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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am eating bad day cake with stupid icing (the ice cream is melted)

My title, here is what it means: BAD DAY TODAY, also laundry day, I saying it is because of the laundry day situation that it is a BAD DAY TODAY, I have thought of a “different” way to talk about the bad today, instead it is a recipe for the bad day cake (it is when you have to cook a dish, it is a list, like for example here is what goes in the cake) Here is the list, it is like “ingredients”, also it tells you what to do:

  • First you put in the bowl rain (that is what it is doing for the weather).
  • Next you put in the bowl that it is laundry day.
  • Next you put in the bowl that you have to go to a different laundry place that is a long way to walk because of the “bra” situation (it is “mix-up” time, you can look at the blog web site to see what I am talking about), I don’t even want to talk about it any more
  • Next you put in the bowl that you get all the way to the laundry place and you do not have your roll of quarters, it is back at your apartment.
  • Next you put it in the bowl that you have to go all the way back to your apartment but on the way there you step off the sidewalk into a street hole that is full of mud and rain waters
  • Next you put in the bowl that the rest of the day is stupid and crappy because the laundry situation took so long that you can not even fold your clothes or go back to your apartment, instead you have to go to work with a bag of underwear (it is clean, still not a good work package! anyway everything is wrinkly now)
  • Now mix it up and eat it, don’t even bake it in the oven because it is too late.
  • Next you just go to bed (I will do this later).

Anyway it is the crappiest day ever, I don’t even know why I came over here to the library because it is still raining and I only have a little bit, it is “lunch hour”, I changed socks at least, it is at least good that I had clean socks at work but still no body wants to see my bag of laundry sitting in the break room (my boss Zach told me “Speedy you can not bring laundry in here, it is “health regulation” but he said it is okay this one time, he would not tell Randy) (Randy is the other manager).

Here is the thing, it all comes back to the bicycle situations! The bicycle is not a helpful thing when it is raining! At least a car has a ceiling, also there are windows, there is a thing where they can go down if it is a nice day, or also you can make the windows go up if it is rainy or cold (it is like your windows at home, except it is opposite, like for example, the windows at home you would put them down if it is cold, see what I am saying, it is like the opposite of the car, also a home does not have wheels! Ha it is a joke, even on a day that is not so great). Anyway I guess I am just complaining because the day is so terrible, I still did not have a lot of time to spare to go shopping for the bicycle, well not really shopping because I am not really ready yet to spend all that money but what I mean is just to check it out, not today anyway because of the laundry situation (also the bad day), except yesterday I did look a little bit in the window of that one bicycle place, they had “adult” bicycles, not just child bicycles. I did not really have the time to go in and check the cost, maybe I will do that tomorrow (in wrinkle clothes). Wait there is another thing, how will I carry my laundry on the bicycle, at least it is true that I can not step in a mud street hole, but I have to use both hands on the bicycle, I think it is a “legal” situation, so what I am saying is where will the laundry go on the bicycle? Leave comments please (I need to figure out how to get my Email on here too, so comments are not enough, but still it is usual that I only get Emails from people when I sent them an email already, it is “replying”?).


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    I think you should get a raincoat. And galoshes.


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