Brian's Adventures in Findlay, Ohio

This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Friday, October 06, 2006

I do not know what to put for the title this time

I hope everybody enjoyed my little story yesterday about the future times, maybe I will do something like that again, I mean where I “pretend” that it is a different situation somehow, like for example I do not live here in Findlay Ohio, instead I am a fish in a river or something. What would it be like, it is a mystery so sometimes it is fun to think about things like that, also what if everything was exactly the same except it is a difference of 1 thing: ladies have beards, not men! It would be a strange world, that is “obvious” (if it was that world for “real”, when I saw that guy with a beard wearing a flower dress, maybe it would really be a lady, or I guess it would just be different that he did not have a beard?).

Okay then so it is the weekend right? So what are the weekend activities for me, you can probably guess that yes, me and Samantha are going to try again to go to the “Van Buren” state park for a hiking trip, also a picnic probably. We have talked about this for like a year now (ha ha I have not even known Samantha for a whole year, it is “exaggerate”), anyway it is a problems always every weekend, like for example the first time it was bad weather so we just went to Toledo (I guess it was not so bad probably) then the next time she was all sick so I just sat around all weekend. Okay so maybe we will make it to the state park place this weekend, I don’t know, maybe there will be a big problem or something, who knows. So I know what you are thinking about, you are thinking “hey Brian I thought Samantha was all mad at you because you did not bring her a soup at her house when she was sick, so why is she taking you to the state park anyway”? You are right, Samantha was kind of “upset” with me a little, how do I know this? It is because she told Valerie when she came back to work, Samantha told Valerie she really wanted Brian (me) to come to “visit” when she was sick, I do not know why she did not just tell me, I guess sometimes there is a situation when girls talk they do not talk to the guys (I do not really know because I do not have “experience” a lot with girls, I think I have said it before I do not really know anything about what to say to a girl, like for example Valerie). A lot of times I get all nervous around Valerie, it is not the case with Samantha, I guess that is why I am saying why didn’t she just tell me instead of telling Valerie. Okay anyway so Valerie told me “hey Brian your lady is all mad at you” (see there she goes again, why does she say Samantha is my lady? I am pretty sure Valerie thinks we are a date couple, what do I do, it is pointless). Still anyway I do not want Samantha to be mad at me even if we are not a date couple so yesterday before work I wanted to get her a thing to say “I am sorry” so I went over to the Great Scot before work, I thought maybe I could get her a card but she does not need “get well” because she is already well! Also I did not want to get her a soup (I mean chicken kind) because she does not need soup, she is not sick (you only eat chicken soup when you are sick, I am pretty sure that is “the case”). So what do I get then? That one time we went to that “fancy” place to eat she had a salad, so I got her a thing of salad from the store, it is like a clear bag with salad things in it (lettuce for example). So I gave it to her and told her I was sorry for not coming to see her when she was sick and also I knew she liked to eat lettuce. I think she was pretty happy with the salad because she just sat there looking at it for a long time, then she started laughing and gave me a hug. So I think she is happy now, I guess it is true because we are going to do the state park picnic hike activity. Here is the lesson: a bag of salad makes a girl not mad at you.

Oh also I will not do a blog thing on Monday, there is a sign that the library is not open on Monday, it is for “Columbus Days” (it is the Ohio capital holiday I think?).

Thursday, October 05, 2006

What if it is the future, what happens in Findlay, Ohio in that future time

Hey I had an idea, I am going to “pretend” it is the future, it will be like I am doing my blog web site but it is the future, so like for example I am not riding a bicycle, instead it is a future thing like a rocket thing or something. Okay here we go.

Okay so I was on my rocket thing this morning (remember this is only “pretend”) anyway so I was flying to work, when all of a sudden my rocket thing stopped working! I am way up in the sky, it is a disaster as you can see because I will smash on the ground, no more Brian. But thank goodness it is the future see, so I had on a special type of clothes that makes a parachute or something, wait maybe instead it blows up like a big balloon, so I just bounced on the ground, it is soft like a mattress instead! “But how will I get to work without my rocket thing? I will be late for my job” (it is what I was thinking then). A ha, it was not a problem because there was a Mars alien right there with his Mars space ship (in the future there are aliens also, a lot of times there are like robots and aliens in the future movies, it is the same way here because of the “future time”), okay so the Mars alien said he would take me to work. So anyway we went in the space ship but first there was a situation, the space ship was out of gas. So we went to the gas station but it is different: the gas is a pill you have to eat! Then you have to burp in a jar, that is what makes the space ship run (I know it is kind of gross and also weird, but it is the future, sometimes things are not the same as now, you know it is true). Okay so anyway that was done, also we got pop (in the future it is just the same really as now, pop is good), then the Mars alien took me to my job.

Here is the thing you are not expecting in the story: My job is the President! Yes it is true, I am President Brian! But it is not Washington, instead the nation capital is Findlay Ohio, why is that you are probably wondering. It is because the capital fell in the ocean because of asteroids probably?

Also a robot is my best friend, he is the governor of Ohio. Yes, it is a robot politics.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hey it is 50 things I have put on my blog web site

Yes it is true, it is like a special "occasion" probably! On the thing where I write things on my blog web site, it says 50 posts. So actually I guess this one that I am writing now is the next one (it is 51 I mean). So yes 50 "posts" is pretty good I guess.

Okay other than that I do not have any thing to say, sorry.

Okay yes, Samantha is a little "unhappy" about the situation where I did not go visit her when she was sick. I do not now what I am supposed to do about it now, she is all better. Maybe next time she is sick I will do a different thing or something, maybe a soup?

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Who gives away a free bicycle, not when I need it of course

I do not get this, I do not get this at all (what I mean is that I do not understand it at all). Here is what I am talking about: This morning I was riding my bike through the house neighbor hoods kind of around my apartment, normally I ride on Main street, but it is kind of busy, like for example sometimes you will be trying to cross the street and you have to wait and wait and wait for there to be a space for you to get across but then you forget that there is a car coming the other way too, it all ends up with honking and yelling (the honking and yelling is at me always, I do not know what the deal is, people are always honking and yelling at me, I guess I am in “in the way” all the time, I guess if I was a super hero I would not be Superman or whatever, instead I would be named “In The Way Man,” my super power would be to always be in the way of the bad guy, they could not get away because I would be in the way so then a big strong super hero would come and take him to a prison) (if you make comic books, please put a comment on my blog web site, maybe you can do “Adventures of In The Way Man”, ha ha no one would read it). Okay anyway I am going on and on, here is the point: I was riding my bicycle to the library here, and I went past a house and there were 2 bicycles sitting there at the end of the drive way, there were signs on them: “FREE”. Yes I am not even kidding, a person was giving away 2 bicycles for no cost probably, I do not really know what that is all about, maybe they just do not have room any more. So here is the problem, I just spent a lot of $$$ for my new bicycle, not a lot of money like a $1000 for the “fancy” bicycle, still anyway it was more than FREE! Of course I will say the free bikes were not all that great, kind of rusty and so on. Still a free thing is cool, maybe I will see if some one at work needs a bike?

Okay one more thing, I think maybe it was a “mistake” when I did not go see Samantha when she was sick? I was talking to Valerie at work yesterday, remember my friend Samantha was sick and I though she probably just wanted to be “left alone” like me, but I told Valerie about it and she said I should have got a “get well” card and took it to Samantha’s house, because a girl is always happy when “her man” brings her a card or something like that (that is what Valerie said, she said “her man”, like for example it Samantha she is talking about, I am “Samantha’s man”? What does that mean?). Anyway so Valerie says I should have done a nice thing for her, like for example the card or maybe something else, I don’t know what you do when a friend is sick. She was still sick yesterday, maybe she will be at work today, I do not know what am I supposed to do about the situation? In fact I do not even understand the situation anyway, what is the deal with the “her man” talk for example. Anyway I am “clue less”.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Welcome back to Boring Weekend times in Findlay

Hey do you remember how the last time I was writing on my blog web site I was talking about how I was going to probably go to “Van Buren” state park with my friend Samantha on the weekend (Saturday), well it is all my bad luck I guess, Samantha got sick. I do not know what she had, I am sure it was something with throwup because you really are not sick unless there is throwup (if there is not throwup it is usually “under weather” that you say probably). Yes, she called me on Saturday morning, I was already up eating cereal (it was the kind with the bird on the box), she said she was sick and could not go, she was sorry about all that. So I said “you get well” (it is what you say when some one is sick, you say “get well”, also some times you give them a card that says “get well” on it, it is “courtesy”), but I thought I would probably just leave her alone, I was not going to go over there and give her a card, she probably just want to be sick alone, also I can not afford to get sick too (some times if you are near a sick person you can get sick too, that is science), it is enough of a “head ache” to be sick anyway, you do not need Brian around making things worse. It is like one time when I was I high school I was pretty sick, I will not describe it too much but you can guess it involved smelly situations (yes it was that kind of sick), well, I was stuck in my bed watching TV, feeling very sick of course. But my dad had some friends of his over to play cards or something, they were being all loud in the kitchen. So like you can probably guess I had to keep getting up to go the bath room for sick activities (yes both kinds), over and over. Well dad got pretty mad at me, he came in and said “you are stinking up the whole house, we can smell it in the kitchen”, I guess he was right, maybe I was not being “courteous” to the guests, but I did not have a choice, I have to go when I am sick to the bath room and “do my business” there, it is not like I could drive to the gas station and use the bath room there (no driver license). Anyway the lesson is don’t have people at the house when you are sick, it is not courteous.

So anyway the rest of the weekend I just watched movies. I watched the one with the guys who race their cars, I can’t remember what it is called, they were over in China I think? Anyway it was pretty good.