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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My bad luck is not "fair"

It is a "joke title"!

Well it was a long weekend, that is true, I did not write on the blog web site yesterday because it was "labor" day and the library was not open, it is a kind of holiday but I still had to go to work, we had a special sale like every year, anyway it is not like Christmas where you stay home. Anyway so that is why I did not write on my blog web site yesterday, if you came here and saw it was not new, that is why.

So anyway I guess it is probably a true fact that you want to know what happened at the big County Fair, it was last weekend, remember I was talking about it the last time, it is always exciting times. So here is what happened: not too bad, I was sure to eat a little something before I walked over there although except it is not too far, anyway it is because you do not want to have an empty stomach when you get there and eat a big fried thing and walk around, you will get sick. (I know this because of that one time.) Okay well at least this time I did not eat "gyro" and have the throwup again, but it was not too great either, here is what I am saying: RAIN. Yes, it was a wet time at the County Fair this year, so not only was I by myself, also I was wet (also there was mud). Okay so you are walking around at the fair and there is not a lot to do if it is rainy (you see it is outside), it is not like you can get on the "ferris" wheel and go above the clouds, it is not that high. So you have to go inside, and the problem is this: there is not a lot of inside areas at the fair, it is mostly an outside event, but there is a little inside areas, they are for animals and pies (here is what I mean, people bring chickens and pies, and they get awards, it is a yearly contest, these are not outside except in real life when animals live they are outside, I do not know why this yearly contest means the animals have to go inside, also pies are always inside anyway except for picnics) (you can not eat the pies, they are for the contest). Okay so I was able to ride a few things, it did not rain all the time, but it would start raining a little, then it would stop raining some. Anyway I got to ride "octopus" (very dizzy), also the other one I like, it is called "alibab" or something like that, it is fun. Okay then it was raining again, so I went to the place of chickens and goats (boring, but at least it is not raining). Of course who is in there but that new girl from work, her name is Samantha, she is walking around I said hi to her (she was also not too interested in the animals, the pies were in another building, you do not want a goat to be near the pies, he will eat it). Anyway it stopped raining finally, so Samantha said she had some extra tickets (you have to have them to ride, sometimes it is 3, sometimes it is 4 tickets, for little kids it is like 1 ticket or something), she said she wanted to "get rid" of the tickets, she had just enough tickets so we could ride the "ferris" wheel since it was not raining anymore, I said, "okay I guess" so we rode the ferris wheel (of course I said thank to her for the "free" tickets, I am not rude, also the seats were a little wet but the guy wiped them off with a towel but still like I said they were a little wet, I am just saying) and I guess it was pretty nice, sometimes like I said it is good to ride it with some body else. So anyway after that I was kind of tired of the whole thing because it was starting to rain again, so I was going to walk home, but Samantha said she was probably tired of it too, she could drive me to my apartment so I would not have to walk in the rain! Okay, that was a nice thing. So Samantha drove me to my apartment, it was not too far in the car, I was asking all kinds of questions about driving because I am studying for the driver license test, Samantha said she could help me study (she always is offering to help me with stuff, I guess it is because she is new?). She also said she was maybe going to go back to the fair tomorrow (it was Sunday, was what she meant, because that day was Saturday), she could come and get me if I wanted to go to, of course I was just tired of the fair so I said I would just watch a video (it was the one about the vampires, it was pretty good).

So anyway at work yesterday I was "stocking" (it means you put more on there) a display of batteries by the cashiers, I was right by Valerie's register, and Samantha came by and I asked if she went back to the fair on Sunday, she said "no it is not so fun when you are by yourself, but it was good time on Saturday there with you even if it was raining" so I said "yeah it was fun except the goats were boring" and she was laughing. So Samantha went back to the garden section (that is where she works) and Valerie said "so Brian you went to the fair with Samantha" and I said "yeah basically we met up there and she drove me home so that was nice" (it was basically a conversation). So anyway I did not think much about it but then last night I was thinking about how I was talking to Valerie and I realized that maybe Valerie thinks that me and Samantha were a date couple? I am just saying, it is not true that we are a date couple, we just rode the "ferris" wheel and in her car to my place. It is not the same as a date, for example we did not see a movie. Anyway I guess it is not a big deal, I am just saying it is not true that Samantha and me are a date couple.

Also by the way at the fair I ate a "funnels cake" (very good), also popcorn.

Also remember I am taking the "bra" back to the laundry place tomorrow, I have mud on my jeans from the fair, also other clothes are dirty, anyway it is Laundry Day tomorrow, I will try to maybe write a little bit on my bog web site about it if I can, normally I do not do that on Wednesday but it is an important thing because of the "bra" situation (it is not mine) and so I will tell about the situation tomorrow.


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