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Monday, September 11, 2006

It is about "bicycles" and "sandwiches" weekend

I remember when I was writing on my blog web site on Saturday I was talking about maybe I would “check out” if there was a place I could look at bicycles, it is because everybody is saying “hey Brian forget the car, instead you have to get a bicycle”. Anyway it turns out, there are like 2 different bicycle places right on the way to work! (On the way to the library today I noticed that one place, it is not right on the Main street but it is like right off of it, maybe that is why I did not think of it, I do not normally go that way, also there is another place and it is right there, I go by it every day, what is the deal Brian, you need glasses probably.) I guess I knew they were there but I never really thought about them (I guess because I was never thinking about bicycles, only cars). It is weird how you walk by something like a 100 times and you never pay attention to it, like for example it was a long time before I noticed that weird lady by the news paper machine (I will tell you more about her later probably, not today). So anyway what I am saying is there are a couple of places (2) where I can look at the bicycles, maybe I will just see how much they are, I have a little money saved up, it is definitely not enough to buy a car, I do not have a 1000s of dollars, but maybe it is enough to buy a bicycle, how much is that cost anyway? (Please leave a “comment” here on my blog web site, do you know how much it is cost, also what kind I should get? It will not be like the kind when I was a kid, I would look like a stupid guy riding a child bicycle, so only “adult” bicycle). Also and is there a “solution” to the situation where the bicycle does not have a heater (it will be cold soon), also it is still a problem, where I can not take a bicycle to a “far” place, like for example Dayton, I am not saying there is a thing in Dayton that I want to go to so bad I just can not wait, I really do not know that much about Dayton, we would always go to Cincinnati because my aunt lived there, we really did not go to Dayton too much (it was me and Dad, I guess there is no reason to go to Dayton probably?). Anyway what I am saying is I want to “explore”, and I guess I can do that a little bit with a bicycle, but not to Dayton (or Toledo, maybe Columbus Grove?).

Of course I guess it is a little helpful to know some body who has a car and can drive you around, I have to admit that it is kind of nice to ride in a car to the movies instead of just walking over there (especially since it was raining AGAIN, but only for a little while, anyway what I am saying is it is better to ride in a car in the rain and not instead walking in the rain), it is not like it is so far but you know what I mean, after it is over you have to “hoof it” (go fast) to get back home, you can not mess around, that kind of thing, well I guess you can, but I am always there by my self so it is basically “I guess I will just go home then”. Well not on Saturday, maybe you remember from the last time I wrote on my blog web site (it was Saturday which is a different situation, it is not “usually”) anyway Samantha, she is the new girl from work, gave me a ride to the movie so I did not have to walk all the way over there (rain), anyway we went to go see the movie, it is a “comedy”, it is about a college. It was pretty good. Anyway so after it was over there is a bunch of places right by the movie theatre so me and Samantha went to the sandwich place and got a “bite to eat”. Remember we are not a date couple, still it is nice to not just walk home after the movie and just watch TV or go to bed or whatever, instead is kind of nice to talk to a person and not just be by myself, also it nice to ride in a car (it is an okay car, it is not brand new, still it is better then my car! Because I do not have one). So yeah, we talked for a long time about all kinds of stuff, even we talked about maybe getting a bicycle, she said maybe she could help me try to pick out a bicycle but if I need a ride or something she could let me ride in her car (also I was just thinking that maybe some time I could drive her car, it is “practice”?). Anyway so what I am saying is, it was a pretty good time, it does not matter if we are not a “date couple”, it is better then doing a whatever activity just by myself. Okay so anyway I have a little bit before I have to go to work, I will look on the Internet for information about “bicycle”, I think there is stuff on the internet about it.

Also one other thing, there is a comment from Saturday, the person is mad because I said he was mad, he was not mad. I am sorry that I said he was mad, he was not really mad, it was the other lady that was mad, so instead he is mad that I said he was mad. Sorry about that, he is mad for another reason. It is a complicated situation probably?


  • At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    You have successfully confused me, Brian. Bravo!

  • At 9:15 AM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    I am glad you will finally THINK about getting a bike.

    Maybe when you see how good it will be you will be happy and want to ride it more and more.


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