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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I did not know you could do all this

Hey look at this thing, I did not know you could do this! There is a button thing on the web site where you write your "posts" for your blog web site, it is a "b" button (I guess it stands for "black, because it makes the letters more black). Okay then you click the "b" again and it goes back to normal, like this: see this is the normal way the letters look, kind of boring.

Okay there is also this one, it is an "i" button, I am not sure what the "i" stands for, it should be "s" for "slant", because that its what it makes the letters do. I will probably not use this one very much but I guess it is cool that if I ever want to make a slant letter, I can do it (just like the other one, you click it and it goes back to the straight letter like this: plain words. (Wow, I did not think it would work, but I guess you can do them both at the same time, so it is black slanted, very neat, now I will "turn it off" it is done.

Now look at this, it is different colors! Okay I am going back to the plain words (they are black I guess but not superblack like when I press the "b" button). I have to play with all of these buttons again (I have used a couple of them before, like there is one that makes a list with dots, like this:

  • not
  • a
  • real
  • list)

Also with a "numbers" one:

  1. One
  2. Two
  3. Three

also there is one where you push it and it makes everything like go in a little

like this (I have used this one before, it is like for when I put a "copy" of the E-mail on the blog web site.)

Okay sorry I am having too much fun with this, there is a button that makes it go to the middle of the screen!

Okay this one looks the same.

This one makes it go to the other side

I don't know what this button does, it looks just the same. I do not know why I did not try these buttons before, I guess I thought when you pushed the "b" button it made a "b" on the screen and the same thing with the "i" button and it did not make a lot of sense to me, why would you do that, it is just easier to use the key board. I guess I am still kind of learning about how the internet works a little bit more every day, it is like a school, except there is not a cafeteria.

Okay I am going to stop playing with the buttons, everything will just be regular words mostly. It is on to the serious business of the blog web site, it is to talk about the comments that I got on my blog web site last night I think (pretty late I think, the library was already closed so I could not write stuff until today). Anyway first it is "Mary Ann Motzinger", she is always putting comments on my blog web site, I guess she is a "fan" (ha ha, I am famous! not really probably), she has pretty good idea almost, she says "Hey Brian you should get a bike" (she means bicycle probably). I guess a "bike" is kind of a fun thing, I had a bicycle when I was a little kid (blue), it was the kid of bicycle it is for riding in the dirt, lot of fun, I remember this one time I used a big board and bricks from the backyard and I made a ramp at the side of the street in front of our house, I went all the way up to the top of the street so I could speed up so fast, when I hit the ramp my bicycle went sideways kind of and I hit the ground pretty hard and scraped my face on rocks (it is okay, don't worry, it was a long time ago, I do not even have a scar except for a different one, not from this time), anyway my dad was pretty mad because I bent a metal piece on my bicycle, he made me pay for the new metal piece with my allowance (it is "little kid" money for the week, $$$). Anyway, a couple of things: yes it is true, with a bicycle I can do a longer "distance" than just walking but my job is very close anyway, but on a bicycle even I cannot go very far, I guess maybe to the driver license place. Also soon it will be winter, it is pretty cold in the winter in Findlay, Ohio, a bicycle does not have a heater (a car has a heater usually). Still I guess a bicycle is a pretty good idea, if the driver license and getting a car thing does not go very well (Zach, he is one of my managers at work, he has a "manual" (it is like a book) at home, it is to help you learn how to take the driver license test, also it has about car laws, he said he would bring it to work today, I guess I will have to study). Also I guess a bicycle is cheaper probably, I will see if there is a bicycle store I could walk to, I will "check it out", still I want a car anyway.

Okay also there is another comment, it is anonymous again, I don’t know if it is the same anonymous who is leaving the comments here on my blog web site, I guess there are a lot of people on the internet who do not give their name, so maybe it is the same one, I do not know if it is the same person is what I am saying). Anyway it is something about a man, here is where you can see the "comment" (see I can make it black but I am not sure yet how to make it where you can click it and you can go there, I have to figure out how to do that, maybe if you know how to do that please leave a comment on my blog web site) Okay anyway I will be honest with you, I do not know what he is talking about (or maybe it is a lady, I mean the person who put the comment on my blog web site, not the man the person is talking about, ha ha, a man is not a lady, except I guess a man can wear a dress like a lady, remember that guy I was talking about that one time, anyway I am getting "off the subject"). I mean I do not know what man the anonymous is talking about, there is not a name in the comment. Please anonymous (the same one, not a different anonymous) leave a comment again, I don't know what man. Maybe it is the governor?


  • At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey man,

    Whatever happened to Kenny? You never did say, and enquiring minds want to know!

    Tell it!

  • At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian, R U sick today???

    You didn't write yet!!

    Where are you???

  • At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    I, too, was wondering about Kenny and how or why he died. Maybe he ate bad food like you did?

  • At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian it is now 2morrow and you still didn't write. What's up with that???


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