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Friday, August 18, 2006

There have not been a lot of posts much this week, here is why (embarrassed)

Okay I am really embarrassed now, I guess you have probably noticed that there are not a lot of posts on my blog web site this week, I have not put anything on here since Monday when I was talking about all the e-mails from the Findlay news paper (well, I thought I scared into leaving me alone, I thought they were "harassing" me maybe with threats probably, but they did not e-mail me at all this week, but there is a different reason why is what I am saying). Also there are a lot of comments here on my blog web site from different people (not Shannons probably), they are all pretty much saying "hey Brian what the heck is going on with the orange juice mystery and also Marla" (that is not what they really say, it is like a summary). Okay so I am "beating the bush", I will just come right out and say it: THE MYSTERIES ARE SOLVED (I did not solve them, they are solved by themselves with no help from me).

So here is the story about how I found out what happened with the mysteries: Okay so yesterday I was at work (I was in the back opening some cases of stuff that we had got in, we have to get the stuff out of the boxes first before we can put it on the shelves, I will not say what kind of stuff I am putting on the shelves, I am trying to be a little secret about where I work but I guess you could probably figure it out if like for example you are at a place and you see there are people named Anita and Zach and Valerie and Brian, you will think "okay this is where he was talking about his work") and anyway so I was opening these cases and there was an announcement on the speakers, "Brian to the office please, Brian to the office", so I went to the manager's office and Zach was there, he says I have a phone call (it is very weird, I have never got a phone call at work before, and I mostly do not even get phone calls at home either). Okay so anyway guess who it was (Marla). I was pretty excited at first, but I could not even say anything because after I said "hello" (that is always the first thing I say on the phone, it is "courtesy") she started yelling at me, she was pretty mad, she said "Brian why didn't you pick up the newspapers while I was gone, and also my mail is all piled up, we came home from our honey moon and everything is all everywhere, why didn't you read the note" (it is something like that, I can't remember what she said exactly). Okay so basically what happened is Marla went to get married to Gary (see, that is the maintenance man, for some reason I thought his name was Harlan or maybe Harley, it turns out that is not his name at all, it is Gary, I don't know why I thought his name was Harley or Harlan, it seems like I saw him wearing a T-shirt with a motorcycle on it and it had that name on it, maybe it is the name of the motorcycle and not him? I will try to find out about Harlan motorcycles on the internet or something, it is a company probably) and they went on the honey moon (it is a marrying trip) to someplace with banjo shows, I think it is in Missouri. Anyway I told her I was sorry about that and she hung up the phone (I went back to the boxes but Zach said no personal phone calls anymore).

So after I got off work I walked home, I did not know what she was talking about, but anyway I was getting a pop out of the refrigerator and I noticed there was a little piece of paper sticking out of the bottom, just the corner, I pulled it out and yes you guessed it, it was the note that Marla was talking about, I guess it fell off, there was a little piece of tape on it, I guess not big enough). Anyway so here is what it said on the note:


Me and Gary are eloping, we'll be in Branson for 2 weeks, please pick up the newspapers and the mail.


P.S. This orange juice is going to go bad in a couple of days, you can drink it if you want.
("Eloping" is a secret church to get married in, I think.) Anyway it all makes sense now, Marla can get into my place, she left me the note (except it fell) and put the "oj" in my fridge (she does not know about that I can't drink the orange juice, throwing up is not fun for example!). Okay so I guess you could say I feel pretty stupid, the answer was there all the time (of course it was under the refrigerator except for that little bit, but anyway it was still there, I just did not see it). So when that one time I said "I am not a good detective" I was not kidding, I could not even find this piece of paper in my own apartment and it is only one room, ha. (Also I need to write to the news paper people to apologize for calling them a criminal.) I guess I should stay with my regular job, the Findlay policemen will not call me for help with the "cold case" (it is a show about crimes from a long time ago).

Oh, and also about Kenny: he died.


  • At 12:52 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Marla got married and Kenny died! Wow! That's a lot of "happening" in a couple of weeks. Findlay sounds pretty exciting!

  • At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Did Kenny get sick? I had a guy friend who got sick one time and he died. Is that what happnd to Kenny?


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