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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Okay now what do I do, it is a “race against time”

Okay so yes you probably read the thing I wrote on my blog web site yesterday (sorry it was so short but remember Wednesday is Laundry Day and so I do not really have time to go to the library before work and so I have to go on my break, so yes that it was I did yesterday but I did not feel like writing too much for obvious reasons). Anyway basically here is what is going on: Samantha quit her job yesterday, and yes it is exactly why probably you think she did it, it is because I hurt her feeling so bad maybe! Here is the thing, I do not really know why she did it because she will not talk to me but Zach told me yesterday “good job Speedy you lost me a good employee at holiday rush” so I guess I know at least other people think it is my fault she is leaving the store. So I had all these plans, I was going to be all nice to her, I was going to make every thing right again, it would be like I was “Superman” and she was that lady that Superman is always saving, remember, she is the news paper lady, what is her name? Something with an “R” I think? Anyway you know what I am talking about, I was going to save the day (except I am the one who ruined the day in the first place, so I am like that bald guy too, the one who is always making villain plans for evil, I guess it is not possible for me to be Superman and also that other bald bad guy, this does not really make any sense). Okay anyway here is the point, I wanted Samantha and me to be an “item” again, everybody is treating me all bad at work because every body really likes Samantha, what a mess I have made, Zach is probably right, it is going to get all busy soon because of Christmas, which reminds me of another thing, every Christmas I have to spend by my self, you know I don’t talk about this much but basically it is just me any more, I was kind of hoping maybe I could buy something for Samantha for Christmas, maybe I am not “clear”, it is that I do not have anyone to buy a present for Christmas, I am not saying I want some one to buy me a present for Christmas, it is just the opposite! Do you know what it feels like to get up on Christmas day morning and just to watch a parade on TV and eat some toast or something? See here is the thing, Samantha’s folks are really nice, it seems like they like me pretty good I guess (I mean they used to like me, they probably hate me now), anyway I kind of thought it would be nice to maybe have a “Christmas dinner” with some body besides just me (no, Marla, she is my landlady sort of, never invites me to Christmas dinner, I guess this year at least she will have Gary since yes, he got out of jail, I don’t know what the deal is with that yet), okay anyway what I am saying is it would be kind of cool to have like a turkey piece or some ham and potatoes or whatever instead of frozen pizza (cooked) which is what I have every day anyway.

Okay so I guess I am kind of going on and on, but here is the point: Samantha is working today, also she is working tomorrow, and that is it. I don’t know yet where she is going to go to work, maybe I can find out, but here is a “challenge”: I only have today and tomorrow to work the magic of “making Samantha forgive me for being a big idiot guy”, I want to buy her a Christmas present, I think it would be okay to hold her hand even and know what it means this time! (I do not think Samantha is reading this blog web site, maybe if she is she is not leaving comments, but she knows about it now, but I did not give her the “code” to get here, you know what I am talking about, it is the “address” with the “:” and “/” and all that, anyway if you are reading this Samantha, you have to see that I am really sorry, if you do not believe me just read everything I have put on here, also you might want to forget about the part about the Christmas present so it will be a surprise). Okay so anyway I need your help, I only have two day (I mean today and tomorrow, which is Friday I mean) to “accomplish” the mission. I did not get a chance yesterday to do anything because she is “avoiding” me so much, but I do not have a lot of time. Please leave a comment for me to give me an idea for what to do, I only have 2 days and I will never see Samantha again probably and Christmas day will be just me falling asleep on the couch in my pajama pants instead of a warm turkey thing on a plate for Christmas (also a tree)! Please help!

(I will try to run back over here at my break time to see if there is a “hint” for a suggestion.)


  • At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian now is the time to make a BIG move.

    Think hard. There must be somehow you can impress her! How about drawing a poster that says SAMANTHA, PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!! I WAS WRONG!!! and see what she says then. And on the other side you could write PLEASE DON'T LEAVE!!! XXXOOO BRIAN (that means kisses and hugs).

    What do you think???


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