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Friday, September 22, 2006

Now I don’t have to walk any more! Except for a problem

Okay some times some one will tell you a thing, actually 2 things, they will say “here is good news: a good thing, but also here is bad news: bad thing” (this is usually a TV situation probably). So I am going to do the same thing.

Good news goes first, right here: yes you can probably guess what is the good news, I got the “mountain bike” from the Walmart today! So I am not all worried right now about getting a car, I guess that is “for the best” because it is time to be honest with my self, 2 things: here is the first thing, the driver license manual is just too complicated, it will take 8 years for me to learn every thing. Here is the 2nd thing: I do not have the $$$ (money) to get a car, it is just not going to happen people! So anyway back to the story, Samantha picked me up this morning before she had to get over to the community college for her classes (I think she has more than one today, apparently it is not like high school where all your classes are on the same day or whatever, I guess some times you have a class on one day, then a different class the next day, some times it is even at night), anyway she picked me up and “ran me over” to the Walmart (not “ran me over” with her car! That is a different thing, except of course we did go in her car), then she left, then it was up to me! I went in there and did my business like you might expect, nothing too exciting, I just picked out the bike like I looked at yesterday, it is the green one I talked about, I have to say it looks pretty good! It is a little different from a kind of bicycle like I had when I was a kid, it has kind of a weird shape, not bad though. And it is a comfortable ride, too! I am very “pleased” with the bicycle, I rode it all the way over here to the library where I am right now writing on my blog web site. Thanks to all the “comments” who gave me the idea for it instead of a car buy. Who would think I would get advice from people all over the world to tell a guy in Findlay, Ohio (that is me I am talking about), I think it was that one lady. So yes it is a good thing, now I can get to a lot of places, like for example the comic book store, who knows, probably the mall, places like that (maybe the “recreation” center, it could happen!).

(Also I got a helmet and a lock, it is a “chain lock” with a “combination” thing on it, this is important.)

Okay so here is the bad news: (I know what you are thinking, no I was not in an accident where a car hit me, it is not that bad, also it did not get stolen yet) okay so yes there is a place out side the library where you can put your bicycle, it is a like a metal thing where you can lock your bicycle to it, so anyway remember I bought a combination lock chain thing, you kind of wrap it around and lock it to the thing. So I did that, then I thought I better test it “just in case” and I realized a terrible situation: I do not remember the “combination” to the lock! I threw away the package at the Walmart, it had the combination on it, so I could open it up the 1st time, but then I threw away the package (I told you this already) and now I can’t remember it. So my bicycle is stuck to the metal thing out side the library and I can not get it out (I think maybe one of the numbers is 8? I can’t remember! Why didn’t I save that package, I am idiot Brian). If there was a Brian comic book, it would not be “Super Man”, instead it would be “Stupid Man” (you see because I am stupid).

So there you go, it is the good news and bad news situation, for real this time. Maybe some one at work will have an idea what I can do, maybe I will have to go back to the Walmart and try to find it in the garbage but I can not do that right now.

Okay so I guess I will figure something out probably. Okay remember I will not be able to write on my blog web site on Saturday, remember Samantha and me will be at the “Van Buren” state park for a “outdoor” activity thing, I think it will be sandwiches and probably walking around trees?


  • At 10:38 AM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I think you did a good thing. Now there is one thing I am not crazy about for you. But there is still the girlfriend thing that I am crazy about you with.

    Samantha is very nice and she likes you and she takes you places and she helps you with things and she likes to be with you or she wouldnt be there so you need to do something like maybe try to hold her hand? Maybe she would think you were liking her then?

  • At 1:56 PM, Blogger Brian said…

    Oh man, Mary Ann, that is just not a girl friend situation there. Anyway still I am glad you have "concerns" about the dating?


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