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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I guess love situations are “complicated” probably?

First I will say thank you to the people who are leaving comments on the “girl friend situation”, I guess it is nice to have advice from people all over the world probably, since I do not have “experience” such as this, the people can help me out in the situation, after all who can I talk to about it, Marla and Gary are married and so on, so they know about love and how to figure it out, but let me just say that they are not the kind of people I would talk to about love probably, generally they do not say much to me except when it is rent time, also one time they told me to turn down my TV for some reason.

Okay anyway comments time, everyone is saying “you should be a boy friend to Samantha, she loves you so much for a boy friend”, but I can tell you it is not the case. Here is why I know that, Samantha told me at work last night that she could take me to the Walmart on Thursday before work, her schedule at the community college is a certain way that day or something so she can do it, anyway so she says she can take me there to look at bicycles then she said maybe we could get some lunch before work or something. So see, it is obvious she does not want to be my girl friend (I mean the special love kind, not just a friend who is a girl, it is not the same), because if she wanted to be my girl friend why would she want to help me get a bicycle, because when I get the bicycle I do not need for her to give me a ride some where in a car (what I am saying is if she wanted to be my girl friend she would always want me to be with her, not far away on a bicycle), also if I had a bicycle who knows where I would go? Maybe to the mall, there are lots of ladies there, what if they fell in love with me? You can know that a girl friend would not want me to do that (it is just an example, I do not really think all the mall ladies would fall in love with me, for example, they are too busy spraying perfume at other ladies).

Okay but here is a weird situation, this kind of has to do with what I am talking about, what if you want a girl to maybe be your girl friend but she already is “going out” with a guy, he is her boy friend? Like for example, like what if there is a girl at work that you have known for a long time and she is pretty and some times you think it would a kind of cool thing to go to a movie with her or go to a place to eat (I am not using names for real), but she already is with that one guy, sometimes he picks her up at work, I don’t know if they are going to a date place, maybe he is just driving her home, most of the time she just drives her own car, I am just saying that this girl has a boy friend already (I will not say her name, what if she reads my blog web site, she would say “oh please Brian do not write on the internet about me, my boy friend will think I do not love him, but I do love him and not you Brian”, also I will not say the boy friend name because I do not know it, I think it is with an “r” in it?). Anyway it is “pointless” as far as I know.

Maybe I will talk to Samantha about this girl, maybe she can give me some advice because she is a girl too (this is an obvious fact, ha ha), so maybe she will “understand” what to do. Samantha is the kind of person who you can always talk to about “personal” stuff like that. Maybe I will talk to her about it on Thursday when we go to lunch, or maybe this weekend. Samantha and me might be driving up to a “state park”, it is Van Buren “state park”, I think we will go “hiking” (it is woods walking), also maybe a picnic.


  • At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Will you give up on Valerie?!?!?!?!

    She's TAKEN. Samantha ISN"T.
    Valerie doesn't want you for a boyfriend.
    Samantha DOES.

    Jeeze Brian. You make me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Bic said…

    Yo Brian!

    Look dude, that Samantha chik is hot for you! ASK her man!


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