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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I just thought of a little problem with the thing where I am asking you to give me suggestions for a Christmas gift for Samantha

Okay remember I have been trying to get help my friendly blog web site fans to help me figure out what to get my girl friend Samantha for Christmas. And a lot of people have put comments on here to “suggest” gifts, yes there have been a lot of good things you have put on there, for example a lotion or maybe a “precious” statue of a little kid or whatever (the big $$$ ones are not so great, for example a jewelry necklace, you are crazy if you think I make so much money working at my job, I am not a super champion business man). Okay but anyway here is the problem: Samantha reads my blog web site! She is probably reading this right now! (Hi Samantha! You are a great girl friend for any guy in the world, I am so lucky you are my girl friend. True fact for sure! But I need you to not read this for a little while please, I will talk to you later, I promise I will be serious about our “relationship”.) Okay I hope she is gone now, but here is the thing, what if she comes back? She will see the gift items you are putting in the “comment” area, it will be no surprise you can probably guess, and every body knows a Christmas where your gift is not a surprise is like eating ice cream that is double chocolate except it has bugs in it, I mean it is still pretty good but there is still something kind of wrong with it. So what can I do, I think here is the plan: we will use a code. Okay here is the code, a "list":

  • For a “clothe” type, instead say “space ship”, like for example “You should buy Samantha a space ship that says University of Findlay Oiler logo on it”. (she does not like space movies so she will think it is a joke)
  • For a movie, use just the initials of the movie (like for example you would say instead of “Star War” you would say “you should buy her the SW movie” except of course she does not like the space movie, it is just a “sample”)
  • For a “perfume” instead call it a “man perfume”, the kind not for ladies is what I mean, that will throw her way off I think
  • For anything else, spell it backwards and say “don’t get this” in front of it, like for example, for a watch or something say “don’t get a hctaw” (man it is kind of hard to type a thing backwards, so be careful, that took me like a minute).
  • If you want to say a kind of jewelry, just do not say anything because I can not buy that stuff.

So that is the special code, yes I am a genius.


  • At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Dr. Spock said…

    You should definitely not take Samantha to the llam and stop at raeb a dliub. I've hear girls don't like that.

  • At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Zoe said…

    Don't get her a noitpircsbus ot a enizagam fo reh etirovaf ybboh.

  • At 9:44 PM, Blogger Starbucksjunkie said…

    You should definitely not get her a nopuoc koob fo things sginht like ekil eerf rac hsaw yb nairb or eerf toof bur yb nairb

    Also DO NOT get her a aps tfig drac

    Good Luck and happy shopping

  • At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Mary Ann Motzinger said…

    Brain I think you should NOT get Samantha a ecin ecalkcen ta traMlaW. She would NOT like that at all.


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