class to learn how to speak Spanish or whatever (I did not learn it very well I have to say but these day I can still remember a little bit, like for example I can say “I am cold”, it is “tengo frio”, basically that is all I remember so if I ever go to Mexico I hope it is cold because I will not be able to talk about anything else) okay anyway what I am trying to say is in the Spanish class we watched a movie about a guy, he was old and skinny and he was pretending to be like it was knights time, also he had a little fat friend that would ride around with him, also they would sing songs about stuff, do you know what I am talking about? I think it was something about a donkey? Anyway he sang a song about “in possible dreams” like he had a dream and he was going to make it come true, I think that’s what it was about, to be honest I was not really paying attention (I remember there was something about a wind mill too). Okay anyway what I am saying is I am going to make a dream come true for Samantha I guess, if she wants me to be nice I am going to be the nicest guy in the whole world to her, I am going to open the door for her and I will definitely not buy her a “mound” candy because I do not want her to throwup. I think also here are some things I can do, maybe pay for her pop at break time, I will talk to other people at work about how cool she is (you see maybe they will tell Samantha I am saying good things about her, see it is a little complicated but anyway). Hmmm, I will avoid a card though. Maybe I will do a thing like in that one movie where I will hold a radio over my head at her house?


  • At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    DON'T hold the radio over your head, Brian! It will look not only like you are getting your ideas from a movie and not from your own head, but that you are stalking her. Women don't like that. They think it is creepy. Just be cool and nice to her to show her your remorse and friendship.


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