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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I think I need to find a new laundry place?

This "post" on my blog web site today has to be a very small one, it has to be fast because I have to get back to work in just a few minutes (I am on my lunch hour, it is actually just 30 minutes, I don't know why they call it the hour, what I am saying is it is not really an hour), it is okay because it is pretty close anyway. Okay but anyway here is the "subject" of the blog web site today, it is the situation with the lady clothes that were in my laundry last week on Laundry Day (it is Wednesday almost all the time, there is a lot of reasons, you will just have to go read that one time, I do not really have time to write all about it again), anyway it is a "bra". Okay so today I walked up to the laundromat to do my laundry really fast before I went to work, so I had this idea, I wanted to get the "bra" back to the lady, I figured it was just a mix-up, maybe she accidentally left it in the washer or dryer or whatever, so anyway here is the idea: there is a bulletin board there in the laundromat, people put signs up there, like for example a person is selling a car and there is a bunch of little bits of paper on there you can tear off, it has the number on it you want to call so you can find out about the car. Anyway I am not trying to find out about to buy a car, what I am saying is I made a little note, it says, "Is this your bra? Sorry I accidentally took your bra last week, it was a mix-up, Brian" (I did not put my last name). Okay so I put the note on the bulletin board, I brought some thumb tacs from home, I used one to put up the note and the other one to put up the bra on the bulletin board right beside the note so the lady could get her bra, you see it is right there. Okay so everything was fine for most of the time, I was folding my laundry, almost done even, when I hear the guy who is working at the laundromat (I do not know his name), he is saying 'Is Brian here?" (“yes”, it is me of course). He is kind of mad, he is saying (it is something like this) “dude you can not be hanging a bra in here, you are freaking me out, get out of here”. It is basically this, he threw me out for hanging the “bra” on the bulletin board, I tried to tell the guy that the lady underwear did not belong to me, I am not a thief, and so on. It was no good, I just had to put my clothes in the bag and go home (folding later). I guess there are “bright sides”, at least I was almost done anyway, what if my clothes were still wet? (disaster).

So if you can suggest a new laundromat in findlay, Ohio maybe it would be a good idea, also I hope you learn a lesson: if you find a "bra" in your laundry and you are not a lady and also you do not have a wife, do not put it on a bulletin board (that is the lesson).


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