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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Two times in one day? Yes it is true

Hey every body, can you believe it, I am writing again on my blog web site, even it is a 2nd time today, here is why: the situation is solved! I had to come back over here to the library again, so I thought I would write a really quick post again very quick, it is history because it is the first time I have done that! Anyway I guess I am lucky sort of, because at the store we have big cutters that you can use to cut something like this chain lock thing, so Zach let me borrow one so I could come over here and cut my bicycle loose (yes that means I had to tell the embarrassing story to him, yes it is something they would tease me about, I just hope Valerie does not find out, some times you do not want people to think you are stupid) (yes I know I said I was stupid earlier, I was just in a bad mood kind of). Also we sell chain lock things, so yes it is not a happy situation that I had to buy another chain lock today (it is not a “wise” use of money I guess) but at least I will have one, it is better than not having one at all (it is not so expensive anyway, I am just saying). And I know the combination this time, I keep it in my wallet so I will not forget again. I will not forget again!!!

Also have a good weekend, to everybody!

Now I don’t have to walk any more! Except for a problem

Okay some times some one will tell you a thing, actually 2 things, they will say “here is good news: a good thing, but also here is bad news: bad thing” (this is usually a TV situation probably). So I am going to do the same thing.

Good news goes first, right here: yes you can probably guess what is the good news, I got the “mountain bike” from the Walmart today! So I am not all worried right now about getting a car, I guess that is “for the best” because it is time to be honest with my self, 2 things: here is the first thing, the driver license manual is just too complicated, it will take 8 years for me to learn every thing. Here is the 2nd thing: I do not have the $$$ (money) to get a car, it is just not going to happen people! So anyway back to the story, Samantha picked me up this morning before she had to get over to the community college for her classes (I think she has more than one today, apparently it is not like high school where all your classes are on the same day or whatever, I guess some times you have a class on one day, then a different class the next day, some times it is even at night), anyway she picked me up and “ran me over” to the Walmart (not “ran me over” with her car! That is a different thing, except of course we did go in her car), then she left, then it was up to me! I went in there and did my business like you might expect, nothing too exciting, I just picked out the bike like I looked at yesterday, it is the green one I talked about, I have to say it looks pretty good! It is a little different from a kind of bicycle like I had when I was a kid, it has kind of a weird shape, not bad though. And it is a comfortable ride, too! I am very “pleased” with the bicycle, I rode it all the way over here to the library where I am right now writing on my blog web site. Thanks to all the “comments” who gave me the idea for it instead of a car buy. Who would think I would get advice from people all over the world to tell a guy in Findlay, Ohio (that is me I am talking about), I think it was that one lady. So yes it is a good thing, now I can get to a lot of places, like for example the comic book store, who knows, probably the mall, places like that (maybe the “recreation” center, it could happen!).

(Also I got a helmet and a lock, it is a “chain lock” with a “combination” thing on it, this is important.)

Okay so here is the bad news: (I know what you are thinking, no I was not in an accident where a car hit me, it is not that bad, also it did not get stolen yet) okay so yes there is a place out side the library where you can put your bicycle, it is a like a metal thing where you can lock your bicycle to it, so anyway remember I bought a combination lock chain thing, you kind of wrap it around and lock it to the thing. So I did that, then I thought I better test it “just in case” and I realized a terrible situation: I do not remember the “combination” to the lock! I threw away the package at the Walmart, it had the combination on it, so I could open it up the 1st time, but then I threw away the package (I told you this already) and now I can’t remember it. So my bicycle is stuck to the metal thing out side the library and I can not get it out (I think maybe one of the numbers is 8? I can’t remember! Why didn’t I save that package, I am idiot Brian). If there was a Brian comic book, it would not be “Super Man”, instead it would be “Stupid Man” (you see because I am stupid).

So there you go, it is the good news and bad news situation, for real this time. Maybe some one at work will have an idea what I can do, maybe I will have to go back to the Walmart and try to find it in the garbage but I can not do that right now.

Okay so I guess I will figure something out probably. Okay remember I will not be able to write on my blog web site on Saturday, remember Samantha and me will be at the “Van Buren” state park for a “outdoor” activity thing, I think it will be sandwiches and probably walking around trees?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I am not walking any more to a place, instead I am riding a bicycle there (okay soon not yet)

Yes you are reading the title right, I do not have to walk to work any more, I mean yes I am doing it right now because I did not actually buy the bicycle yet. Okay let me start over, I guess I am just excited maybe? Me and Samantha went over there today before work (that is why it is so late that I am writing on my blog web site, I did not really have time to get to the library before work, so I came over to the library at lunch time, yes my lunch is late because of my “schedule”, forget about it) anyway so Samantha took me over there to the Walmart, I don’t get over there very much because it is just too far (but not for long! but anyway I am “getting ahead” of my self). Okay so we went to the bicycle area, they have all kinds of bicycles, a bunch of them are hanging from the ceiling, I am not sure what is the point of that, you can not even get to these bicycles, also what if one of them fell? Anyway we looked around and here is the thing: I can not believe how low is the cost of bicycles at the Walmart! It is not like those bicycles at the bicycle store at all (those bicycles were like a $1000, it is a little more $$$ than I have to spend! Just kidding of course, it is a lot more for real). But there were bicycles there that were so cheap! They were so cheap! It was like $50 (of course Samantha told me I should be careful because maybe a really cheap one would just be terrible, no good at all, it would probably fall apart in the parking lot) but there were other bicycles that were a little more, like “medium cost”, but still pretty cheap. Okay so anyway I think I found the one I like, it is pretty cool looking, it is green (I like the color green, you can probably tell it is the color of my blog web site, it is a true fact that green is awesome, a lot of times for example I will wear a green shirt, Samantha says that green is a good color for me to wear, I “look good” in it, so a lot of times I will wear a green shirt to work, I want to “impress”) Okay so anyway it is “mountain bike” is what it is called (the bicycle), I am not sure why it is called “mountain bike,” you can trust me when I say there is not a mountain in Findlay, Ohio! Of course I am not stupid, I am just kidding, it is not a bicycle just for Findlay (also it is for a mountain area). Anyway so I think we are going to try to go back on Friday and get it (I did not bring any money with me, Samantha said we should just “look around”, not to have “impulse” or something, we would just see what is there and so on, I have to admit Samantha has good ideas about things like this). Anyway since it is so cheap (but not as much as the one that is more cheap of course) I will have enough money to buy these things also probably:
  • A helmet (you pretty much have to have this I think, it is for “safety”?)
  • A lock, this is so no body steals the bicycle, I know this can happen (I have heard), there is a good place out in front of the store I can lock, it is a bench and you can not steal the bench, it is “stuck” to the sidewalk with a bolt (also there is a tree)

I still do not know exactly where I will keep this bicycle at my apartment (I have said before, not a lot of room at my place, maybe I can lock it to the stairs that go up to my apartment?).

Okay yes Samantha and I went to a little lunch time before work, you are all wanting to know all about it I am sure, we went to a “fancy” place sort of. It had kind of crazy things all over the walls, I can’t remember what it is called, I think “apple restaurant”, it was something about apples (they did not have apple things on the “menu”, I know it does not make sense)? Anyway I ate soup.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fast “post” time

Again this has to be a quick thing, I am just “running” over here at lunch (this is the library of course, as I have talked about a bunch of times I do not have a computer at home, even if I did I do not have the special plugins where you have to do it to get the internet, it is a “cable” I think, not the TV kind of cable, which I do have that kind of cable, just not the internet kind). Okay so anyway not much to talk about I guess, probably there is something interesting that happened yesterday? I spilled a soda in the break room (I cleaned it up), I guess that is not so interesting. How about this thing: this morning at the laundry place (remember this is the new laundry place, remember I had to go to a new laundry place because of the situation that happened at the old one, just look it up I guess) anyway at the laundry place I was looking at a magazine that was in there, it was talking about a little machine, it is like a calculator sort of (no numbers), but it plays music somehow? I do not understand how a calculator can play music (a CD will not fit there), still it is pretty interesting probably?

Okay here is a TV review, it is the show where the people are in the space ship, it has big “arms” on it, sort of, I can’t remember what it is called. Okay anyway I was watching the TV show where these people from the space ship, one of them has like elf ears maybe, anyway the people went to a planet and there were a bunch of weird kids there, kind of ugly. Anyway it was pretty good.

If you are wondering, yes I am changing the subject from the girl friend thing (too weird situation?).

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I guess love situations are “complicated” probably?

First I will say thank you to the people who are leaving comments on the “girl friend situation”, I guess it is nice to have advice from people all over the world probably, since I do not have “experience” such as this, the people can help me out in the situation, after all who can I talk to about it, Marla and Gary are married and so on, so they know about love and how to figure it out, but let me just say that they are not the kind of people I would talk to about love probably, generally they do not say much to me except when it is rent time, also one time they told me to turn down my TV for some reason.

Okay anyway comments time, everyone is saying “you should be a boy friend to Samantha, she loves you so much for a boy friend”, but I can tell you it is not the case. Here is why I know that, Samantha told me at work last night that she could take me to the Walmart on Thursday before work, her schedule at the community college is a certain way that day or something so she can do it, anyway so she says she can take me there to look at bicycles then she said maybe we could get some lunch before work or something. So see, it is obvious she does not want to be my girl friend (I mean the special love kind, not just a friend who is a girl, it is not the same), because if she wanted to be my girl friend why would she want to help me get a bicycle, because when I get the bicycle I do not need for her to give me a ride some where in a car (what I am saying is if she wanted to be my girl friend she would always want me to be with her, not far away on a bicycle), also if I had a bicycle who knows where I would go? Maybe to the mall, there are lots of ladies there, what if they fell in love with me? You can know that a girl friend would not want me to do that (it is just an example, I do not really think all the mall ladies would fall in love with me, for example, they are too busy spraying perfume at other ladies).

Okay but here is a weird situation, this kind of has to do with what I am talking about, what if you want a girl to maybe be your girl friend but she already is “going out” with a guy, he is her boy friend? Like for example, like what if there is a girl at work that you have known for a long time and she is pretty and some times you think it would a kind of cool thing to go to a movie with her or go to a place to eat (I am not using names for real), but she already is with that one guy, sometimes he picks her up at work, I don’t know if they are going to a date place, maybe he is just driving her home, most of the time she just drives her own car, I am just saying that this girl has a boy friend already (I will not say her name, what if she reads my blog web site, she would say “oh please Brian do not write on the internet about me, my boy friend will think I do not love him, but I do love him and not you Brian”, also I will not say the boy friend name because I do not know it, I think it is with an “r” in it?). Anyway it is “pointless” as far as I know.

Maybe I will talk to Samantha about this girl, maybe she can give me some advice because she is a girl too (this is an obvious fact, ha ha), so maybe she will “understand” what to do. Samantha is the kind of person who you can always talk to about “personal” stuff like that. Maybe I will talk to her about it on Thursday when we go to lunch, or maybe this weekend. Samantha and me might be driving up to a “state park”, it is Van Buren “state park”, I think we will go “hiking” (it is woods walking), also maybe a picnic.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Maybe I should not be so worried about the girl friend situation?

Okay there are a couple of comments here on my blog web site, it is about the “girl friend situation” I was talking about last Friday, I was kind of complaining about that I do not have a girl friend, in fact I really have not ever had a real girl friend (no, I am not counting DeDe, that was a long time ago, it does not really “count”, it is a long story, I will maybe tell about it later, not today). Anyway I am kind of sorry now that I was complaining about it so much, all the people who come here to my blog web site (I do not really know how many people come here to my blog web site, I guess about 100 probably?), they do not want to hear “oh I am so sad I do not get to kiss a girl”, instead they want to hear about crazy stuff in Findlay, like for example about that one time that I walked around all day with a big thing of beans on my shirt, it was from a burrito, why did no body tell me anything about it, it was very embarrassing. Anyway that is what people want to know about probably, not my sadness. Still anyway the comments are here about the girl friend thing, a lady (probably) named Shannon says I could maybe get a girl friend on the internet with a “photo”? Here is the thing, I do not know how to do that, how do you put a “photo” (it means like a picture from a camera) on the internet, I am kind of new at this, like for example I can make the words black but I am not really the computer expert you see. Anyway the “photo” is the same situation: I am not a famous beautiful actor! You would not say “wow that Brian should wear blue jeans in a magazine picture” (I am not ugly though maybe). So I am not sure what is going on there with the “photo internet” situation. Also there is another comment, it is from “Mary Ann” again (always she is sending comments, hi Mary Ann!), okay anyway Mary Ann you are a nice lady probably, but I do not think you are right (here is what she said, basically it is that Samantha is really wanting to be my girl friend), Samantha is always inviting me to do stuff with her and we are always talking, and she has never said anything about that, so that is not the truth (remember we are not a date couple)!

That reminds me, Samantha came and picked me up and took me over to her parents house, that is where she lives, anyway there was a cook out, remember I told you about it last time (sorry I did not write anything on Saturday, I really did not get a chance to get up to the library, I had to go to the Great Scot for “groceries”, also I wanted to get something to bring to the cook out, it was the “cheddar and sour cream” kind of chips, very tasty) (also there was some kind of weird thing there at the Great Scot about spinach, I am not sure what was going on there, anyway I do not eat spinach so it is not a problem). Okay anyway so we went over to her house, it is kind of across town a ways, but I will tell you it was a lot nicer than my apartment (my apartment is just one room, not her house, it was a regular house, not just one room). Anyway her mom and dad were there, it was just them, for some reason I thought it was a “neighbor hood” situation, but I guess I just misunderstood Samantha. Okay so they were pretty nice too, her mom said “oh Brian, it’s so nice to meet you, Samantha has told us all about you” (that is almost exactly what she said, I am not “summarizing”), and her dad shook my hand and we went outside while he was grilling the hamburgers. He asked me all about the grills we sell at the store, also stuff like if I am going to work there my whole life, I mean he was nice about it, I am just saying he was asking like all these questions about what I am “going to do with my life,” that kind of thing. I am not sure what his job is, he told me but I kind of got confused, it is something about house payments I think? Okay anyway I am going on and on, here is the short version: pretty good times, the hamburgers were good, I have to say it is nice “for a change” not to get a burger that is wrapped in paper and so on, instead it is “real”. So we sat around talking, also we played cards (no, it is not the “hold it poker” like on TV, it was “spade”, I think? you can probably guess I am not very good). So yeah, a good time. It is nice I think sometimes to “hang out” with parent-age people, normally I do not hang out with any body (except Samantha a lot). Anyway I told Samantha I had a good time, she wants me to come over again and help her study again (remember she is at the community college, a student). Probably I will do that, maybe it will get me some practice because I think I might want to go to the community college some time to learn new things, like for example science.

Also me and Samantha went to a movie on Sunday, it was about foot ball. It was pretty good.