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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Some “thoughts”, it is the lonely kind

Why does Brian not have “luck” to get a girl friend, that is the question for today? You are probably saying, “what about the bicycle situation Brian”, yes do not worry about that, I think I am taking the advice of the “comments” from the anonymous (also Mary Ann), I think I will try to get over there (to Walmart, that is where they said I should go to) and see what is the deal, maybe they have bicycles that are not a $1000, also while I am there I think I need to get some paper towels anyway, also deodorant.

Okay so back to the question, why do I not have a girl friend, I mean like a dating situation. Yesterday Valerie after work got picked up by her boy friend and they drove off, I saw her give him a kiss even, I guess it is not so strange since she is his girl friend, anyway I got a little depressed. There is not a girl for me to pick up from work, of course I could not pick her up anyway, no car or even bicycle. No kissing here for Brian, no sir, anyway here is the question: what is wrong with Brian, why does a girl not like Brian and want to go out with Brian (really it is 2 questions)?

I am not a very good-looking guy I guess, I am not like for example that one guy, I can not remember his name, remember he is married to that one lady with the big lips, they had a baby at Africa or something. Anyway on the TV they are always talking about how they are “beautiful” people, what I am saying is I am not beautiful like them, I am not saying I am an ugly person, it is not like I am all deformed like a movie thing, I guess I am just not “special”. It is not like you would see me on the street when I am walking to work (it is Main, wave to me if you see me please, anyway I am “off the topic”) anyway you would not say “hey that is a good looking guy, I will stop and tell him he is supposed to be a Hollywood person instead”. It will not happen! I do not think that all around Findlay, there are many ladies who are saying “hey that Brian guy from high school, he is the “one that got away”, I wish he was my husband and not the man who is my husband for real”. That will not happen also! Sometimes I think it is not ever going to happen (I mean that I will get a girl friend), sometimes it would just be nice to go somewhere with a girl (lady) who likes me, but I guess I have to just be "used to" just going everywhere by my self.

Okay enough of that, it is “whining” (that is what my dad would say when I would complain like that, he would say “call the waaambulance”, it is like you are saying “waa” like a crying baby plus the word “ambulance”).

Also guess what, I have “plans” for the weekend. Samantha invited me over to her parents’ house on Saturday (that is where she lives, she lives with her parents still while she is going to school at the community college, remember I told you about that yesterday) okay anyway, at work yesterday she told me they are having a “cook out” on Saturday, it is where you cook hamburgers on a grill in the back yard, also hot dogs probably. They are having a bunch of people over, I think neighbors or something. Anyway so she is going to even come pick me up so I do not have to walk all the way over there (remember we are not a date couple). So I guess I should not complain about things, like for example the “girl friend” situation (I mean where I do not have one), things I guess are still not so bad, at least I have something to do on the week end, it is just that there is no kissing probably?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Are bicycles always this much cost?

Okay what is the deal here, I went to one of those bicycle places (I am here in Findlay, Ohio, I am talking about some bicycle places that are here not far from my apartment, I am telling you all this because I realized that maybe if you are coming here to my blog web site for the first maybe you do not know what I am talking about, basically it is a situation where I am tired of just walking all over the place, maybe a bicycle is the “solution”, still though a car would be a better awesome thing, too much $$$) anyway here is the thing: bicycles are not cheap like they used to be, instead they are like a 100s of dollars! Okay there are a couple of bicycles there that are maybe not so “expensive”, I guess if it is something I want to do (get a bike) I guess it would have to be one of those, there is no way in a million years I can have enough money to buy a bicycle that is $1000! Who buys a bicycle that is $1000, that is just crazy, for example you know it will just get wet and rusty and probably mud, I would be too afraid to take it outside! I guess it would just be a “decoration” in my apartment, which reminds me also, I have to figure out where I am going to put this thing if I buy it, do I just leave it outside (if I do that it will get rusty and it will fall apart or something like that, I am not a “bicycle mechanic expert”), what if it gets stolen, yes there are thieves here in Findlay Ohio, it is not like they are stealing great jewels with lasers around them (it is a “movie” situation), but I know that a couple of months ago somebody took Valerie’s sandwich out of the break room “fridge” at work, also one time Zach said his neighbor got “broken in” (it means a guy, probably a “robber” got in the house by breaking something, I guess a door?). So yes it can happen, we are not paradise in Findlay (still it is good)! Okay so if I do not leave it outside (the bicycle, if I get it, I mean) I guess I will have to take it into my apartment, here are 2 problems: my apartment is not very big already, I will trip over a bicycle if I have to get up in the middle of the night (that is 1), also I have to go all the way up a big flight of steps on the back of the house to get to my apartment, I have to carry that heavy bicycle all the way up those stairs (that is 2)? What about if it is icey (winter)? It is a lot of problems with the bicycle situation, I am not saying I am not going to get a bicycle, instead I am buying a car (where would I put a car, it would definitely not fit in my apartment! Ha it is a joke) I am just saying it is a lot to think about.

In the “meantime” here is another thing, the other night (I forgot to tell you about this) when Samantha and me were eating at the sandwich place after the movie (not a date situation) I found out Samantha goes to the “community” college, it is why she has a kind of different schedule at work. Anyway I started thinking about that, maybe I should go to the community college (I think you do not have to be the age of high school graduate to be there, what I am saying is I have been out of high school for a while, but that is okay, you can go there even if you are a 100 years old), sometimes I think it would be good to learn something new, there is nothing wrong with my job, I have been there a long time, but I don’t know if I can do that for my whole life, so maybe I could go to the community college (except it costs money, and I have to use the money to pay for a car or bicycle, but I have to have a car or bicycle to get there, it is a too far distance to walk, so it is a problem situation). Anyway I could not go there right now anyway, it is too late because the classes started already, but anyway I am just thinking about it, I don’t even know what I would study there, maths probably?

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I am eating bad day cake with stupid icing (the ice cream is melted)

My title, here is what it means: BAD DAY TODAY, also laundry day, I saying it is because of the laundry day situation that it is a BAD DAY TODAY, I have thought of a “different” way to talk about the bad today, instead it is a recipe for the bad day cake (it is when you have to cook a dish, it is a list, like for example here is what goes in the cake) Here is the list, it is like “ingredients”, also it tells you what to do:

  • First you put in the bowl rain (that is what it is doing for the weather).
  • Next you put in the bowl that it is laundry day.
  • Next you put in the bowl that you have to go to a different laundry place that is a long way to walk because of the “bra” situation (it is “mix-up” time, you can look at the blog web site to see what I am talking about), I don’t even want to talk about it any more
  • Next you put in the bowl that you get all the way to the laundry place and you do not have your roll of quarters, it is back at your apartment.
  • Next you put it in the bowl that you have to go all the way back to your apartment but on the way there you step off the sidewalk into a street hole that is full of mud and rain waters
  • Next you put in the bowl that the rest of the day is stupid and crappy because the laundry situation took so long that you can not even fold your clothes or go back to your apartment, instead you have to go to work with a bag of underwear (it is clean, still not a good work package! anyway everything is wrinkly now)
  • Now mix it up and eat it, don’t even bake it in the oven because it is too late.
  • Next you just go to bed (I will do this later).

Anyway it is the crappiest day ever, I don’t even know why I came over here to the library because it is still raining and I only have a little bit, it is “lunch hour”, I changed socks at least, it is at least good that I had clean socks at work but still no body wants to see my bag of laundry sitting in the break room (my boss Zach told me “Speedy you can not bring laundry in here, it is “health regulation” but he said it is okay this one time, he would not tell Randy) (Randy is the other manager).

Here is the thing, it all comes back to the bicycle situations! The bicycle is not a helpful thing when it is raining! At least a car has a ceiling, also there are windows, there is a thing where they can go down if it is a nice day, or also you can make the windows go up if it is rainy or cold (it is like your windows at home, except it is opposite, like for example, the windows at home you would put them down if it is cold, see what I am saying, it is like the opposite of the car, also a home does not have wheels! Ha it is a joke, even on a day that is not so great). Anyway I guess I am just complaining because the day is so terrible, I still did not have a lot of time to spare to go shopping for the bicycle, well not really shopping because I am not really ready yet to spend all that money but what I mean is just to check it out, not today anyway because of the laundry situation (also the bad day), except yesterday I did look a little bit in the window of that one bicycle place, they had “adult” bicycles, not just child bicycles. I did not really have the time to go in and check the cost, maybe I will do that tomorrow (in wrinkle clothes). Wait there is another thing, how will I carry my laundry on the bicycle, at least it is true that I can not step in a mud street hole, but I have to use both hands on the bicycle, I think it is a “legal” situation, so what I am saying is where will the laundry go on the bicycle? Leave comments please (I need to figure out how to get my Email on here too, so comments are not enough, but still it is usual that I only get Emails from people when I sent them an email already, it is “replying”?).

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I do not know other languages, like for example Mexico

Yesterday at work it was a weird situation, I was not very busy and not a lot of things to do, like for example I will usually stock the shelves, mostly I will work in the back but some times I will be “up front” and I can see the girls who work the registers, like for example Valerie (also Anita). Anyway so I was “up front” by the registers and Mark was up there talking to a customer, he was an old man, also there was an old lady with him, I guess she was his wife. Well Mark calls me over, he says “hey Speedy (remember my nick name is Speedy) I have to go do a thing, can you help these people” and he goes off somewhere, it is not “usual” for me to help the customers too much, just some times. Anyway so I asked the old people “how can I help you” (it is what we are supposed to say), and the old man said this: “bfkfdoiakrfrhwenfmf djfdjsd sfjofdopew” (I am just hitting buttons on the key board to make “nonsense”, it is because that is what he said! I could not understand a thing he was saying, it was like another language, that is why it is my title today.) So I looked over at the old lady (his wife I guess) to see what she would say, she said, “Can you help us please?” So here is how it went:

Me: “What do you need sir?”
The man: “weojws wf weoif 2hwuioef dsfdfpojsdf;”
Me: “What is it again?”
The man: “jhwefoiew hwqeuf gyterou aoijf sdf80”
The lady: “Can you help us please”

I did not have a “clue” what to do, he is speaking some thing I do not under stand! So basically we just walked through the store and I was pointing at stuff, I would say, “Is this what you need?” and I was pointing at like everything, I could tell he was all mad at me for not knowing what he was saying, it is okay I guess, I am used to it when people are mad at me, anyway why would the old lady not help me out (that is why I said it is a weird situation)? Anyway finally we figured out he needed one of those special yellow light bulbs (it is for outside light bulbs?). So I guess it is not “adventures” but it was a weird thing anyway (Later Anita told me that the old man was a “stroke” probably, it is not really a language? I kind of feel sorry for him, when you can not speak like regular people, probably Mark should not be laughing at the situation, that is what he was doing anyway, he was laughing, I guess he thought it was a “prank” to make me help the man who could not speak right.) Anyway it was not easy.

Also remember tomorrow is Laundry Day, but I will have to go to another laundry place probably (remember it was the “bra” situation, but I am not sure where I am going to do my laundry, I will have to dig around and figure out where a different laundromat is at, maybe some body at work will know, I will probably ask Valerie, her clothes are always very clean and there is a nice smell, she probably does a good job with her laundry, I hope she does not mind if I tell her she has a nice smell?). So maybe I will write something here on my blog web site, maybe I will not, it will “depend” on if I have time to do it, laundry is a busy job.

Monday, September 11, 2006

It is about "bicycles" and "sandwiches" weekend

I remember when I was writing on my blog web site on Saturday I was talking about maybe I would “check out” if there was a place I could look at bicycles, it is because everybody is saying “hey Brian forget the car, instead you have to get a bicycle”. Anyway it turns out, there are like 2 different bicycle places right on the way to work! (On the way to the library today I noticed that one place, it is not right on the Main street but it is like right off of it, maybe that is why I did not think of it, I do not normally go that way, also there is another place and it is right there, I go by it every day, what is the deal Brian, you need glasses probably.) I guess I knew they were there but I never really thought about them (I guess because I was never thinking about bicycles, only cars). It is weird how you walk by something like a 100 times and you never pay attention to it, like for example it was a long time before I noticed that weird lady by the news paper machine (I will tell you more about her later probably, not today). So anyway what I am saying is there are a couple of places (2) where I can look at the bicycles, maybe I will just see how much they are, I have a little money saved up, it is definitely not enough to buy a car, I do not have a 1000s of dollars, but maybe it is enough to buy a bicycle, how much is that cost anyway? (Please leave a “comment” here on my blog web site, do you know how much it is cost, also what kind I should get? It will not be like the kind when I was a kid, I would look like a stupid guy riding a child bicycle, so only “adult” bicycle). Also and is there a “solution” to the situation where the bicycle does not have a heater (it will be cold soon), also it is still a problem, where I can not take a bicycle to a “far” place, like for example Dayton, I am not saying there is a thing in Dayton that I want to go to so bad I just can not wait, I really do not know that much about Dayton, we would always go to Cincinnati because my aunt lived there, we really did not go to Dayton too much (it was me and Dad, I guess there is no reason to go to Dayton probably?). Anyway what I am saying is I want to “explore”, and I guess I can do that a little bit with a bicycle, but not to Dayton (or Toledo, maybe Columbus Grove?).

Of course I guess it is a little helpful to know some body who has a car and can drive you around, I have to admit that it is kind of nice to ride in a car to the movies instead of just walking over there (especially since it was raining AGAIN, but only for a little while, anyway what I am saying is it is better to ride in a car in the rain and not instead walking in the rain), it is not like it is so far but you know what I mean, after it is over you have to “hoof it” (go fast) to get back home, you can not mess around, that kind of thing, well I guess you can, but I am always there by my self so it is basically “I guess I will just go home then”. Well not on Saturday, maybe you remember from the last time I wrote on my blog web site (it was Saturday which is a different situation, it is not “usually”) anyway Samantha, she is the new girl from work, gave me a ride to the movie so I did not have to walk all the way over there (rain), anyway we went to go see the movie, it is a “comedy”, it is about a college. It was pretty good. Anyway so after it was over there is a bunch of places right by the movie theatre so me and Samantha went to the sandwich place and got a “bite to eat”. Remember we are not a date couple, still it is nice to not just walk home after the movie and just watch TV or go to bed or whatever, instead is kind of nice to talk to a person and not just be by myself, also it nice to ride in a car (it is an okay car, it is not brand new, still it is better then my car! Because I do not have one). So yeah, we talked for a long time about all kinds of stuff, even we talked about maybe getting a bicycle, she said maybe she could help me try to pick out a bicycle but if I need a ride or something she could let me ride in her car (also I was just thinking that maybe some time I could drive her car, it is “practice”?). Anyway so what I am saying is, it was a pretty good time, it does not matter if we are not a “date couple”, it is better then doing a whatever activity just by myself. Okay so anyway I have a little bit before I have to go to work, I will look on the Internet for information about “bicycle”, I think there is stuff on the internet about it.

Also one other thing, there is a comment from Saturday, the person is mad because I said he was mad, he was not mad. I am sorry that I said he was mad, he was not really mad, it was the other lady that was mad, so instead he is mad that I said he was mad. Sorry about that, he is mad for another reason. It is a complicated situation probably?