Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Brian the baby sitter

Here is a story for you, this morning I had to wait a little bit for a computer to be free for me to use to write on my blog web site (at the library), it was a little weird because it is not “usual” for it to be so busy on a Friday morning. Anyway while I was waiting I decided to look at some magazines and so, like for example the one about movies, also there is one about people that climb mountains I think? Okay so anyway I was just sitting there looking at a magazine (I was reading a thing about a movie, I can not remember what it is called, something about a place with magic children?). Okay so anyway I was just sitting there on like a couch thing, and this little kid got up on the couch with a book, he is saying “hey read this book to me please”. I do not even know who this little kid is, I have to say I do not really know how to “deal” with children, you know I do not have any little kids around my place, it is just me (some times little kids will come in the store with I guess their parents, some times they run around and mess with stuff, I don’t know what to do, I just have to put all that stuff back, one time pulled out a whole roll of chain from the wall). Okay anyway I am “off the topic”, so this little kid wants me to read him a book, he is a very little kid, I am not very good at knowing how old a kid is, I guess maybe 4? I do not really know, also I did not know where is his parents? So I did not know what else to do, so I go the book from him and started to read it to him, it was about a dog who was a giant red monster, kind of strange, but anyway the little kid I guess liked it because when I was done he wanted me to read it to him again! I am not kidding at all when I tell you that I read that book about the giant dog 3 times I think! Anyway finally his mom I guess came over there and said something like “oh there you are’ and said the kid’s name, I don’t remember what it was. Anyway she said she was sorry and took the kid off to the little kids book section again (yes he left the giant dog book, I guess he was lost). So anyway that is all about the kid, I guess it was kind of cool, he was not a crazy kid like sometimes at the store, he just wanted me to read him a book and I guess I was pretty good at it. Maybe one day I will be a “husband” to some lady and we will have a kid, so now I have had a little practice with a kid so I will know what to do probably.

Okay so you have probably guessed, yes it is the weekend time so me and Samantha are going to be doing something probably, I think we might be going to that “Van Buren” state park for the hiking and picnic trip that we could not do last weekend because it was just too rainy and so forth, so remember instead we went up to Toledo just for a crazy thing. So yes it will just be me and Samantha, who knows maybe we will take bikes and ride them there (yes, I am talking about the bikes because a comment said “you should ride bikes”) because I know that she has one too in her garage, she does not ride it very much because she has a car (you can not drive a car around the state park woods area). No, do not even say it (I know what you are going to say and I guess you probably know what I am going to say, it is because I have said it so many times here on the blog web site, WE ARE NOT A DATE COUPLE). What am I supposed to do instead of “hanging out” with a good friend, just sit around like always I used to do all the time even if I could see people renting movies and there was more than just one person (I would watch movies all by my self, you have to know that it is not much fun, it is like a birthday party where they run out of cake) (yes I know what I am talking about).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am “Findlay Explorer”, also danger

No great adventures to talk about this time, I guess it is “Boring Days” in Findlay (no it is not like a big carnival where nothing happens, like for example there is a “ferris” wheel that does not work and you can get funnel cakes but they are cold, so you can see the Boring Days is a bad “tourist” idea probably, this is why I do not make commercials for “come to visit Findlay”) (I do not make commercials at all really). Okay so anyway, this morning I decided to go a little “crazy”, instead of coming right to the library to do my blog web site I decided instead to just ride around on my bicycle around various streets and so on that I used to not go on because I was just walking and I wanted to just get to the pace where I was walking to. But now since I have the bike, I can go all around the city probably. So this morning I was going all around the place like a crazy person (except I was not flipping a coin and talking about putting babies in the laundry washer, do you remember what I am talking about? weird). Okay anyway I was riding on a pretty busy street, it is “Main Cross” street (it is the street where the Great Scot is), I was going to go over to the other side of the street when “out of no where” a car is hitting its breaks and honking the horn (actually it was the man who was driving who honked the horn). I guess I did not see the car there, I thought it was an empty street. So the man “rolled down” his window and yelled a swear at me, not a kind I want to put here on the blog web site. I was pretty surprised, I did not even realize I was just stopped there in the middle of the road, I did not even know what to do! Finally there were a couple of other cars that were honking at me, so I just jumped off the bike and “ran” it to the other side of street. The cars left then, but the guy yelled another swear at me also. So yes, you have to guess that I was embarrassed, I did not realize 2 things: 1, that Findlay is so dangerous for bicycles, 2, that people are so angry at me! I guess I do not have a lot of “fans” in Findlay Ohio. Maybe I wish people in Findlay would know about my blog web site, they could come here and read about me and about all the things I do here in the town, it is a good place to live probably! So I wish maybe the news paper would put a thing in there about my blog web site, it would be a great thing, but I guess a news paper is for important things like a war.

Anyway so after that I did not explore any more, I just came right to the library. So here I am. The end.

Okay and Mary Ann (the comment lady) has a “good point” in her comments, how does it work with the bicycle on Laundry Day, how do I carry all the laundry to the place, you have to hold on to the handle bars on the bicycle, you can not hold on to the laundry also! Okay here is how it works: my laundry is in a big bag, you pull a string and the top of it closes up, do you know what I am talking about? Anyway also there is a “strap” on it, you can use it to carry the bag, but instead also you can put it on your shoulder, you like put it over your shoulder like a back pack but is just one strap, anyway it kind of goes cross ways on my back while I am riding the bicycle. Do not worry, it is not so heavy, remember I am just one person, it is not like I have to wash laundry for a 100 people, also I can wear pants for more than one time. You do not have to wash them every single time (it is a laundry tip from Brian).

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Things I have read about in magazines at the Laundromat

Hey every body, remember it is Laundry Day on Wednesday so I have to be really quick about this, because I am on lunch break. It is like this every Wednesday just about so I thought maybe I would try something a little “different” (except it is what I did last week too) anyway because I do not have a lot of time, also it is “usual” that it is not an interesting adventure day when I am just folding under wear and pants and so on (you can believe me that it is not exciting to read “today I used a different fabric soften sheet”, boring). Okay so here is what I will do, instead I will write about something that I read in a magazine at the laundry place, they have a bunch of magazines laying around that you can read if you do not want to watch the TV. Okay so here we go.

Today I read about a TV show, it was in a magazine about TV shows and movies and that kind of stuff, not news about a war and so on. Okay anyway this is a TV show about ladies who live on a street (I think it is the same street?), I don’t remember what it is called, of course they are all “beautiful” but probably they are too skinny. The story said something about the TV show. Really I do not remember much about it. Oh, also there was a story about people who were on that singing show (it is the one where the people sing and the man yells at them I think?).

Okay so that is all for today. Maybe tomorrow I will have an adventure to talk about, maybe we will get robbed at the store (of course I do not want to get robbed, I am just saying it would be a pretty good “post” right?).

Oh and one other thing, me and Samantha are getting married.

HA! It is not the real truth, we are not even a date couple. But I decided to play a trick on the people who are always saying we are a date couple. Ha ha, it is just a joke.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I used bad “customer service” because maybe this customer is crazy

I have been talking so much about stuff that is going on with the bicycle situation and all that, I realized that maybe I did not take enough time to talk about work adventures probably? Okay so here is one: this happened yesterday (it was Monday), I was taking a pallet of rock bags (I mean they are bags full of special rocks, you use them to “decorate” a house yard I think?) out to the “garden” area (this is where Samantha works, except she was not there yet, she comes in later on Mondays, anyway I am getting “off the topic”), okay so anyway I am out there with these rocks, I am not joking when I tell you they are pretty heavy. Okay so it is pretty slow, I am out there by my self except for there is a guy out there too, looking around, he is a customer. I have to use “customer service”, it is where you ask people “how can I help you sir” (or “ma’am” if it is a lady of course). So I am going to do that, but the man, he has a coin and he is “flipping the coin” for some reason! He was looking at big pots for plant dirt, and then he would flip the quarter (I think it was a quarter probably) and he would say “okay it is all good”. But he would not do anything, he would just keep walking to look at other stuff, and he would flip the coin and he would say, “okay it is all good” or some times he would say “no sir, no sir, not today” (I guess if the coin was one thing he would say whatever it is different or something?). So I do not know what that was all about, anyway so like I said I was going to use “customer service” to talk to him, so I said “how can I help you sir” (some times I will say “can I help you find some thing?”). He said “you can put the babies in the laundry washer, I saw it on the TV”. Okay so I did not know what he was talking about of course so I have to admit, I just said “OK” and went back to the rock bags. It is not the best work thing, I know, but I did not know what to do about what he was saying, what if he was crazy? Anyway I guess he left at some time, I did not see him there later.

Okay enough about that situation, also there is a weird thing in the news paper web site, here is the “address”: (please some one leave a comment to tell me how to make it where you click it to go there, I keep asking and no one will help me with that situation). Okay anyway a lady, she is “Mariah Mercer” is writing the story, it is something about a church pole? I do not really understand what is going on with that, but there is a thing at the end where she says “Clothe the naked” (it means to put clothes on naked people?). Here is the thing: there are not naked people in Findlay Ohio running around! I guess if there is a naked person, you should give them clothes probably. Anyway I wrote her an Email, here is a “copy:”
Dear Mariah Mercer,

I read you story about the church pole on the
web site for the news paper today, I have to sya I do not really understand what
is the situation where you pray for the pole (I do not remember that from high
school, maybe it was "extra credit"?). Okay anyway there is a thing you wrote,
it says "Clothe the naked", I have to say that I do not see naked people here in
Findlay! (One time I saw a man wearing a flower dress, yes it was weird like you
might think, but that is a different situation) (weird, not naked). Okay so
anyway I guess maybe since you are a news paper reporter maybe this is a
situation I do not know about. Maybe I will put something about it on my blog
web site (it is about Findlay situations)?

Thank you,
I will see what she says.

Also, here is a thing: the people in my blog web site comments are fighting! Mary Ann and anonymous (these are people who always are leaving comments on my blog web site, also some times there is a person named Shannon, I guess a lot of people do not leave comments on my blog web site?), anyway you two please need to get along and not argue about a girl friend situation that is not even really a girl friend situation! Remember when Samantha put her head on my shoulder it was because she was tired, I am not going to tell a friend that she can not lay down her head on my shoulder when she is tired, what kind of friend is that? Here is the answer: it is a bad kind of friend who is doing a thing like that, like for example you are watching TV and your friend says “hey can I have some Dorito nacho chips to eat” and you do not give the person some Dorito nacho chips to eat, instead you punch them in the face! You see I am not that kind of friend (instead I am the good kind).

Monday, September 25, 2006

A surprise from the weekend (not state park time!)

I have to say, when I got up on Saturday morning I was kind of not looking forward to going to “Van Buren” state park with Samantha (here is a “review”, remember me and Samantha, she is a good friend, not a date situation probably, anyway we were going to go to that state park for a picnic and “hiking”, that was the plan). I am saying this because it was all rainy and gray, kind of a “yucky” day, so you can guess I was not thinking, “hey it would be fun to walk around in the muddy woods today, hooray let’s go and do that”. Anyway I knew Samantha really wanted to do this hiking, so I did not say anything to her about it when she came to pick me up at my place. Well she had a surprise for me when I got in her car, she said “hey Brian this is kind of a crappy day for hiking of course, let’s just go up to Toledo what the heck?” Yes you are hearing right (I mean reading, you can not hear me when I am writing this on the blog web site, anyway there is not much to hear, it is just clicking of the key board), we drove up to Toledo (she drive really, remember I do not have a driver license) just for “heck” of it. It is not too far, really, and we did not do much, we went to a mall there, it was a lot bigger than the mall here in Findlay, I guess it makes sense because Toledo is bigger than Findlay a lot, it was something about “Franklin Mall”, something like that. Anyway yes we went to the mall and just walked around. Samantha bought some clothes, like for example shirts. (Samantha would try on a shirt and then she would come out of the little room and ask me “how it looks”, I have to say it is kind of weird to tell a girl how the shirt, pretty much they all looked the same, but I said they were all good.) Anyway we ate at another kind of “fancy” place there at the mall, I though it was the same as the “Apple” place we ate the other day, it looked like exactly the same, but I guess it was different, it was like “Tuesday Restaurant’ or something? Then we just kind of drove around, it was like the end of the day we went out and sat by the lake (there is a big lake there in Toledo, it is “Erie Lake”). Samantha was I guess kind of tired from the long day, because when we were sitting there talking she put her head on my shoulder, I guess trying on clothes makes you tired? So anyway the lake was nice.

Kind of a fun time I guess, nothing too crazy but I have actually not been out of Findlay for a very long time, probably it was years. Of course even with a bicycle I could not come all the way up to Toledo but anyway. So anyway, no hiking in the muddy woods.

Also hey guess what I rode my new “mountain bike” over here today (I am talking about the library where I write my blog web site), of course except for this time I did not have a problem with the lock like last time! I am learning the lesson?