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Friday, August 04, 2006

A mystery of orange juice

Okay so here is a weird thing, I got up this morning (I did not sleep so good last night, for some reason I kept waking up, I think it was a noise?) and I went over to the refrigerator and there was a big plastic jug of orange juice (it is in a jug like the milk comes in, you do not get them mixed up because milk is not orange). That is not so weird, I guess, but here is the mystery: I do not drink orange juice, I do not even like it, I can’t drink it. I have not had orange juice since I was a little kid, I think the last time was this one time my dad took me down to Florida (it is a far state with an ocean) and we were in like a parking lot right by the sand, that is where we slept (it was not on the parking lot like a car, it was in like this little trailer thing where the top would raise up and these bed things would pop out of the side, they were little beds, it was like a tent and a trailer were together and we were camping), and in the mornings this van would drive around selling donuts and juice to the people in their tent trailers (it is like the ice cream truck except not ice cream, it was donuts instead such as chocolate and plain, also there was no song). My dad let me get some orange juice and some kind of donut (don't remember, probably plain). Anyway when I drank the oj (my dad always would say, "want some oj?" and it was the orange juice, it is like a nickname for juice) I started spitting it all up, it is like I was drinking nasty poison (I am guessing on this, I have not really drank nasty poison obviously because I am not dead). My dad said "dang Brian, did they give you the battery acid?" and he was laughing pretty hard but anyway it turns out I can't drink orange juice for some reason (the donut was fine as far as I can remember) (later we went swimming).

Anyway so I am kind of going round and round here but I am just saying, why is there orange juice in my refrigerator? I do not buy orange juice! Also it is only halfway filled up, someone is drinking it (I guess now that I think about it maybe when the person put it here it was already kind of empty)! Maybe I will ask Marla (she is my landlady sort of) if she saw someone carrying the "oj" into my apartment. Except I don't know why would somebody do that? It does not make sense, usually on the movies and TV shows a robber will go into a house to rob, sometimes they will use a big metal bar to get in the door, and they will take a thing of jewels or a secret plan (I do not have a secret plan). It is a weird mystery, maybe if you have any ideas you can leave a "comment" on my blog web site (people are leaving "comments" on my blog web site now, they are important probably).


  • At 6:10 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Maybe there is a doppelganger who lives in your apartment when you are at work who does like orange juice. Maybe he bought it and left it in there by accident.


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