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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, December 01, 2006

The weekend is “up on us”, it is time for a girl friend surprise maybe?

First of all before I talk about anything about what is going on this weekend I want to talk about another thing that is kind of about what I have been talking about this week (also I just realized that I said “about” in that sentence too many times probably). Here is what I mean, it is “update” time for a couple of things. First of all, an update on my missing shirt, it is my favorite shirt: still missing. If I had a picture of it I would maybe borrow Samantha’s computer at her house (remember she is my girl friend, oh yes I am the big man) to make a “flier” (no, it is not “air plane” material, instead it is like a paper you can give to people, it has “info” about whatever, I do not know why it is called a “flier” because it is obvious that it does not fly, usually it is stuck to a telephone pole with staples with a picture of a dog) anyway the “flier” would not be a dog, instead it would be my shirt. I could put it up at the Laundromat probably, someone could “give me a call” if they found it or something, only there is a problem, I do not have $$$ for a reward. I just hope it is a rich person who finds my shirt so they do not need the $$$ so much. Of course now that I think about it I guess it is a little bit silly to put up a “missing shirt flier”, no one cares about a stupid shirt, it does not love you. But still I hope it “turns up”.

Okay here is the 2nd thing for the “update”, about the Samantha present idea, these are all good ideas maybe, only there is a problem (always there is a problem, right?): I hope these things are not too expensive, there was a good idea from “Shannon” (also here is her web site I guess, her name on the comment had a “link” where you could click her name and it went there, so I guess this is the “Shannon Blog Web Site” except it is something about a hill or whatever, I do not understand what is going on with that, okay anyway here is the “link”: Also did you notice something there? Yes it is true, Brian finally figured out how to do that, no one would help me out on how to make the “link” work so I got on the internet and figured out how to do it, it turns out there is a little button there on the place where you write your “post” for your blog web site, it is not really hard at all. So yes I am the “internet super star” not really.) Okay so I kind of got “off the topic” a little bit, anyway “Shannon” said to give Samantha a lotion or something, so I will try to look at the Great Scot, it is basically a grocery store but also they have a row where it is like soap and lotion and so on, I will “check it out”. But other things, I do not know, like for example the statue of a “precious moment”, I am not really sure what that is, but I know if it is “precious” it is probably a “precious cost”! I mean expensive. Okay and then Mary Ann says of course to give jewels to show I love Samantha. Okay here is the thing, I have not really said that yet to her (the “I love you” part I mean), when are you supposed to say that to a girl friend? I am not “experience” with that part yet. Also how do you know? I know sometimes you say “I like that girl” but isn’t that kind of the same thing but more like “that girl is my friend that I can kiss” but where “I love that girl” is more like “me and that girl are marrying with a ring and so on”, so it is a little complicated. I thought a girl friend is supposed to be fun, and it is fun, we still have a good time on dates (except is it still a date if you are boy friend and girl friend and you do not really “ask her out”, instead you just do stuff together all the time, I think a date is when you like make “appointments” to go eat and so no), anyway I wish I was not all the time worrying “when do I say like and when do I say love”, instead just kissing and so on. Anyway so that is that, please send more Christmas gift ideas, I am not so good at shopping for things like that.

Okay the “updates” are out of the way, here is the main thing: what can I do with Samantha this weekend? Always she is coming up with good ideas, like for example let’s go to Dayton, or let’s go iceskating, or let’s watch a movie of romantic couples, that kind of thing, and I just do whatever she wants, it is fine with me, what else am I going to do? I do not have plans. But I want to maybe surprise her a little bit and do something kind of different, only I do not have any ideas. I could take her to the top of a sky scraper with a flower, but there is a problem: I can get a flower but Findlay does not have a sky scraper. But you see what I mean, something kind of crazy but with “romance” which is girl-talk for something that a guy does not really want to do, except there is usually kissing and so on after it, so the guy does it anyway. So do you have any ideas? Leave a comment please, I will try to come back on my break (remember I am doing this at the library before I go to work but the library is really close) to check for a comment of ideas. Remember it has to be romantic, also it has to be something I can do in Findlay (like for example, nothing with a jungle because there is not one here, see what I mean?).

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Oh my gosh what am I going to get Samantha for Christmas (she is my girl friend remember)

Okay you know that tomorrow is December 1 (yes even Brian uses a calendar, I know you are probably thinking “that Brian is a goof ball, he probably does not even know how to use a calendar” but of course you are wrong, I have fooled you again because I am really a calendar “fan”! It is not like I have a “calendar autograph” (it is not a person of course), I am not that kind of fan, it is just that I really like to have calendars around. I bet I have like 8 or maybe 9 or 10 calendars hanging in my place. I remember the 1st time Samantha went into my apartment she said something like “hey Brian can you tell me what day it is” (yes she was kidding because like I said I can do that pretty easy because there are so many calendars). When you have all those calendars it is kind of like you get a new bunch of posters every month, it is a “redecorating” every month on the 1st day (sometimes 2nd or 3rd if I forget which I guess I do a lot of times now that I think about it). Okay anyway here is the point of what I am talking about: it is Christmas very soon! And this Christmas is different because I am not just buying a present for my landlady Marla (yes I give her a little something every year, nothing huge, it is not like I buy her a special “jewel”, usually it is like a picture frame or something, in fact I think I give her a picture frame every year, you have to admit they are pretty nice to have, especially if you have a bunch of “photos” sitting around, which I do not know if she has, maybe I should give her something else, like for example a vase) (also I do not know if she likes flowers). Anyway what I was saying is that this year I have a girl friend, oh yes, Samantha is my girl friend this year (can you believe it, if you had told me last Christmas that I would have a great girl friend this Christmas I would have laughed and maybe punched you in the face, ha ha, just kidding, I do not punch people in the face, I am not a criminal). So I need to get Samantha a little something special (more special than the thing I get for my land lady, that is for sure because to me Samantha is more special than Marla, yes I am “romantic”). But I do not have any ideas! I have not ever bought a Christmas present for a girl before, especially not in a “date couple” situation. What on earth do you get for a girl friend? I do not have lots of $$$ for expensive jewels! I do not just want to give her a sweat shirt with a “buck eyes” logo on it, that is a “lame” present. So I am hoping that some of my many “blog web site” people will give me some suggestions, so maybe you could leave comments or whatever here on my blog web site, help me out on what I should give my girl friend Samantha for Christmas. I know it is a long time before we get to the “Christmas day” but I will probably need a lot of time to make sure I have enough $$$, also I will need to figure out a plan to hide it and get it and all that stuff and so on. I really do not know what I am doing with this whole Christmas thing, I hope I do not look stupid.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh lord somebody please help me I am a “laundry thief” victim

Yes you are reading right I am a “victim” of a crime, yes right here in Findlay Ohio! I am so mad I can not even “see straight” (it is a thing that Samantha says, most of the time she is saying it about me! Ha ha, just kidding kind of). So anyway remember today is Laundry Day, just like all Wednesdays are Laundry Day (the day I take my dirty clothes to the Laundromat and wash them, although I have to admit they are not all that “filthy”, it is not like they are covered with mud like I am a person who lives in the mud and eats mud and has a mud house, they are not that dirty is what I am saying but still you have to wash them, if you do not they are “rank” smelling, that means gross). Okay so anyway I did all my laundry and everything, wash and dry, usually I have to do a couple of “loads”, it will not all fit in one, also you do not really want to wash your towels with your “wearing” clothes, it is not a good idea (laundry tip from Brian). Also here is not a good idea: getting your clothes stolen by a laundry villain! When I was folding my clothes I could not find my favorite shirt (green, it has “long” sleeves and also blue and white stripes across the front of it, it is just too cool is what I am saying). Where is it?! I looked in the dryer, I did not even leave it in there, so where is it? There is only 1 answer, here it is: THEFT. There was a lady in there, the lady that always cries, maybe she has a cousin or a boy friend or son or whatever who is “just my size”, so she took my favorite shirt for a Christmas gift for that “special someone”. I did not see her do it, actually now that I think about it she left right after I got there so probably it was not her. Anyway I do not know who did it. But my favorite shirt is gone and I am kind of depressed about it, life stinks. Why does a thief have to steal my favorite shirt instead of money? (Actually I did not have a lot of money anyway to steal, mostly quarters. But anyway I can get more quarters but where will I get that shirt again? Answer is nowhere.)

Also there is one other thing, I hope Mary Ann and Jonathan are not fighting over my movie review of the super-spy movie from last weekend (it is about poker gambling, also murder), like for example Jonathan thinks it is a good thing so he will know if he wants to spend the money if it is a good movie, but instead Mary Ann thinks I “spoiled” the movie, which is not true. I did not even tell that the lady died!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

“Movie Talk with your host Brian”

Yes my friend, welcome to the “Movie Talk with your host Brian”, show (not really a show like on TV, you are just reading it on my blog web site, what I am saying this just is a pretend show situation like I review movies). Okay on today’s show I am going to “review” the movie I saw this weekend with my girl friend Samantha, it is the movie about the super spy who plays poker cards and kills people, also has many “situations” with beautiful ladies. Here is the problem: I saw the last movie about this super spy man, and it was NOT THE SAME GUY. I guess nobody noticed but I am telling you, it is not the same guy, they do not even look a little bit alike each other. And it was not a different super spy, I am telling you it was the same “character”, they had the same name, but the one in the last movie had black hair, this one had blond hair. NOT THE SAME GUY. But also, there was a lot about poker card playing and I have to say I do not really understand really how to play the game, sometimes you get like a card that says “6” and it is better then the “A” card but mostly the “A” card is the best if you have a lot of them, see it is pretty complicated and I do not really get it. But the main thing is that it was a different guy who was the super spy but really it was the same guy. My review is: it is pretty good. See you next time on “Movie Talk with your host Brian”.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Here is a little thanks giving tip, do not go to Youngstown for thanks giving (instead stay in Findlay if that is where you live)

Okay now that it is Monday and all of the crazy-ness of the thanks giving weekend is over pretty much I will have to give you an “update” about every thing that went on, basically I will just talk about what happened when I went to Youngstown with my girl friend Samantha (also with her family, I mean her mom and dad except they went in separate cars then us). Basically I will make this easy for you, I will make that list thing with the dots, it is a list of things I have learned this weekend, here we go:

  • I gave you a little “preview” of this one last time I wrote on my blog web site, it is that you have to bring pajamas when you sleep at another person’s house. Basically the problem is (here is a “personal” fact), I just sleep in my underwear, it is just easier, I have never liked the big pajamas and whatever, just too hot. So I did not think about bringing any to Samantha’s grandma’s house mostly because I do not have any. Well you can guess here is the problem, my “bed” (not really a bed) was the couch in the living room of the grandma’s house so you can see there is no “private” areas. Also no one wants to see me in my under wear, that is a fact. So yes it was embarrassing very much when Samantha’s mom saw me walking around in my underwear (big apology you can imagine). So I basically had to sleep in my jeans, not very comfortable.
  • The underwear thing was 1, here is another. Samantha’s grandma has a disease where she can not say “Brian” or it is something like that. Yes it is true, they would say, “This is Brian” and she would say “hello Derrick” or “hello Jeff”, basically anything but Brian. She also has other problems with “people names” because she called Samantha “Michelle” the whole time we were there (one time she called her “Sissy”, very strange). Is every grandma like this? Except for the “wrong name” situation, she was pretty nice I guess.
  • Youngtown is not so exciting, not even a little (this is another “learning fact” from Brian) (me). I would not move there unless there was a “atomic bomb” war, it would be a good place because living there would make you “used to” what a city looks like after a “atomic bomb” war. It is like every one decided to leave there but before they got out of town they had to stop and break 8 windows. (I did not break any windows before I left, just a little statue of a shepherd girl and her sheep babies, this was at grandma’s house, I don’t think grandma even noticed but I was pretty sorry you can guess).
  • This is the last learning fact: if you have a girl friend and also you have a blog web site, do not say anything on your blog web site that is basically you saying “I do not want to get married with my girl friend”. That is not really what I said when I put that comment on here, I just meant not yet to get married because we have not been a date couple very long, just a “hand full” of weeks. But there was a long “discussion” on the trip over there to Youngtown from Findlay with me and Samantha, of course I had to tell her that it is not a true fact that I am not “serious” about the “relationship” (I do not think I ever used the word “relationship” before last Wednesday night, it is just not a “usual” word for me to say). Anyway it is all “worked out” now I guess, but still you need to know that learning fact that I said before: do not say “I do not want to marry my girl friend”, trust me, it will not go well.

That is all of the “learning facts”.