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Monday, September 18, 2006

Maybe I should not be so worried about the girl friend situation?

Okay there are a couple of comments here on my blog web site, it is about the “girl friend situation” I was talking about last Friday, I was kind of complaining about that I do not have a girl friend, in fact I really have not ever had a real girl friend (no, I am not counting DeDe, that was a long time ago, it does not really “count”, it is a long story, I will maybe tell about it later, not today). Anyway I am kind of sorry now that I was complaining about it so much, all the people who come here to my blog web site (I do not really know how many people come here to my blog web site, I guess about 100 probably?), they do not want to hear “oh I am so sad I do not get to kiss a girl”, instead they want to hear about crazy stuff in Findlay, like for example about that one time that I walked around all day with a big thing of beans on my shirt, it was from a burrito, why did no body tell me anything about it, it was very embarrassing. Anyway that is what people want to know about probably, not my sadness. Still anyway the comments are here about the girl friend thing, a lady (probably) named Shannon says I could maybe get a girl friend on the internet with a “photo”? Here is the thing, I do not know how to do that, how do you put a “photo” (it means like a picture from a camera) on the internet, I am kind of new at this, like for example I can make the words black but I am not really the computer expert you see. Anyway the “photo” is the same situation: I am not a famous beautiful actor! You would not say “wow that Brian should wear blue jeans in a magazine picture” (I am not ugly though maybe). So I am not sure what is going on there with the “photo internet” situation. Also there is another comment, it is from “Mary Ann” again (always she is sending comments, hi Mary Ann!), okay anyway Mary Ann you are a nice lady probably, but I do not think you are right (here is what she said, basically it is that Samantha is really wanting to be my girl friend), Samantha is always inviting me to do stuff with her and we are always talking, and she has never said anything about that, so that is not the truth (remember we are not a date couple)!

That reminds me, Samantha came and picked me up and took me over to her parents house, that is where she lives, anyway there was a cook out, remember I told you about it last time (sorry I did not write anything on Saturday, I really did not get a chance to get up to the library, I had to go to the Great Scot for “groceries”, also I wanted to get something to bring to the cook out, it was the “cheddar and sour cream” kind of chips, very tasty) (also there was some kind of weird thing there at the Great Scot about spinach, I am not sure what was going on there, anyway I do not eat spinach so it is not a problem). Okay anyway so we went over to her house, it is kind of across town a ways, but I will tell you it was a lot nicer than my apartment (my apartment is just one room, not her house, it was a regular house, not just one room). Anyway her mom and dad were there, it was just them, for some reason I thought it was a “neighbor hood” situation, but I guess I just misunderstood Samantha. Okay so they were pretty nice too, her mom said “oh Brian, it’s so nice to meet you, Samantha has told us all about you” (that is almost exactly what she said, I am not “summarizing”), and her dad shook my hand and we went outside while he was grilling the hamburgers. He asked me all about the grills we sell at the store, also stuff like if I am going to work there my whole life, I mean he was nice about it, I am just saying he was asking like all these questions about what I am “going to do with my life,” that kind of thing. I am not sure what his job is, he told me but I kind of got confused, it is something about house payments I think? Okay anyway I am going on and on, here is the short version: pretty good times, the hamburgers were good, I have to say it is nice “for a change” not to get a burger that is wrapped in paper and so on, instead it is “real”. So we sat around talking, also we played cards (no, it is not the “hold it poker” like on TV, it was “spade”, I think? you can probably guess I am not very good). So yeah, a good time. It is nice I think sometimes to “hang out” with parent-age people, normally I do not hang out with any body (except Samantha a lot). Anyway I told Samantha I had a good time, she wants me to come over again and help her study again (remember she is at the community college, a student). Probably I will do that, maybe it will get me some practice because I think I might want to go to the community college some time to learn new things, like for example science.

Also me and Samantha went to a movie on Sunday, it was about foot ball. It was pretty good.


  • At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Oh BRIAN you are such a MAN!!!!!!

    Maybe you should say to Samantha, hey I like you. Do you want to be my girlfriehd? And see what she says. Maybe she is just to shy to say anything to you and also her dad thinks you are a boyfriend from how he talks. And you are always doing things with her like date stuff even if you say it isn't.

    Brian you drive me crazy sometimes!

  • At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brian, I totally agree. If you can't see Samantha has a "thing" for you, you obviously need glasses! Why don't you ask her what her feelings are? Women sometimes have to be asked in order to tell. At least that's the way my wife was.


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