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Thursday, November 09, 2006

What is the deal with this Island show, also I think I still want a driver license

Okay I do not know if you know what I am talking about, there was this show on last night, I have tried to watch it before but I just do not know what is going on. Here is what I can tell from what I have seen (like I said I can not figure out what is the deal on this show but I have not watched it a lot of times, anyway I am getting off the subject) okay so this is what I “get” so far:
  • There are people on some island
  • I guess they have food or something, no body is too skinny (wait, maybe that one lady)
  • I guess there was a plane they fell out of?
  • A pretty lady falls in love with every man probably (I mean it is the same lady and she loves a bunch of different guys, maybe it is a different one every show, I don’t know)
  • There is a bald guy, he carries a knife or whatever because there is a smoke monster (no I am not making that part up)
  • They have old TVs somehow, where do you get old TVs on an island, also why is there an S in island
  • No boats, wait, there is one I think but it’s probably too small to carry all of the people off the island, except now that I think about it they only show like 5 or 6 people all the time, there are other people but they are just walking around behind the main people, maybe they never say anything because they are “deaf” or maybe they just do not want to run around yelling all the time

So it is kind of hard to follow I guess if you do not see every show they put on there, but I guess it is kind of interesting anyway, like you are in “suspense”, you think “which man will the lady fall in love with this show?” I think on the next one it will be the fat guy with the big hair. So that is my “thoughts” on the Island show.

Also today there is kind of another thing on my mind, I know I talked for a very long time on my blog web site about getting a driver license and then Samantha helped me pick out a bike, yes it was a lot cheaper than a car but still some times I think I would like to get a driver license anyway, just so I could drive a car sometimes if I wanted to, like for example when me and Samantha go out on a date (yes because as you know we are a “date couple” now, it is official if you have been reading on here for a while), anyway what I am saying is maybe we could still go in Samantha’s car but I could drive instead, you see it would kind of be a little “treat” for her, also I would be a “gentle man” to do that. I do not mind when she drives us around, it is not like it bothers me, I just would like to drive sometimes too and I do not have a car, but maybe Samantha would let me use her car for practice. Still I think I am pretty sure that you have to get a special kind of license to do that, it is for “permitted learning”. So I am going to talk to Samantha about that, it has been a very long time since I have driven a car, yes, dad let me drive the car a few times now and them, no it was not really “law full” but I did not kill anybody or anything probably (I am just kidding with the “probably”, I know I did not kill any body or things like that), anyway I am going on and on. The thing is, I can not believe I still do not have a driver license, I guess I just never needed one. I rode the bus to school and I just walked to work, why do you need a driver license if you do not need to drive? But anyway I want one now, it is crazy that I do not have a driver license. Some times you have to have a driver license even if you do not use it to drive, like for example the other day when I went to “voting” they ask for I D like for example a driver license, and I do not have that! But I have some other cards and so on with my name on them, that is fine I guess if you just want to mark a vote for a senate congress man or whatever, which to be honest I really did not know much about the senate congress men (plus there is a thing about judges “amendment” and all that), I do not really know all these people, I just make a good guess, like for example you see a man’s name and you can kind of tell if that is a good man from the sound of his name, so that is pretty much how I did my “voting”, or sometimes I can remember a name from TV or whatever, so if I can remember a name from TV I figure it is probably from a news thing where they were being important, so I would vote for them. It is a pretty good system, I guess the senate congress men I voted for won, I don’t know, I didn’t really follow all of that. Anyway so yeah, maybe I will get a driver license.


  • At 5:59 PM, Blogger Starbucksjunkie said…

    Maybe you could get your learner's permit, that is what the thing is called before you get your driver's license.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you will need insurance once you are a driver. Do you have "extra" money for that?

    Also, I think the show you are talking about is Lost and if you figure it out let me know because I get more confused with each show;)

    Any big plans for this weekend with your girlfriend?

    BTW, what is Samantha studying in college? Are you going to enroll this Spring?

    See ya later gator...


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