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Monday, October 30, 2006

Will some body please help me understand lady brains?

Well it is a new week. Yes it is Monday. So the weekend is over you see. It was a boring weekend. Why was it a boring weekend? If you read my blog web site last week at all you probably know the answer. Basically this is the story. I made my best friend Samantha mad by saying a stupid thing. Then I made it a lot worse when I tried to say “I am sorry”. So yes I guess I ruined every thing. A lot of times on the weekends me and Samantha would do a thing (for example see a movie or eat at a restaurant such as that place with the hamburgers). But that did not happen this weekend because Samantha does not want “anything to do” with me I guess. So it is basically just like it used to be before me and Samantha started doing stuff together (I guess it was a date situation except I did not know it at the time?). So I guess it was pretty boring. Anyway I will make a “list” of things I did this weekend.
  • Got some new nail clippers (I lost my old ones some how but I do not know where I can lose nail clippers in my apartment which is really too small)
  • Watched that space show with the beautiful robot ladies
  • Went to the Great Scot for just groceries this time and not lady presents such as candy and a flower (I was going to get special candy for the “Halloween” for kids that come to the door but I decided not to do that because kids never come to my door because it is in the back and also I will be at work when the kids are “trick and treating” so what is the point?) (I wish I bought some of that “pretend corn” though because that is pretty good)
  • Watched some movies from the video store (like for example the cartoon about the animals and the one about the kidnap police) (they were pretty good)
  • Rode my bike to that book store on Tiffin and I bought some comic books (like for example Batman)
  • Did the thing with the clock where you have to change the time (it is a law for some reason)
  • Had a Mexican burrito (not too bad)
  • Did not talk to Samantha about anything or see her either (also I tried not to think about it but not so easy)

I think I need to try understand how a lady brain works. If you know for example a good movie about ladies that will help me to understand lady brains please leave a “comment” (I am talking about like “romance” movies I guess? It is not “usual” that I watch movies like that because basically I watch movies about “comedy” or also sometimes I like the movies where it is a “marshall art”).

(I am trying not to use too many “commas”, it is hard, I am not going to bother with it any more, commas are just fine probably.)


  • At 5:35 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian I have been gone to Texas to see my grandma so I have not been able to read your blog until just now.

    You need to not give up! Keep talking to her, joking with her and giving her little presents. Keep telling her how sorry you were and she will eventually melt like a hershey bar on the hot stove. Really she will!

  • At 2:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    As they say, Brian, flattery will get you anywhere.

    I suggest you compliment, flatter, and make Samantha feel special as much as possible over the next few days. Treat her like a QUEEN. Women LOVE that.

    Then let us know how it goes.


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