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Monday, August 28, 2006

I have to get a car and driver license!

Wow, I am getting a lot of comments lately here on my blog web site, I mean it is not a lot a lot, it is only like 2, but it is a lot for my blog web site (I mean, I look at some blog web sites and there are a lot of comments, like 100, I don’t know how you read all those comments, also these people make a bunch of "posts" to their blog web sites, like a bunch of times a day, I don't get it, one time is enough probably? Why do you want to talk all day on your blog web site, mostly it is things just "click here, this is what someone else said about the president", it is not interesting). Anyway there was one, it is from a lady, she says why don't I write on my blog web site on Saturdays? That is a good question, I guess I could do it sometime, usually I go to the library and do my blog web site then I go to work. Since I do not go to work on Saturday I guess there is no reason to go up to the library, but now that I think about I guess the library is open on Saturday, it is right by my job so it is not far, even if it was kind of a long way it would not be too bad, going to the library would be kind of crazy to do something different on the weekend, maybe I will write on my blog web site on Saturday (except maybe I will be too busy, who knows, maybe I will have a hot date) (ha ha, I do not have a girl friend, also I do not have lots of money for fancy restaurants).

Also there was another one (comment), it said I should go to the Ghost Town place (I guess it is kind of famous, maybe this person is from Findlay so he knows about the Ghost Town, or maybe it is famous around the world or something). Okay, here is the thing about the Ghost Town place, it is not scary at all. We went there a couple of times when I was a kid, once it was when I was in like 4th grade I think, maybe 3rd grade, it was a "field trip" (that is what they call it in the schools here in Findlay, when you get to go to someplace during school, everybody rides a bus, I don't know what it is called, it is for education) also I remember dad took me there one time, I don't remember much about it, I think we took pictures probably? It is basically old-timey buildings, there are not really ghost (not scary). Anyway it does not matter, it is still too far away for me to walk, it is almost out of town, it is not like it is in another city, it is not that far, but it is kind of outside the town, what I am saying is it is a long way). I guess I could go there maybe, but like I said it is so far I can not walk there, but if I had a car I could drive (I need directions, though, it has been a long time, I remember it is down a long road in the "country"?).

So here is the problem again, I can not get down there to the ghost town place anyway even if I wanted to go down there, it is too far to walk, also there is not really a bus to take (I mean there is sort of a bus but not really, it is kind of hard to explain, I guess what I am saying is that basically there is not a bus). I have to get a car! I have to get a car! (this is why it is my "title") I don't care if even it is like an old-timey car like in the olden days (black and white movies times), I am saying this because there was some kind of weird thing here on Saturday, I looked out of my window and I saw all these old-timey cars driving past my place (really it is Marla's place, and I guess Gary's place too). It turns out there was some kind of thing up the street with all these old-timey cars, it was kind of like that thing with the Balloons, but pretty small (I went to "check it out", it was not that great but I guess the old-timey cars were kind of cool). Anyway it doesn't matter, I can not drive a new-timey car or an old-timey car, I do not have the driver license. It is too frustrating!

Here is the thing, I want to get the driver license, but I looked on the internet and there are all kinds of problems. It is all complicated, it is not like you just go up to a counter and a lady gives it to you, you have to have the "paperworks"! There is a big list of all these kinds of papers (I think I might have some of them in my closet, there is a box in there with important papers and things, it is kind of hard to find stuff in there) and you have to bring the papers, and also you have to pay money, and you still can not get a driver license, instead you just get a "temporary permit"! I guess maybe you get the driver license later? I don't understand all this, I think there is also a test? I am not a school child any more! Oh man, it is just too confusing, but here is the worst thing, the place where you have to bring all the paperworks, to take the test, to pay the money, all of that, is all the way across town, you have to even cross the Interstate Highway, it is a big joke. I guess I could walk over there, it will take forever though. It would be easier if I had a driver license, I could drive over there (if I had a car) but I do not have a driver license (also I do not have a car). There is a word for that, I can't remember what it is, school was a long time ago.


  • At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Hey Brian.

    You should get a bike or something instead of a car. You dont have to have a drivers lisense for that.

  • At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It's the man Brian. The man is always trying to keep you down with his you have to have this and that and all.

    Man, the man, always the man.


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