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This is my blog web site where I will talk about stuff that I do (these are my "adventures" that I am talking about in the title of my blog web site) here in my hometown of Findlay, Ohio which is a pretty good place although maybe it is not like Dayton or New York or a big city like that. Also maybe I will talk about TV or something, I haven't decided.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This is going to be a short “post” on my blog web site today, read the part after the title and you will see why

So yesterday after I got to work Samantha was there already, that is a weird enough thing because it is “usual” that Samantha is not there because she has a certain “schedule” at the community college where she goes, basically because she has some certain classes or whatever on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays then on the other days (I mean Tuesdays and Thursdays which you guessed on your own probably anyway) they are different classes, anyway on Mondays she would come in later after I was already at work but she was already there yesterday is what I was saying. It is because school is “out” at the community college for Christmas, she does not have to be back to school until January sometime, it is basically just like regular schools do all the time, can you imagine if you had to go to school at Christmas time, that would stink so bad, you would get up and your dad would say “okay here is your present or whatever” then you would eat a cereal and then ride the bus to school, worst Christmas ever you can bet. Anyway so Samantha was there already yesterday, she talked to Randy I guess (remember he is the main manager at work) and so her schedule (I mean her work schedule) changed so she can work at a different time now, anyway she is like “what have you been doing all morning Brian” and I said of course “I had to work on my blog web site of course” (I think I said of course two many times) and she said that maybe we could have had breakfast this morning together since she did not have class and it is not like she was mad at me (maybe a little) but basically she thinks we should spend more time together now that she has a little more free time, how can you “dis-agree” with something like that when your girl friend wants to spend more time with you for a reason? So anyway today we had some breakfast at my place (yes she cooked most of it and she had to bring a pan from home to help, like I have said before I am not a great cook like the “bam” man on TV) and we talked and other stuff I will not talk about here on my blog web site (if you could see me I am making my eyebrows go up and down like you see on TV and so on). So you can guess I am not complaining about a short blog web site today. I hope it is okay with all my fans out there on the internet, you can put a “complaint” on the comments but please be nice to remember it is the holiday season so do not use a swear please.


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