Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, August 04, 2006

A mystery of orange juice

Okay so here is a weird thing, I got up this morning (I did not sleep so good last night, for some reason I kept waking up, I think it was a noise?) and I went over to the refrigerator and there was a big plastic jug of orange juice (it is in a jug like the milk comes in, you do not get them mixed up because milk is not orange). That is not so weird, I guess, but here is the mystery: I do not drink orange juice, I do not even like it, I can’t drink it. I have not had orange juice since I was a little kid, I think the last time was this one time my dad took me down to Florida (it is a far state with an ocean) and we were in like a parking lot right by the sand, that is where we slept (it was not on the parking lot like a car, it was in like this little trailer thing where the top would raise up and these bed things would pop out of the side, they were little beds, it was like a tent and a trailer were together and we were camping), and in the mornings this van would drive around selling donuts and juice to the people in their tent trailers (it is like the ice cream truck except not ice cream, it was donuts instead such as chocolate and plain, also there was no song). My dad let me get some orange juice and some kind of donut (don't remember, probably plain). Anyway when I drank the oj (my dad always would say, "want some oj?" and it was the orange juice, it is like a nickname for juice) I started spitting it all up, it is like I was drinking nasty poison (I am guessing on this, I have not really drank nasty poison obviously because I am not dead). My dad said "dang Brian, did they give you the battery acid?" and he was laughing pretty hard but anyway it turns out I can't drink orange juice for some reason (the donut was fine as far as I can remember) (later we went swimming).

Anyway so I am kind of going round and round here but I am just saying, why is there orange juice in my refrigerator? I do not buy orange juice! Also it is only halfway filled up, someone is drinking it (I guess now that I think about it maybe when the person put it here it was already kind of empty)! Maybe I will ask Marla (she is my landlady sort of) if she saw someone carrying the "oj" into my apartment. Except I don't know why would somebody do that? It does not make sense, usually on the movies and TV shows a robber will go into a house to rob, sometimes they will use a big metal bar to get in the door, and they will take a thing of jewels or a secret plan (I do not have a secret plan). It is a weird mystery, maybe if you have any ideas you can leave a "comment" on my blog web site (people are leaving "comments" on my blog web site now, they are important probably).

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Whoops, I did not do the comments right but now they are okay probably

Hey everybody, I thought nobody was leaving comments on my blog web site, but it turns out I did something all wrong when I put the comments on my blog web site (remember that guy at the library helped me put the comments on my blog web site, I appreciate that he helped me but it looks like he clicked a wrong button to make it where people leave a comment but it will not go on your blog web site until you click a button, otherwise the comments are just sitting there, they are not on your blog web site). So anyway I was working on my blog web site today and I clicked a button (I don't remember what it was called, something about "comments") and there were these comments! So I figured out how to get them on the blog web site (I did not ask Judy, she is from the library, and not even that guy from before, which it doesn't really matter if I wanted to ask him because he was not there anyway), I just did it myself, no help at all, I guess I am the computer hacker like on the movies (like for example that one where the guy and his girlfriend play with the computer games and start the war, I don't remember what it is called, something about computer wars? it is an old movie).

So anyway there are 2 comments now from a lady called Shannon, they are like from a long time ago! So I had comments all this time, I was complaining for nothing (ha I feel kind of stupid now). (Now that I think about it I wonder if Shannon is a lady, I remember when I was a kid there was a boy named Shannon in my class, I remember he wore overalls a lot, maybe that is him? but it is probably a lady). Also what if is not the same Shannon on both comments? I don't know how you tell the difference, there are a lot of Shannons on the internet probably. Anyway Shannon says I can't get a driver license on the internet, it is a law? So I guess I will just keep walking (bus sometimes).

Okay I know this is "off the topic" (sometimes the blog web sites will write about a thing, then will say "this is off the topic" and they will write about something else, like for example they will write about a war, then they will say "off the topic" and say a rock group is really good, these are not real), but also I will tell you a little more about the Kenny situation (I don't want to talk a whole lot about the situation, basically I am looking for Kenny), so I was looking in the newspaper at the library (Anita at work told me to read the newspaper), the newspapers are in a section of the library by the magazines and there are a bunch of them. I do not read the newspapers a lot, there are too many pages! (also they leave smudges on my hands) But I have to figure out what it going on, maybe the newspapers will help, except probably the comics will not help! (I have not looked at the comics for a long time, I used to read them when I was a kid, like for example the one about the kid who plays with a computer, and there is that one with the little bald man who has a dog, they are still in the comics I guess?) So I was looking at the newspaper for anything about Kenny. I couldn't find anything about Kenny, I looked through all the pages (there are a bunch of newspapers inside the newspaper, like for example there is a "Sports" newspaper, and "Arts", and "Business", and they are all in the same stack, so I guess a newspaper is like a bunch of little newspapers all together in one) and I could not find anything about him, maybe it is because of a war (the newspaper was talking a lot about a war)? Also I think maybe there are other reasons: I do not know his last name (I will ask at work), also maybe Kenny is just a nickname (like for example we had a neighbor named Bobby but I am not kidding, his real name was Robert, it is like Bobby is a "nickname" for Robert so maybe Kenny is a nickname for something else?), also I didn't realize this but it was not even the Findlay newspaper, it turns out it was the Toledo newspaper (Toledo is not too far away, I guess that is why the library in findlay has a Toledo newspaper, maybe because people will want to know what is going on in Toledo). So maybe next time I will check the Findlay newspaper, it might have something about Kenny. It will also probably be good to see more about what is going on in Findlay, also maybe there will be news about how to do a driver license?

Monday, July 31, 2006

What a weekend!

I am just kidding, it was just a normal weekend, I did the same things I do every weekend, like for example I will get up on Saturday morning (it is a lot of times kind of late, because I have to work late on Fridays nights, and by the time I walk home from work it is really late, it is times like this when I wish I had car, I could drive home pretty fast I guess but I would not go faster than the speed limit, I mean that I would get home quicker than walking) (the bus does not run that late). Anyway I just eat some cereal (it is a breakfast food always) or sometimes I will make an egg (fried or scrambled, I like to put a slice of cheese in a scrambled egg, that is the way my dad would make them when I was a little kid, except a lot of times he would not cook them all the way so they would be kind of runny, I guess it was pretty gross but I didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I would eat the eggs real fast wrapped up in some toast, the toast would soak up the runny egg). So there is breakfast, I will eat it watching TV usually, I have a TV tray that I eat on most of the time (I don't really have a dining room, my apartment is basically one room except for the bathroom, that is pretty good that I do not have to go the bathroom where everyone can see me! which I guess doesn't matter since no one comes to my place anyway). In the afternoon a lot of times then I will maybe go to the library and look at blog web sites or other kinds of web sites (like there are web sites with jokes or little movies but the library computers do not play the sounds so I don't really know what is going on in these movies, most of the time they are people getting hit in the privates). Or sometimes I will go to the Great Scot and shop for groceries. On Saturday nights I rent a movie or something (on Saturday it was the one about these guys who play baseball against little kids but they are grown men! I don't remember what it was called, it was pretty good). On Sundays it is pretty much the same as Saturday. I guess maybe I should go to church somewhere on Sunday? That is what a lot of people do on Sunday, they dress up and go to church, but I really do not have a lot of nice clothes such as ties and shiny shoes, that kind of thing. So maybe if I can get some nice clothes, I will go to church someday (I would try to find one pretty close so I can get there, sometimes also they have buses, I don't know which one to go to, I guess they are all about the same probably?).

Okay now that I am reading this I guess maybe my weekends are not very exciting, it is not like I am dancing with beautiful ladies and riding in boats in the rivers (like a Commercial for soda). It is basically just me watching TV or maybe sometimes buying ham at the store. I guess that is pretty boring. Well it is hard to run around and do the fun things when you don't have a car is what I am saying, Findlay is a good place I guess but it is not easy to walk all the way across the city to that park by the river like for example to see fireworks or a band is playing music or something. I guess I am saying I wish I had a car, it would not have to be fancy (I can't afford a rich car!) but sometimes I think it would be kind of cool to drive out of Findlay to see other cities, like for example Bowling Green or Lima (I have been to those places before, it is not like I on only stuck in Findlay my whole life!) and maybe I could meet some people there. I think it would be cool to do that, I guess.

Also I would need a driver's license, can you get one on the Internet? Leave a comment here on my blog web site, it would help me out.