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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I am the biggest dummy in the whole world, yes I am a bigger dummy even that that one guy

You know which one I am talking about, he did a really stupid thing where he like was doing the “bungy” jump and he did not “fasten” the rope rubber band thing to the thing he was jumping off of and he just kept falling and instead of bouncing back up he hit a rock and died. So yes I am so dumb that even I can not remember the name of the guy that I am talking about or even if that really happened. Okay so you can probably figure out what I am talking about, yes it is true, I FAILED the driver license test (of course I mean really it is the “learning permits” test but you have to do good on that one before you take the real test where you get a driver license for real, it is too complicated I know but I am not a big expert on the Ohio law “system” for driver licenses and so on, anyway the point is 1st you have to get a “learning permit” before you can practice driving in a real car (it is like real studying) and then you come back and take a test where you drive in a car with a police or something, now that is a test I am so nervous about). Anyway but first things first, I am a big fat failure. Samantha and me studied on Saturday and I thought I had it pretty good (also we studied a little last night but it was while we were watching the “buck eyes” foot ball game so maybe I was not really paying attention very much, anyway they lost). Samantha said “who knows, you might get lucky” because now that I think about it maybe I did not have it down so good, like for example there is a question about a “car length” to keep between another car when you are driving a “certain” speed, I guess you are supposed to have number of car lengths between cars on the road or whatever, but every car is not the same “length”, also, how do you even know how long the car is, you can not get out and measure it to be sure. Also it does not matter because I know that everybody does not really do that, when you are on the highway or whatever people just drive right on the “bumper”, they do not have a “car length”. So why do they have to say one thing on the test and then they do another thing on the road. That means the test is stupid. But anyway it does not matter, I still have to take it and give the right answers, maybe I will try again tomorrow but I will have to be “crammed” tonight to figure out the right answers and so on (also I will have to just ride my “bike” over there because Samantha has a “schedule” at the community college, wait, tomorrow is Laundry Day so maybe I will study at the laundry place then I will go over to the place to take the test again). Anyway I know what I have to study because I know I missed the questions about alcohol “percents”, it did not even make sense, also I do not drink alcohol and so I do not know where to look on the bottle (sometimes a can too) where you can find the “blood percents” or whatever. So it is all a big joke, but you can bet that I am not laughing at it, is the kind of joke that is not funny, like for example the chicken is crossing the road but it gets hit by a car 8 times.

But I did get some new socks so I guess things are “looking up”.


  • At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brian you should take the test EVERY DAY until you pass it. That way it will help you study by learning the answers to the ones you got wrong.


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