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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I am trying to remember the name of a movie

Hey to all the 2 people who read my blog web site, I am trying to think of the name of a movie I saw once when I was a kid. Please help, put a comment or something in there if you can remember what it is called. Okay here is what I can remember, there was a guy who lived in a tall building, like in a city, but he was all by him self, also at night all these cats would come into the building where he lived and they would turn in to little kids or something? Also his car talked and they went to a place where people had swords (why is there a “w” in there), it was like knights times (why is there a “k” in there), except there were cars of course and then the cat children would fly to where he was, I think there was a “scene” in the movie maybe you can remember, it is the one where the lady stands on the turtle’s back and suddenly she is screaming. I can’t remember much more of it, no body at work can remember it either, so help me if you can.

(Remember it is short “post” day because of Laundry Day, except I did have a little time before work today to go to the library to write this thing, nothing really interesting on Laundry Day except I guess there was this one thing, at the laundry place I had my clothes in the dryer, they had not been going for very long, and there was this other guy in there, not really old old but yes he was definitely older than me. Okay so anyway I was looking in the dryer to check out the clothes, just to see how they were doing, I don’t know why I do that, I should just wait until the buzzer thing “goes off”. Okay anyway I was standing there and that guy came up and said he needed to use that dryer, he was talking about the dryer my clothes were in! I told him they would be done soon, but there were lots of other dryers in there. He said “no I really need to use that dryer there”. Well I kept trying to tell him my stuff was in there and so on, I did not want to argue with him about it, it was kind of a weird situation right? So the guy says he will pay for me to put my clothes in another dryer, he just really wanted to use that dryer for some reason. So finally I just said “ok” and I moved my clothes to another dryer, they were still wet a little, and he put the money in so I could dry my clothes. Also he put his clothes in “my” dryer, I mean the one I was using before, and here is an even weirder thing: I say “clothes” but really I should say “clothe” because it was just 1 thing, a towel, which I guess is not really clothes anyway. Okay so then he just left the laundry place! He did not come back while I was there anyway. So I do not really know what that was all about. But I guess it is kind of like an adventure sort of?)


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