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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Everyone is mad at me because of the bike situation

Hey everybody, it is a little different you are probably noticing, you see it is not Monday, instead it is Saturday (here is why it is different, it is because I do not usually do a thing on Saturday, usually it is a day for doing something else, like for example maybe going to a fair) (there is no fair today, maybe next week probably?). Okay so anyway I thought I would be a little "crazy" and come up to the library today and write a little bit on my blog web site, what the "heck", why not. So anyway I look and there are all kinds of "comments", I guess everyone is mad because I want to get a car?

Okay here is the thing, maybe these people are right, maybe a bicycle is a better thing than a car, I know for example it is not so "expensive," also you do not need a bicycle license, also I know how to ride a bicycle (Actually I have not gone on a bicycle for a long time, probably since I was a little kid, but I am pretty sure I can still do it, for example people will say "it is like riding bicycles", it is a saying, it is like once you can do it one time, it is not hard to do it again). So maybe it is a thing I will "check out", I am not sure where to get a bicycle around here, but I am sure there are places. Still I will be honest, I am a little worried about the cold situation (no bicycle heater) but I guess it is okay, I have a coat, also gloves. So anyway what I am saying is maybe I will get a bike, but still I think I want to get a car too (I guess it really does not matter, I do not have the $$$) (it means money).

Also there is another thing, Samantha is going to drive me to the movie tonight, she asked me at work yesterday what I was doing all weekend and I said I am going to a movie, also she said she wanted to go to a movie too so she could drive me in her car, that is a nice thing because I will not have to walk all the way there, so it is convenient she is going to go there too, it is a coincidence. So I am going to the movies not walking, instead in a car with Samantha, so yes it is a little different than usually. Probably we will get food after the movie (popcorn is not enough for a "healthy" meal!), so anyway she will get me later here at my place. (Wait I know what you are thinking, no it is like what I said last time, we are not a "date couple"!)


  • At 4:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Now Brian,

    I think you should be honest in what you write. I only suggested it would be a good thing for you to follow Mary Ann's advice. I didn't say I was mad at you. From what I can tell, only Mary Ann is upset with you, and that's only one person...not EVERYONE. The title of your last post is a bit misleading, don't you think?


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