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Monday, August 07, 2006

Too many mysteries!

Okay now the weekend is over and I still don't know these two things:
  • Where is Kenny
  • Why there is orange juice in my refrigerator
Those are two mysteries I can't solve (Kenny is gone "without a trace", it is a saying) and the orange juice And now there is another mystery:
  • Where is Marla
(Marla is my landlady.) I went to ask her if she saw a person coming into my apartment with a thing of orange juice, but she is not coming to the door (I rang the door bell a bunch of times, maybe 7). Also her car is gone (really it is a van, she has trouble getting it to start in the mornings sometimes, winter especially). Anyway I am going on and on, the point is she is not there I guess? So it is just another mystery, she was not there the whole weekend or even this morning (it is Monday). Things are I guess kind of crazy all of a sudden here in Findlay. There are too many mysteries now (that is why I called this one "Too many mysteries!", it is the title).

So I thought maybe the Kenny mystery can wait for a while ("he is not getting any more found," that is something like my dad would say), so I was looking on the internet to find out how I can talk to the Great Scot people but I don't want to walk all the way over there, I should have though of that on Saturday because I was over there to get some groceries and I did not even think about asking the people there about the orange juice mystery until I was almost home, I could not turn around because I had ice cream, it was melting (mint chip). Anyway so I found out the Great Scot is kind of part of some other thing, it is called "Fresh Encounter" (I do not understand what it means) but anyway it is like a bunch of grocery stores all together, the Great Scot is just one of them, but anyway there is a place you can send a question! Now is my chance to solve the mystery because probably the orange juice is from the Great Scot. So here is the E-mail I wrote to them on their "contact" web site for questions (here is the special code to see it, it is at the top of the computer screen almost) (I did not write the whole thing again, I found out you can "copy" a thing and put it somewhere else on the computer, don't worry it is not cheating like at school):

Okay I hope I am doing the "contact" right, I was looking on the internet for the Great Scot web site, I guess this is it (it has pictures of food, so it looks like it is the right web site for the grocery store)? Anyway I have a mystery, maybe you can help me solve it like on the TV (I am the detective). Anyway there is orange juice in my refrigerator, I did not put it there! I can't even drink "oj" because it makes me sick. I don't know how it got there, but I guess someone got into my apartment and put it there (a strange robbery, I do not have a room mate, it is just me) (my landlady lives downstairs, it is her place). So anyway it is a mystery, since you are the grocery story company maybe you could tell me who bought the orange juice? Then I would know who is the "culprit" (that is a word they use when mean the person who broke the crime), so can you please help me out. (Yes I tried to ask my landlady, her name is Marla, but she is not home, I guess a vacation? or hospital maybe.)


(I made the e-mail look a little different here on the blog web site, I hope it is not confusing.)

So I guess now I have to just wait here, maybe the Great Scot people will "look into it" and find out who bought the jug of orange juice. Everything at the grocery store has computers, like at the cash register it even has a computer screen, so they probably have the name of the orange juice criminal on their computer cash register screens, it is no secret probably.


  • At 11:42 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    I can't wait for the orange juice mystery to be solved! You're like Sherlock Holmes!

  • At 9:51 AM, Blogger Brian said…

    I am not sure who is Sherlock Holmes, maybe he is a famous policeman?


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