Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am not a good detective

Okay it is just a fact that I am not very good at tracking down criminals and solving murders (these are things detectives do on TV and I guess in real life too, I am not actually solving murders, why would the Findlay police ask Brian to solve a murder, that is crazy!). Anyway I do not know any detectives for real. But I was trying to find out what happened to Kenny at work, why he was not working there anymore (this was a while ago, I think 3 weeks? you can look at my blog web site from that time), but nobody is saying anything about it (except I forgot, I asked Anita if she knows where Kenny went, she asked me do I read the newspaper? "no"). I guess now that I think about it she was saying maybe I should read the newspaper, it was a clue probably. So maybe I am back "on the case" to follow the clues. I am at the library anyway, I think they have newspapers (they are like books I guess).

Also I am wondering why no one is leaving comments on my blog web site? That guy at the library (remember I talked about that guy at the library?) helped me put the comment thing on my blog web site but nobody is writing anything. Maybe people do not know what to say, I know sometimes I am around somebody and I do not know what to say (like for example Valerie at work, for some reason I am always nervous sometimes, I guess maybe because she is kind of pretty? also Derrick at the video store) (He is not pretty, ha ha! It is a different thing, he always wants to talk about weird movies I have not seen before, so what am I supposed to say to him? "Derrick I do not know what you are talking about, can I please have my movie I am trying to rent, it is about comedy?" I guess that is rude, I would not say something like that, instead I just nod my head and say "yeah".) Anyway maybe someday people will leave a comment on my blog web site. Probably tomorrow? If you want to leave a comment on my blog web site it is okay, you do not have to be a genius scientist! (I mean because you have to type the wavy letters, sometimes it is tricky.)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hey I am back

Sorry everybody, it has been "one of those weeks" (I am saying that it has been the kind of week where things are crazy or busy or not good in some way). What I mean is I have not been able to get to the library to do my blog web site for a long time, well, that is not exactly true, I guess I could have come down here, it is not far to walk, only a few blocks then around the corner by the newspaper machine (that is where that weird lady is sometimes, I will tell you more about her later not right now) but what I am saying is I guess I just did not feel like doing it. Is that a bad thing? I know I read the blog web sites all the time and people are writing things on their blog web sites like a bunch of times on the same day! I guess they spend the whole day at the library? (Ha ha, I am just kidding, I know a lot of people have computer at their houses, so they can do their blog web sites at home, maybe they can watch TV at the same time, I guess that would be pretty cool except I would probably start watching the TV and I would forget about writing my blog web site, all of a sudden it would be time to go to bed and I did not write my blog web site! So anyway no TV.) But anyway I do not go to the library every day, sometimes I am really tired from work, or sometimes I have to go to the Great Scot to get groceries (Great Scot is a grocery store, it is not a hardware store, ha ha) (see I am saying of course it is a grocery store, because I am buying groceries there, I am making a lot of jokes today) or sometimes I think I do not have any adventures to talk about today, so why do I even want to put on my blog web site, "Sorry everybody I don't have anything to talk about today, just go to another blog web site" (I would not do that).

But then I guess maybe I do have a lot of adventures, even if nothing happens on a day, there are plenty of things that happened a long time ago, like for example that time when I was 11 and I was at my cousin's house in Cincinnati (my dad drove us down there, it took all afternoon) and we found that snake under the house. Boy my cousin screamed loud! (She was a girl.) Anyway my dad got a tool from the garage (it is like a rake sort of, it has a flat piece and you use it in the garden) and he whacked the snake with that tool and cut its head off! Oh man, I think my cousin screamed even louder (her name is Trish). Then my dad picked up the snake with gloves and threw it out in the woods. (Later Trish and me went out into the woods to see if we could find it and we could not find the long skinny snake body, only the head, but we saw a possum carrying the body off in its mouth, I am not even lying, I did not know possums would eat a snake body?) So see, there are adventures from all times.

But what if I do not want to write about the snake and the possum? What if I want to watch TV instead or maybe at the library if all the computers are busy, what can I do? I have to just go back home or sometimes I can look at a magazine. I guess I am saying I can not write my blog web site every day (except maybe if I had a computer at home, maybe I could write in my blog web site every day, but where would I put it? also I can't afford it).