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Monday, October 23, 2006

“Houston it is a problem” (remember they said that in a movie)

It was the movie about when the guys went to space and the space ship like blew up, it was a serious problem probably, anyway they were just fine (if you did not see the movie I hope I did not “ruin” the movie for you, still it is pretty good, you would probably like to watch it). Okay anyway here is the point: last weekend there was a situation which I think is maybe a problem (that is why I said the “line” from the movie).

Okay let me “back up” a little bit, remember I think I told you about last week how me and Samantha were going to go iceskating on Saturday, also remember I was a little nervous about it because I am not so good at skating on the iceskates (here is the thing, maybe if you do not know about these, they do not have wheels! Instead it is a little metal piece, you have to try to “balance”, not easy you can guess). Okay anyway so me and Samantha went over there to the recreation center (here is a weird thing, now they are calling it “the cube” instead of the recreation center, I do not understand that, it is not really a cube, it is the kind of puzzle with the little squares I think?). Okay anyway I have to say it was not all that bad, yes it was kind of cold, I guess I did not realize that it has to be so cold in there, it was even colder inside there than it was outside (it turns out you have to keep it cold I guess because if you do not do that the ice will melt or something, then it will be a swimming pool instead, ha ha not really). But anyway yes I fell down a bunch of times, I think it was about 6 times, so if you guessed 6 times that I would fall down you are the winner (actually I do not think any body guessed any thing, so whatever). Okay so the iceskating was really not all that big of a deal I guess but then after we were done (and let me say that man oh man my ankles were very sore, actually they are still sore a little bit, it is not like regular skating, I think I said that already) anyway after we were done we went to a pizza place, it is something about Chicago (a city), anyway the pizza there is pretty good, it is so think it is like a cake sort of (that is the kind we got). So a kind of weird thing, when we sat down at the table Samantha did not sit “across” the table, instead she sat on the same side of the table as me, but it was not really a too weird thing because I guess I just thought maybe there was a pop spill over on the side or something, yes it happens. Well so it was kind of hard to talk to her when she was sitting on the same side, you have to turn your head (not comfortable). Okay so anyway we were sitting there eating and talking and so on and who should come in but Valerie, she was with her mom and dad I guess (they looked like mom and dad “types”), also some little kid, I guess it is her brother or something, I do not really know. Anyway she saw us and she came over and she was talking just regular talk, like for example ‘how are you guys doing” and things like that. I said something about how we went to “cube” for iceskating, and Valerie said (it is almost exactly like this, what she said, I remember) “so you guys had a nice date right, you guys are so cute together, Samantha is the perfect girl friend for you Brian” (pretty close to what she said). And then I guess I realized, every body thinks Samantha is my girl friend, it is just like every one is saying in the comments on my blog web site! And then here is the real problem I think: I said “but Samantha is just a friend, she is not my girl friend”. Valerie looked kind of surprised, she said a few other things, then she went to go eat with her family or whatever. But here is the thing, Samantha was all quiet, she would not say anything except finally she said she wasn’t hungry any more, could we just go. So we did. She did not say much the whole way back to my house, except when we got there I told her I had a good time today and all that and thanks for the ride and so on, and she just said “whatever Brian, bye” and she left. I think maybe I hurt her feeling some how, I know I did some thing wrong, I may not be the smartest guy in the world (obvious) but I know I did some thing wrong, I think maybe I hurt Samantha’s feelings. I am thinking about it and maybe I think you people are right when you left the comments on my blog web site where you said that Samantha thinks we are “going together” as boy friend and girl friend, why did I not listen to you? I really like to hang around with Samantha, what did I do, what can I do to make it like it was before (now it is all weird). Oh man, I feel kind of sick a little bit in my chest, I really messed things up I think?


  • At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Brian, my friend...

    You blew it.

    Big time.

    You finally had someone who really cared about you and you threw it away. And you hurt Samantha in the process.

    You SHOULD feel bad.


  • At 11:11 AM, Blogger Brian said…

    I know I messed every thing up, the people on the comments part of my blog web site told me all of this would happen but I thought because they probably did not really know the "situation" because they are not here in Findlay but now I know I have to listen to the people on the comments, I guess they understand a lady better than I do, I do not really understand how a lady talks and what it means. I guess I do not really understand a lot of things (that is why I wanted to go to "community" college but like I said it probably will not happen because Samantha was going to help me figure it all out, like for example how to get "register"? anyway not going to happen). So I am a big joke.


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