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Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh man the weekend was not too “shabby” if you ask me

So yeah you probably already read the thing I put up here on my blog web site on Saturday night really late right? And I guess I have to say it was a little weird typing on a computer that was not the computer at the library, like for example the “enter” key on the key board on the computer at Samantha’s house was in a little bit of a different place so I kept hitting this “\” key all the time so I had to keep hitting the “delete” key all the time, except also it was in a little bit of a different place than I was “used to” so I would try to hit “delete” but instead I would hit the button that would make it go to the beginning of the line I was typing, so I would mess that up too. But I managed “somehow” anyway to get it all typed out, Samantha would kind of help me out a little bit there so I guess it did not turn out so bad, but I think that maybe if you did not read my blog web site before and you saw that you would be thinking “why is this guy talking about kissing a girl and it is so late on a Saturday, it does not make any sense at all crazy man” and I guess I can see how you would think that probably. But anyway the thing is you have to read all the stuff I have written here on my blog web site before to make sense of the story, basically all you need to know I guess is that me and Samantha have all “made up” and worked it all out (basically there was a problem, not any more).

So after work Friday night Samantha waited for me until I was done (you see basically I have to stay after we close for a while and help get stuff stocked and the floors cleaned and all that stuff so I can not just leave right after they close the place, it does take a little while), then I got out in the parking lot and Samantha was out there waiting for me, I was going to get on my bike and just follow her to wherever it was we were going to go or whatever, but of course it was very very cold, man why did it have to get so cold, I have to say that having a bike is nice I guess but it does not help much when it is so cold you know (no heater on a bike, I have mentioned this before) okay anyway I am getting off the subject, so she drove up to that Tuesdays restaurant and we went in (yes I did say thank you for driving me, I am not the “rude”) and we had a little dinner thing there, it was a little busy I guess because it is Friday night and I guess people go to restaurants a lot on Friday nights or whatever, but it was not to bad anyway. So I was going to try to sit on the same side of the table, but to that person that left the comment on here the other day to not sit on the same side of the table, yes I am way ahead of you on this one, I did not do it because you are right, it is just too hard to talk to some one when you are sitting like that, also people kind of look at you weird like you are doing a strange thing, also it gives me more room to move my arms during the eating activities. Okay anyway so we ate and we talked. I am not going to tell every single thing that we talked about Friday night, but basically I had to explain that I was so sorry and that I missed her so much and also because Samantha had read my blog web site some, we basically had to discuss these things:
  • Valerie
  • DeDe (and yes, Samantha agreed with me that DeDe does not count)
  • What exactly is a “date couple”

Yes it was a long talk and sometimes it was little “difficult” to explain some things (especially the Valerie part you can guess?) but it basically came down to where she said “I forgive you Brian” and that was all that mattered I guess.

So anyway on the way home, I mean on the way back to my bike, when we got to the parking lot, she stopped to drop me off at my bike, she said “just put your bike in the back and I will drive you home” and I did that, and here is the best part, before I got out of the car she leaned over to me, and I will go into “details” but like I said on Saturday there was a kiss situation. (that is basically the reason the weekend was “not too shabby”, actually it was GREAT!)

And so the rest of the weekend was just “hanging out” and so on, watching movies and stuff, just spending time with my GIRL FRIEND, yes me and Samantha ARE A DATE COUPLE. So anyway to show her dad “no hard feelings” about the bad situation there for a couple of weeks or whatever (I knew that they probably were a little “upset” that I had hurt the feelings of their “little girl”), I went over to Samantha’s house and raked the leaves in their yard, they were pretty cool with that except I have to say that it has been a while since I raked leaves (yes I know we sell them at the store, that does not mean I am the rake expert, also we sell paint, but that does not mean I am like the famous guy who painted art, you know the one I am talking about, his paintings were kind of weird, a bunch of eyes and so on?), anyway I did okay.


  • At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    WOW Brian!!!

    This is GREAT!!!

    Maybe now when I come to Ohio I can visit you AND your girlfriend Samantha. Maybe you will get married???

  • At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Shannon said…

    Hurray, Brian!


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