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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Who gives away a free bicycle, not when I need it of course

I do not get this, I do not get this at all (what I mean is that I do not understand it at all). Here is what I am talking about: This morning I was riding my bike through the house neighbor hoods kind of around my apartment, normally I ride on Main street, but it is kind of busy, like for example sometimes you will be trying to cross the street and you have to wait and wait and wait for there to be a space for you to get across but then you forget that there is a car coming the other way too, it all ends up with honking and yelling (the honking and yelling is at me always, I do not know what the deal is, people are always honking and yelling at me, I guess I am in “in the way” all the time, I guess if I was a super hero I would not be Superman or whatever, instead I would be named “In The Way Man,” my super power would be to always be in the way of the bad guy, they could not get away because I would be in the way so then a big strong super hero would come and take him to a prison) (if you make comic books, please put a comment on my blog web site, maybe you can do “Adventures of In The Way Man”, ha ha no one would read it). Okay anyway I am going on and on, here is the point: I was riding my bicycle to the library here, and I went past a house and there were 2 bicycles sitting there at the end of the drive way, there were signs on them: “FREE”. Yes I am not even kidding, a person was giving away 2 bicycles for no cost probably, I do not really know what that is all about, maybe they just do not have room any more. So here is the problem, I just spent a lot of $$$ for my new bicycle, not a lot of money like a $1000 for the “fancy” bicycle, still anyway it was more than FREE! Of course I will say the free bikes were not all that great, kind of rusty and so on. Still a free thing is cool, maybe I will see if some one at work needs a bike?

Okay one more thing, I think maybe it was a “mistake” when I did not go see Samantha when she was sick? I was talking to Valerie at work yesterday, remember my friend Samantha was sick and I though she probably just wanted to be “left alone” like me, but I told Valerie about it and she said I should have got a “get well” card and took it to Samantha’s house, because a girl is always happy when “her man” brings her a card or something like that (that is what Valerie said, she said “her man”, like for example it Samantha she is talking about, I am “Samantha’s man”? What does that mean?). Anyway so Valerie says I should have done a nice thing for her, like for example the card or maybe something else, I don’t know what you do when a friend is sick. She was still sick yesterday, maybe she will be at work today, I do not know what am I supposed to do about the situation? In fact I do not even understand the situation anyway, what is the deal with the “her man” talk for example. Anyway I am “clue less”.


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