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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Laundry day adventure, I am embarrassed again

Oh my gosh, what is going on here, all of a sudden every body is saying "hey Brian where are you I hope you are not dead" (that is not really what they are saying, it is pretend), anyway really it is just a one lady, she is named Mary Ann, always she is wanting to know why I did not write on my blog web site yesterday (it was Wednesday). (Okay really it is just two comments, but like I said I am not a big famous blog web site yet, so two comments for me is still pretty good, used to I would not get any, zero is not as good right?) Well anyway sometimes maybe you notice that if it is Wednesday, probably I am not writing on my blog web site. Here is the reason: Laundry Day. Wednesday is the day I have to put all my dirty clothes in a bag (big one) and walk up to the laundromat, also I have to take Tide and the little special dryer tissues, it is a long walk, I am not even kidding (I will not go into the car thing right now, I know you are probably tired of it, but you know it is true it would be easier to drive a car to the laundromat, of course I can not afford a washer also a dryer, I am not Richie Rich) (he is a comic child). Anyway what I am saying is Wednesday is kind of busy, I have to get all the way up there to the laundry to wash my clothes, and dry them, and fold them, and get back home, then I still have to get to work, it is so busy then! I know what you are saying, "Brian why don't you go on Saturday when you do not work" (this is what Valerie told me when I was "griping" about it at work, I hope she doesn't mind, I like talking to her even if it is "griping"), well the reason is, it is too crowded on Saturday, there are like a 1000 people there (I am just kidding, they would not fit! but a lot anyway), you have to wait in the "line" for the washer, it takes forever, also someone will put the TV on the boring show about golfs. Anyway so what I am saying is Wednesday is really the only day to do it, it is a little crazy, even I have to get up early to do all of this so I will not be late to work when it is all done, so no blog web site on Wednesdays sometimes! (I can do it sometimes if I have a little bit of time, or maybe I could use my "lunch hour" to run to the library and do the blog web site, I did not think of that until just now, I could probably do it because they are very close, anyway I am going on and on, something else happened, it is next.)

Okay here is what I am talking about, okay first you have to wash the clothes in the washer with the Tide (many quarters), then you have to move the clothes, very wet, to the dryer (more quarters, this is how the laundromay works, you have to pay quarters, it is not free like at your house), in between there is a lot of waiting, but it is not so bad because there is a TV, usually it has that show where the man has white hair, you win cars, I don’t remember what it is called, anyway it is pretty good. Also I can read sometimes (like for example a comic book, but it is hard to find the comic books anymore, there is a place on Tiffin but it is a long way to walk, even longer than the laundromat but if I have a little extra money sometimes I will go over there, of course they are not cheap like when I was a kid, they are like $3, or also I am right now trying to read to manual to take the driver license test, wow it is hard to read, it is about "intersections"), okay so what I am saying it is not so bad. Then when my dryer is done I take out the clothes to a table and fold them, then back in the bag (I try to not "unfold" them in the bag, I am pretty good at it), anyway so I am folding the clothes and there is a strange thing in there, I swear I do not know how it happened, it was a "bra" (lady clothes). It was in my laundry, I promise it was not mine (I do not have lady clothes, I am not like that one guy with the flower dress, I would not even know how to work it, there are a bunch of little hooks, very complicated) Anyway the "bra" was right there in my clothes, it was black, I was very embarrassed you can guess, so I thought maybe it was the "bra" of a lady in the laundromat, there is a problem: there were a couple of ladies at the laundromat, but I was not going to go hold up a "bra" in the face of a lady and say "hey is this yours please?", no way I am doing that. So I walked around a little bit and asked the ladies "sorry, did you lose a clothing?", something like that, they did not know what I was talking about. Okay it was getting late so I just finished my clothes and I hid the "bra" in the bag, all the way back home I was thinking about it, and I finally figured it out (not really), I thought "hey maybe Marla got a mix-up, somehow I got her laundry", it was the solution. Anyway so I got all the way back home with this "bra" in my bag, I am so glad I did not get stopped by a police, I could not explain it right? So I went down to her place and I got out the "item", I rang the door bell, Gary came to the door, I told him "hey Gary I think I got Marla's special thing here, it was a mix-up?" he got all mad and called Marla, she came to the door and she was all mad too, she said "god sake Brian, how would my bra-zeer (that is how she said it, I guess she mean "bra") anyway how would it get to your laundry, besides I can't wear that tiny thing" so yeah they were all mad at me (they are probably still mad about the news paper thing from a while back). So now what? Now I have a "bra" in my room, it is not mine but it is not a "stealing" situation! I guess now that I think about it, maybe a lady left it in the dryer, or maybe the washer, maybe next week I will take it back to the laundromat and put it back in the washer (or dryer, I do not know which one! Maybe there is "lost and found" box?) It is not "appropriate" to have a "bra" in my place, I will put it in a grocery sack probably.

Also one other thing, people are asking what happened to Kenny, all I know is he died (that is what Kristen at work told me, I did not really have a lot of time to ask her about it, a new girl started at work, her name is Samantha and Zach told me I had to show her around the back room where we keep the extra stock. Anyway I am glad no body at work knows about the situation with the "bra", especially Valerie, it would be very embarrassing (I use the abc button to check this, it is spelled right, it is a hard one though, I did not have enough r's I think?) anyway I do not want Valerie to know about it, I think it would make her "self-conscience", she would always think "I hope Brian does not have lady clothes at his house, that means he is weird" and I don't want anyone to think I am weird, especially Valerie. So please if you know Valerie do not tell her about it (also make sure she does not read this blog web site)?


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