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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Okay now it is adventure time!

I have been talking for two days about what I am going to talk about in my blog web site, for example my adventures in Findlay, Ohio, but I think it is time to actually talk about the adventures. Marla (she is my landlady, I think I have said that before) says sometimes "you have to fish or cut bait" and sometimes she something else about getting off a toilet which I think means the same thing, but the way she says it uses the swears and I do not want to use the swears. I hope that even kids can read my blog web site so I will not use the swears. Kids should not say the "cuss" words (that is what we called them when we were kids, so I am saying "cuss" so the kids will understand what I am talking about, but I am saying "swears" because I think it is probably the proper way to talk about cuss words) So anyway I don't want to teach little kids swears, but I have to say I see kids all the time using the swears anyway! I used to get in all kinds of trouble for saying swears when I was a kid, like for example there was this one time I was helping my dad paint our shed, I think I was 10, and I was on a ladder and I dropped my paint roller and it fell down into the dirt by the shed, and I yelled out a swear (it was the swear that means the same as "crap" but crap is not really that bad, it is not great I guess but I have to tell you what I was saying without using the swears). Of course my dad was not too happy about hearing me say a swear, in fact he was so mad he said a bunch of swears himself! He did not really punish me but he yelled at me pretty good for about 10 minutes or something about not having the potty mouth, of course I am leaving out all the swears. He said a bunch of swears that I had heard before (from him) plus a bunch of others that I had not heard (but they sounded like swears, so I guess that is what they were) and also he did this thing where he would take 2 swears (or even 3 sometimes) and make like a new swear with them, and I think might have used swears from another language (he was in the army, so I think he learned new swears from around the world). Anyway he was yelling at me pretty loud and some of the neighbors (like for example the Bosworths and Danny and his grandma) came out of their houses to see what was going on, and I guess my dad saw all these people so he stopped yelling at me. He walked over to Danny's grandma and apologized that I had said the "crap" swear, he said he hoped that I was not teaching the kids the swears, and he made me go over there and tell Danny's grandma that I was sorry for saying the swear. Then he made me finish the shed by myself (I had to clean the paint roller). I guess now that I think about it my dad might be mad if he read this story on my blog web site, but it should not be a problem because I did not actually say the swear this time and also because he is dead.

Anyway so a new rule for my blog web site is:
  • no swears (no "cuss" words)

Okay shoot, I have to go already. I guess I spent too much time talking about swears. I know that I have not done an adventure yet, I will do better tomorrow probably.


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