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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Part 3 of my big story about the wedding thing in Cincinnati is right here

Okay so now we are on to part 3, 1st I will talk about to remind you what happened in the different parts so far, basically every part will be about what I did to make everybody mad at me but each time it will be a different reason, like this list:

  • In part 1 (see it is a “link”, not too shabby, you click it and you can read about it) the “mad reason” was because I forgot to ask off work so we had to leave very late and eat hamburgers in the car (also I dropped ketchup on the floor, it is kind of hard to work with ketchup in a car riding situation)
  • Okay then in part 2 (a link also)it was because I was driving Samantha’s parents car van and I hit a “no parking” sign

Okay so there are plenty of reasons for “Brian anger”, but of course the day is not over yet (I mean yes it is over now but I mean it was not over yet at the time I am talking about, I mean Saturday). Okay so anyway after the “wreck” incident we went back to the hotel so the ladies (Samantha and her mom Linda, that is her name) could get ready for the wedding which was in the afternoon time, it was like 3 or something. Basically I just got ready, it only took like 5 minutes, and I sat in my room watching TV until it was time to go because I did not want to make any more mistakes, of course Samantha came over to “show off” her “out fit” and I can tell you she did look really good, she is my girl friend you know so you can bet that made me feel a lot better because she looked really good when she got all dressed up, not like usual when she just wears like a sweating shirt or whatever. Okay so anyway I told her she look so good so I got a good “point score” for that one. Okay so anyway Samantha’s dad (Doug) was not as mad any more probably, at least he was pretty quiet anyway. So we went to the church and all that, of course everything was all pretty and so on, and Samantha was introducing me to everyone in her family, I do not remember all those cousins and aunts and so on, I did not now there could be so many people in a family! They were just everywhere.

Anyway on to the wedding, it was very slow at first, there were all kinds of people coming in and going back out, all these ladies dressed exactly the same walking very slow into the area and so on (yes you can guess I do not go to a lot of wedding events, I guess people do not get married much in Findlay like they do in Cincinnati?). Okay then I realized I had not gone to the “toilet” in like a very long time, since we were at breakfast probably (why did I not go at the hotel, I was sitting there in the room for like 2 hours). So I really had to go, I told Samantha and she said just wait a little bit and I could sneak out. So there was this one time everybody stood up and the music got all loud so I thought “a ha, this is the perfect time, nobody will notice” so I “sneaked” out but right there was the bride and some guy, I guess maybe her “groom” but he was kind of old (actually I found out later it was her dad) and I bumped into her (“accident”) but of course I said “excuse me” (you have to use “courtesy” at a wedding). So I went out and did my “business” and yes you can bet I felt a whole lot better. But when I got back in there Samantha and her parents were whispering really mad, Samantha said “Brian you can not just jump out in front of the bride, they are taking pictures, it is her special day” and things like that. And so it was not just them that were mad at me, people were turning around and looking at me kind of mad and when it was all over Brad (the “groom”) and the bride lady, I can not remember her name, walked past us and they gave me kind of a nasty look, and then they were saying hi to every body when we were walking out and I tried to give her a “hug” and say “congratulations” but she just said “hi” real fast and went to the next person, also Brad (Samantha’s cousin) just looked at me and said “dude what is wrong with you”? So yes not a great day again for Brian.

Okay so that is one reason for every body to be mad at me, and I mean every body because I guess you are not supposed to “interfere” with a lady getting married or whatever. Okay so that was “part 3”, tomorrow we will talk about “reception” event and then I guess the time coming home to Findlay and you can see how I made every body mad there too.


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