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Friday, September 08, 2006

Very stupid driver license book

There is no way in a million years (that is what my dad used to day, he would say something would not happen in a million years, it is basically to say it will not happen because you will not be alive in a million years, it is just too long) anyway basically there is no way in a million years that I can ever pass the driver license test, it is the most hard thing in the whole world. How will I ever remember all of the laws about “railroad grade crossing” and “divided highway”? It is not just about how to get gas for example or how to open the trunk, these are things you have to do when you drive a car, it is about “you can not go backwards on the highway” (I guess that is a thing that is not so hard to realize). Okay for example here is a thing, I am typing it out of the driver license manual, you can not “copy” when it is on a paper, you can only “copy” when it is on the computer screen, anyway here is what I am talking about:

Pedestrians are prohibited from drawbridges after the bridge operation signal
has been given. Similarly, people afoot are banned from crossing a railroad
track when a barrier is down and/or lights are flashing.

There are a lot of problems here in this thing from the driver license manual. And it is just one little piece of the driver license manual, it is 74 pages plus a little bit more pages with no numbers on the pages, so it is kind of long is what I am saying. Anyway here is a problem: it has been a long time since I was in school, but I am pretty sure that “afoot” is not a real word, also this one thing is about “drawbridges”, okay that is crazy, it is not Knights times with castles (it is the thing that goes down from the castle door). Why is this a driver law? It is just stupid, there is no way I can remember all about “drawbridges” and also what is the shape of a kind of sign you see on the road, what does the shape mean? But I can not give up probably.

Also I think I want to go to see a movie this weekend, not a video renting, but actually at a movie building (it is a not too bad walk, there is even another one I can walk to but is a little farther to walk, still not too bad, what I am saying is that there is “variety”). Suggest a movie maybe? Maybe the one about the “college” comedy?

Okay one last thing before it is the weekend (almost): there is a comment from the anonymous person (I guess they read my thing yesterday where I was complaining about no comments for a long time, so maybe the anonymous is a fan and wants me to not feel so bad), okay anyway they want to know if I am “single”, which is what you say if it is just you, it is a “fancy” way to say “it is just one thing”, like for example you can go to the hamburger place (it is the one with the frostys), you can say you want a “single with cheese”, it is just one hamburger, it is not “double” (2 hamburgers on a bun). So okay, so the anonymous wants to know if is it just me on the blog web site, or does some body help me out, no, it is just me, I am the “single” person who does the blog web site here.


  • At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I told you that you should get a bike, but you would not listen to me. A bike is a good thing and it would take you places faster and you could put a basket or something on it to carry stuff. Also it is much cheaper since it does not use gas, only your own self to make it go. And you could go a longer way on a bike than if you had to walk like you do now everywhere and you would not be so tired when you got there and you could ENJOY your self.

    I do not understand why you will not get a bike.

    And that is why I have not been "commenting" on your blog web site for so long. I am up set about you not listening to good advice!

  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger Brian said…

    Hey Mary Ann thank you for your comment you put on the blog web site, it is helpful I think to get a comment probably. Okay here is the thing about the bicycle situation, I do not have a bike but of course I can save up the money to get one maybe, except then how will I save up money to get a car? Also I do not have a helmet (it is a law?).

  • At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian you do not have a car either and it would be a lot easier to save up for a bike then it would to save up for a CAR!! And when you save up for the bike you can save up for the helmet too and then after you have the bike you can save up for the car, which by the way is THOUSANDS of dollars. You would probably only spend HUNDREDS of dollars or maybe even a lot less, maybe $100 on a bike and a helmet too.

    This is the last time I will mention it Brian but you are making me SO IRRITATED.

    But it is probably because I am mad at my brother right now because he is a jirk and I am "taking it out" on you. So nevermind.

  • At 9:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Mary Ann, I believe you have a valid point there. Brian needs to start small and work his way up.

    Brian, it seems as though a bike would be your best avenue of pursuit at this time. Once you master the bike, then you can go on to the car. As you save up for the car, the bike will give you a much greater travel range with much less stress. It will also give you much more time to study for your license.

    Besides, it's always best to listen to a woman when she's trying to tell you something. I've learned that the hard way. My wife has used her 2X4 several times to make her point with me! :0)


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